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My weekend, beaver dam

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to update rom my own words today since I haven't really said anything all weekend except for Sophie, my kitty.
She isn't my actual cat, Midna is. Sophie is about 4 years old now and doing well. Still annoyed at Midna though. I can't blame her though.
So, now that February is over after today and starting this blog back in last February of 2010, I am glad of what I have done.
I stated that I would act a lot more and post more and it shows because I have a Ton more post then last month and December I think. Plus more visitors and more people commented then the normal people that do and I am happy that people are saying what they want to. I want people to post under my post, get active and starting conversations is always great. I’m always open for them.
This past weekend I had some trouble being down on Saturday and I was anti-social. Bad choice but can't take it back but I am ok now. After work I was feeling a bit better. I tried to do some painting yesterday since the weather was doing great. No wind, no high humidity and the temperature were like 67 or so, felt great. The problem came when I had a model that was mostly (85%) white and my Krylon Fusion white can was running empty and was sputtering on the plastic so I had to stop since I rather have a smooth job.
So I packed up the stuff and had to find something else to do because I didn't feel like going to Wal-Mart to get the $4.55 can of spray. Too lazy to drive. So I decided to go down to the big creek, or that is what I called it way back in the day when I was a youngin. MY creek runs into it and it is larger.
Anyways, I walked down there thinking I could cross with the not so rainy/dry weather we have had. I got down there and where my creek intersects the "big creek" or "Big C" it flattens out a lot and has a nice open area. Well closer I got to the Big C I noticed that the creek was up and over top the banks. So about 5 feet over what it usually is, I walked closer and found that the beavers are back and built a brand new dam in a newer place then the last one. This one is way longer, like 80 foot across and it holds back ALOT of water.
So this causes problems as a lot of that area down there is flat anyways and rain sits in the swampy wetland areas and now they are super saturated and when the warmer weather gets here that is going to be a TON of insect larva, mostly mosquito. I hate to go in the summer and get eaten alive, trust me, the pricker vines + the bugs biting will suck.
So I tried to bust the dam standing on the bottom of the dam. I got a good hole in it and raised the water on my side like half a foot. If it completed burst I would be floating down the creek under a pile of logs and brush they used and that would be a pain to get out of. Wouldn't be awesome.
So I gave up and walked around. There is this guy that keeps a lot of junk on his property and also puts it on the other side of the creek (which isn't his property but Virginia Power I believe) and has left it there...for years. There are a few cars, scrap metal and stuff. Some of the things that never should have been dumped there is an old oil drum that was pushed on its side and has busted open. It was full of tar and has created a puddle of tar right there but has stayed there in the same spot since the surface had harden from the atmosphere and stuff. Still not cool, I cut into it and got the sticky stuff on my hands. It is still on my hands...
The other crappy thing that is down there is a pile of 25 USED CAR BATTERIES. That is a definite hazardous material. He didn't even put it under some of the scrap metal or place in the car seat of one of the left cars. It is out in the open so the rain and sun can get onto it and all of those acid and toxic materials will seep into the ground and go straight into the creek that is 30 feet away. You are not even allowed to through away car batteries you have to recycle them by law I believe. This is crazy and I would clean it up myself but I don't have the right equipment and I am not even sure if I am allowed to be there. Also I would have almost a mile to walk it out of there through people back yards...
I have been going down there for a long time and this is the first I have noticed the batteries but they have been there for a while. The tar barrel has been there for a long time.
Lots have changed down there and that is what happens over time these days out in nature. Changes, natural changes effect it and of course human change. Mostly what I saw was all natural change like the beaver dam >_>
Anyways, it has been a great place to go because I have my woods, the woods that are around mine, and then follow out my creek to the Big C and I get TONS more woods that has this "junk man" (what I called him long ago, I know his real name now lol), have a rail road, the power lines of course, the random bamboo patch, the creek, the wetlands, a pond, behind my old school, access to more streams, an old site where you can find old glass bottles, you can fish, there is a road that goes over the Big C. A lot of this area though you are not technically allowed to go through so I always have the excitement to never gets caught down there. Always a good time.
Also on Friday I had gotten some other Akira stuff, well more related I guess lol. I will get photos of that since I still have more to post. I also need to clean up my room a bit (not related).
So… Last week I filled my car up for $2.93 a gallon and now that tomorrow I need to fill my car up today it is at $3.39! Holy S%$ that is an increase. 47 cents, that is like for every 2 gallons I get it is a dollar more than last time. Yesterday was $3.29 and has gone up 10 cents in a day. I hope it doesn’t go up anymore for tomorrow.
I need to fly or something like Goku to save money from gas. DANG!
It rained today while I went home to eat; the bad thing was that I left my car window open since it was a nice day. Well my car seat was soaked… I have a wet butt now and sitting in class. I like the fact he posts the PowerPoint lectures online to look at later so I haven’t been taking notes. It is a 2 hour 40min class.
Well I think I should bounce, I edited a few bits ago the Maymont photos so I can post them soon as well.
My list for the week:
  • · Post rest of my merchandise
  • · Maymont photos
  • · Spray paint
  • · Re-fill car
  • · Frames for my wall
  • · Email department head about summer class
  • · Pack for New Jersey!

15th anneversary of Pokemon

So yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Pokemon!
Red and Green was released February 27th in Japan back in 1996.
America had the Red and Blue version.

Anyways that is pretty cool. Not quite as long as The Legend of Zelda's anniversary of 25 years just a few weeks ago.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Akira Vol 1-6 Dark Horse

So the second Akira related "stuff" I got but not the "biggest" was the Dark Horse collection of the six volumes of Akira.
So After Marvel Epic comics was done producing the 38 volumes of Akira in color, and the limited Trade Paper back and hard cover editions that never got finished, Dark Horse comics picked up the Akira title to produce it in six volumes.
This was back in 2000 I believe and they only printed the first few pages in color (as seen below). Also I think it was translated slightly different then Marvel did as well.
Anyways, I have been trying to get all these volumes for a while and they happened to hit auction for the whole collection for a really good price. Plus they are first editions. Yes they are out of print but you can get the newer ones that are being produced by Kodansha Comics, Volume 5 is being released in March.
Anyways, these comics were released at $25-28 a book.

The first volume has a tear on the cover at the top left, grrr
I now have 2 of volume 2, but I have one 1st edition and another later edition lol
I think the turning point of the film is in here (climax)
I have a small trading figure of this exact pose of Akira on this cover
I have 2 of these as well. Well technically I just sold my extra on eBay but...he hasn't paid yet >_>
This one is always the hardest to get a hold of. I am GLAD I have gotten the final chapter of this awesome story. Although I know the ending and I have the ending in my Marvel Epic comics....oh well
So...everyone must know I am a fan of Akira and that I am probably a loser for collecting these, but hey. I like it so whatever.

Guess how much i spent with shipping for this books and the Blu-ray. Just guess.

Samus Aran helped a woman get back on her feet after a tragic family loss.

girl Friend, I think you will find this interesting.
Anyways, it is an article about how this girl had a loss in the family (mother) and Samus Aran helped her get back on top of things and got her into cosplay.

The Hangover Part II: Teaser

Bad Teacher Trailer

OMG, everyone please see this trailer. It made me want to see this. Yes you have to type in your birth date because it is Mature lol But so damn funny

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Akira Blu-ray

So recently I said I had gotten some things from something that I really love and this is the first part of that group of things.
Yes I got the Blu-ray version of Akira. I recently acquired a Blu-ray player and had yet to have a Blu-ray movie to use it for until now. The movie looks a little better and some up-scale from the original 1988 version. The audio is suppose to be really good except I do not have a nice surround sound system.

Anyways, it has some extras, some languages and also has scenes and notes I believe. Also the United States version I think has a few extra minutes added to it.

So, I wish I had preorder it when it was starting to get release in Feb. 2010
It came with a bunch of extras and special bonus booklet inside of it [click here to see what I mean]. This disc had online this insert that said the hole "notice" thing about the logistics of its look and sound. Hey, I still have the Special Edition DVD 2-disc case with all the good stuff to re-watch.

Anyways, here is a link to Amazon for $30.99....with free shipping for Prime orders.
Yeah, I got it new but not for that much, like half that...
Anyways, if you love this film and don't have the DVD of it and have a Blu-ray player then pick this up. Look around and you might be able to get it a lot less then $30.

Below is the Blu-ray trailer for the Akira release by Bandai Entertainment.

P.S. This is my 300th Post WOOT!!!

Sucker Punch Trailer 2

Kotobukiya Star Wars Silicon Ice Tray: sweet

Ok I was looking around for things to post on the Hobby blog and came across this.
Basically it is a silicon ice tray that you can make ice cubes in the shape of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite lol. How neat is that haha.
It is being produced by Kotobukiya which I nab great kits from but they make things like this that I guess isn't part of their "hobby or Figure division"

I think I might get Pokemon Black or White

Yeah, I have looked over some videos of it and such and I think I might want to get Black (or White).
I haven't even finished my Soul Silver yet but I like looking at this.

Release date is March 6th
Also release in March is the Nintendo 3DS for $250, that is like $60 more then a Wii now lol

Well that is the most expensive console along with the Wii that Nintendo has had I guess. I bet it will take 2 years before there is even a price drop.

crap just watched some stuff on the 3DS...I kinda want to upgrade now. I still have the large silver original DS from the very 1st week it was out, November 25th 2004....that was over 6 years ago.....

I didn't realize that I got it that long ago. Wow
The DS lite came out June of 2008, DSi ws release it April of 2009, DSi XL was later on in 2009 or early 2010

One Piece 616 out

This is good stuff, click here for chapter

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interest: Miyazaki's Nausicaä Ohmu Made in Snow, Eggs, & Lego

This is awesome, I really appreciate Miyazaki stuff lol
The article came from Anime News Network.

Sup yo

So I got to lass 55 minutes late today, I had the time wrong. I usually leave at 10am not 11am for my when I left was when class started, bla what ever I just need those notes.

So, I see people are enjoying the Katsucon 2011 photo updated post where I am constantly adding new links to tons of photos from the convention. Please post your own if you like, I insist, right down below.

So it was sorta snowing this morning but not anymore, oh well.
I wish I got one more blizzard before the spring rains and spring ray's of sun beat down on me :)

oh yeah, so I created a Facebook page for my Hobby blog so if you want to follow you can.

I have really been working hard on all these blogs and enjoying it as well. I am getting a little behind my reading for school though which is bad. I caught up with my TV shows though haha.
I follow, Big Love, The Cape, Parenthood, White Collar, Man Vs. Wild, Royal Pains, Archer, and yeah I think that it, maybe another. I kinda keep up with Gold Rush too but I just happen to watch it when I have the TV on working on work later on in the night haha.

Hmm I am trying to think of anything else, oh, my packages are to be here soon and I will photo them up for you guys. Muhahaha.

There was an earthquake earlier today I believe. Caused serious damage in New Zealand.
Justin (homo) Bieber got a hair cut,
Um idk what else to say honestly.

I'll keep you guys in the loop, if you like hobbies that relate to anime or figures, seriously check my other blogs. If you like my photography and like listening to me rant about life then I would just stay here :)

The Legend of Zelda Gets Epic Fan Art for 25th Birthday

Some sweet art, also if you click the link at the top there is a larger image to see. (RECOMMENDED)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday The Legend of Zelda! 25th anneversary!

So today marks the day 25 years ago when The Legend of Zelda had it's first video game ever released!
The case

The golden cartridge you get when the game, well 25 years ago of course.

If anyone didn't know, by far favorite video game series every for me.
I never did get to play the game that was released 25 years ago today but I have played 5 or so of them. Still favorite with Metroid right behind of course.

Anyways, this is a great day and The Legend of Zelda is of significance in the video game industry from its original roots to now. Ocarina of Time is still revered as one of the top 5 games ever created.
Click this link [HERE] and it shows graphs for multiple magazines and websites of their top 10 rated video games ever and I have to say that Ocarina of Time is in the top 5 for most of them. period.

Anyways, great day. I almost forgot about it, I should make a cake with a master sword on it.

Cars 2: TV Spot trailer

Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon TV Spot 2

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Katsucon 2011 Photos

Anyone go to Katsucon 2011 this weekend?
I didn't get off work so I couldn't get my own photos so I will post other peoples album links for anyone to view.
I will update this post as I find them as well :)
Oh yeah and if you want yours add or give the chance for people to view yours just place the link in the comments section.

Updated Feb 22nd 8:54am

Longwood Garden's Flowers Part 2

So long over due I have the second part of the the flower photos from Longwood Garden's.

These are some of the poinsettia's that the gardens had indoors and boy did they have many different colors and types of these. Mostly probably from them arranging them and creating alterations.

Some more.

This is one of those Pitcher plants that capture prey (flies and insects) using a sweet nectar smell that is at the bottom of the "pitcher". Flies go in and can't climb out because of the downward pointing hairs on the wall. These though didn't get many flies but sticks and leaves from people sticking it in them...

This is a type of hibiscus, and I really liked these flowers and what many different colors that the gardens had produced. We have one swamp hibiscus out back and when it blooms it has a rather large flower that is amazing but it doesn't last long because the bugs or the deer come in and eat it like the rest of our flowers lol
Pink ones
White ones

Multicolor ones

They also had a few roses that were bloomed but not to many.
At this time of the day the sun was starting to set and we were nearly done with the entire indoor part/green house/atrium. So the sun light was coming in at an angle and created the type of lighting and shadowing as the photo below.

I believe that this was another rose of the yellow color. I really liked this photo, it has really nice clean pedals.

Back to the hibiscus flowers. These are very vibrant colors

This had to be my favorite out of all the photos I took that day. This photo went un-altered from when I took it. The sun was at a great angle for this photo and the flower looked like it was recently watered as it still had a few droplets of water on the pedals. It looks really healthy.

This one is pretty cool

That is the final photo I have of flowers and the green lawn that they had. If you get the chance it is a fantastic place to go into. Probably my favorite green house or whatever the word is to call it haha. You will enjoy it during the summer time as well, they have a lily pond right outside that is between the doors that is really awesome to view as well but they are not growing during the winter. They have the place themed like the holiday, so they have the Poinsettia s all over. Well I hope you enjoyed them all. I do have some indoor photos that are not of the flowers and didn't know if I should have posted them or not so I might :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Katsucon 2011, anyone going?

Was going to go for just Saturday (tomorrow) to get some photos, buy some things, enjoy the people and the panels/workshops but I never could find anyone to take my shift tomorrow night at work. bummer.
Looks like the next convention is Otakon 2011!
That will be my 4th Otakon, 2nd Con with the Girl friend and 8th Con total...hmmmm nice

I have been thinking a lot more about school/student activities at VCU and I might try and go to one of the Anime clubs meetings possibly. The GO club kinda died I believe and if their was a photography club I would love to give it a go since I want to learn more about the uses for aperture on the camera and other nifty things to try for photography. Now that the weather is getting better (and if I didn't have to work alllll day) I will be going out and taking ore photos of the city or city like things. That also means I will update from time-to-time the Samshio: Life in Richmond blog that I created back in November/December and stopped working on it because I knew I didn't have the time. In fact I barley posted here during that time period but now I am back as everyone has noticed. Heck I almost post twice a day now lol. By proud of mee!

Well since I didn't go to Katsucon in the National Harbor at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center (looks pretty cool with a 18 story atrium) I put the money to more good uses and you will find out what I got when it comes!!!

I am getting back into the mood of Akira, and collecting certain merchandise from it recently. It is something unique about my otaku collections really because not a lot of people collect anything from it. Even the people at that I hang around post their rooms and no one really has anything Akira related let alone Katsuhiro Otomo related. Big fan of Otomo, big fan. love his work. Metropolis, Memories, Domu: A Child's Dream (manga), Steam Boy (love), Akira (naw dip), The Legend of Mother Sarah (manga, he only wrote the story for this and another illustrated. btw look forward to the blog as I got something related to this), Akira Club (a artwork book that shows collections from making the movie Akira and the publications of it, really fascinating), and also Freedom was a great short series that I can't seem to find the last 2 episodes for! IT is all in Blu-ray and it's hard to play those on my laptop.
Anyway I am a fan and one day I will have to take photos of everything I got.

Did you know that when the comics were brought over here to get translated by Joe Duff and colorized by Steve Oliff, published by Marvel Epic Comics that it was the first comic to be colored by computer Ever? That is a big deal, especially for a comic that wasn't even started here but a translated comic from Japan. The only way to get the colored pages of this manga is by getting the Marvel Epic Comics 1-38, get the Graphitti Designs limited edition hard cover which they only printed 5 out 6 volumes (never finished) or there was the 13 volume paper back editions from Graphitti Designs that ceased at volume 10 and was never finished. So the only way to get the series in all color is the Marvel Epic comic run of 38 volumes.
I feel like I have talked about this before....probably have I should stop haha.

Well it is starting to get to the time that I should role out of the office and off to stocking work. bla. I might stop by the Micheal's near by to see some of their lacquer spray paint if I am going to start spray painting again with the nice weather. I will finish my model that I started with acrylics and I have those paints now. Plus I got a coupon for the store where I can get 40% off an item or 20% off my entire purchase on Sunday so I might go over if they have what I need. Plus I think I might need some frames for my wall... small frames... :) it is a surprise just you wait.

Also I kinda want to paint a few paintings that I might submit to the Otakon Art Show for sale. They will be Ghibli related works or works that come from animation that has inspired me to continue my interest in the otaku world. Plus if I make a few that means it could pay for the Otakon in Baltimore arn't cheap people!

I also recently have been thinking about my career. I really don't know exactly what I want to do for sure. honestly I wouldn't mind having 2 or 3 great jobs that were all part time so I have a mix in my life style and working but the problem with the fact of having all part time jobs, or freelance work or do my own publishing or what not is that there is no benefits with that...Without being a full time employee I miss out on a lot of type of insurance, retirement, 401K (hell if I even get that now and days) and other things that others might get being a full timer. Could rely on my wife to get the great insurance for the family lol.
I am not sure really, I just want to do something where I can go out, make my own schedule, write for someone perhaps as a side job, do some technical jobs for some people, maybe write for a local news source or do some website work for them. Don't get me wrong I want to do something that involves the environment in a way as well. Lots to think about and plus I have plans to leave the country as soon as I graduate and it might have life changing experiences inside me for when I return.

As long as I am happy and make my family happy that is what I strive for. Bliss is everything :)

Well I got to sign out now, I'll post tomorrow probably, I don't know when though haha

VMFA: Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris Exhibit

Hey everyone!
I am excited that we get to see something like this brought to our River City, Richmond.
These Masterpieces from Picasso are from the Musee National Picasso, in Paris.
Richmond's, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that recently underwent massive expansions and renovations to it is going to be one of 7 venues in the world to host this exhibition. We are the only venue on the east coast to show off 176 pieces of Picasso's work ranging from 8 decades of his life so if shows pieces from when he started and when he was in his older ages.
You can see first hand how he underwent over time and how his work had changed over the years. From paintings, sculptures and drawings all of these pieces are coming from the largest collection in the world, Picasso. This is modern art at its best everyone, I recommend going when you get a chance.
Also it is another great exhibition that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts can celebrate their 75th anniversary this year.

Some logistics:
The Exhibition opens up tomorrow, February 19th 2011 and will continue to May 15th 2011.
That gives you a lot of opportunities to get a chance to get out there and view this collection. Also it is a fantastic reason to go for a day to view the newly renovated art museum if you have not and go with company and enjoy the fine restaurant inside or perhaps the library!

The prices are:
Adults: $20
Seniors 65+, students with ID, adult groups 10+, and youth 7-17 are $16
6 and under and of course the Members of the VMFA are FREE

It is worth the trip to go see this since it has a very big significant foot print in Modern Art as well historical art in the world.

You can bet I will be going, heck my parents are too!

"Click HERE" for the main page about the exhibition at
"Click HERE" if you would like to purchase your tickets online, just follow the instructions

Please, if you like just plain modern art and not the big names or you just want to find something to do on the weekend or on a rainy day, go see Picasso's work. IT is worth it.

Once I go, I will talk about my experience.
I also added it to my blog on Life in Richmond, I might try to work in articles in there that specifically have to do with Living in Richmond :)

Thor Trailer #2

Live-Action Akira Plans Get Harry Potter Scriptwriter - Anime News Network

Live-Action Akira Plans Get Harry Potter Scriptwriter - Anime News Network

I hope it isn't kiddy like Harry Potter is, because this film is mature

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Timelapse Tram in Hiroshima :)

Ok I found this and it was pretty cool to watch not to mention it has some soothing music. So I was like I'll post it on my blog. Well the embedded code function was turned off by the poster and I didn't really want to post a link but the video. So I pulled up the code for the entire web paged and hacked the html code down till I got the video that you see below now :) Hard work and determination gets everyone a video! :)

Author: Hayao Miyazaki Planning to Direct Next Work - Anime News Network

Author: Hayao Miyazaki Planning to Direct Next Work - Anime News Network

I wanna know what it is!!!

One Piece Chapter 615

Its out! click here

Vocaloids: Where did they come from? also Magnet Live vid

So I come across this chick that is a figure called Miku and she is from Vocaloid/Vocaloids and at first I thought it was an anime about a singing group (most figures that are made by Good Smile Company and the like are from an anime/video game/or some otaku cultural thing) but I then found a link to a live concert and I was like "oh is it a real band that had an anime spin off or something?" So I pull it up and watch it. These concerts have live musicians but the singers are 3D images that dance and sing to the music being played. This is quite amazing actually, and an interesting spin to the music industry. Think of all the radical images or dances or stunts or shows you can put on using the character of the group (Miku she is the one with the long blue hair in the vid below). You could do many things with shows and get more people to come out and watch. I hope that there are real singers that record the music for them to play, or I wonder if the singers are off to the side of the stage and sing along to make it "live" show. I wouldn't want it all to be computer programmed because I don't want this to replace singers since that is a major industry anywhere you go in the world.
Anyways, I checked Wikipedia to get to the bottom of things and the fact is that "Vocaloid"

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application, with its signal processing part developed through a joint research project between the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and the Yamaha Corporation, who backed the development financially—and later developed the software into the commercial product "Vocaloid".

So I read further down and it really was a program for people who wanted to use a really good product i.e. singing synthesizer. So when Vocaloid 2 came out, it had a character themed, this case it was Miku, and that was her creation. There are many different characters now but her being the one of the first set things off for this software. Just a bit of interesting information for those who really wanted to get to the bottom of things. Click here and you can read about the actually Hatsune Miku character!
Enjoy the live concert song below!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time lapse: Japan in Winter

This really looks great, some of his others are great as well and I will make sure to post them over time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

inter//states a Time Lapse Video of Japan

Haha, sorry about posting a lot of videos today everyone, I wont be doing a normal life post today but probably tomorrow.
Here is another Time Lapse video of Japan. I might have already posted this one because I have seen it before but it wasn't on the Time Lapse page I have so I am posting it and adding it there as well.
Also I added one video and a link to a series of Wild Japanese Plant Time-lapse videos to the page as well. They were interesting to watch (plus I am at work haha)
Please have a look and enjoy the videos today!

Sucker Punch TV Spots

TV Spot 1

TV Spot 2

Watch these, I saw the commercial this morning while browsing the channels and it looks pretty sweet for anyone, well mostly people who like action or comic book kinda stuff.
I can't believe I didn't know about this movie before....sweeet

Sweet Soccer Goal and fail parking: thought I drop some here

Some terrible parking jobs [Click here]

The Legend of Zelda (1987) Trailer: in High School

Recently I got my girl friend to watch a Legend of Zelda movie that was produced by fans it was like 2 hrs long so it wasn't a 20min film they created and they did their own music. Of course once it hit the nets for download, Nintendo ask them to turn it they did. Luckily I was one of many that still got a hold of it.

This is a trailer from a fan-film version of the Legend of Zelda below, but not the same as the one I mentioned above. Plus this has a different twist to it, high

They also did the Inglorious Plumbers (parody of Inglorious Bastards)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day ~Longwood Garden Flowers Part 1~

Hey everyone!
I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
Here is a little back ground on this day of love straight from Wikipedia:

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating loveand affection between intimate companions. The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It was deleted from the Roman calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, but its religious observance is still permitted. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offeringconfectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle ofGeoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

I will post about my weekend and such but today I am bringing everyone flowers!
Not physically but I have the first part of my flower photos from Longwood ! Yeah (and about time!)

First thing right off the bat. I really should have written down the names of the flowers or at least take photos of the name plate. Now that it has been over a month I really don't remember so I will name them the best I can as we go :)

Some closed
Now opened

I love this photo. It really looks like a black and white photo that had the yellow flowers painted in but I haven't changed any part of the photo. That is the natural color shot that I took and it came out great.

Samshio ©

Well this is just the first part as I didn't want to shove 40 photos in the first post haha.
Look forward to some more photos of Longwood that have been long over due and part 2 post will be even better!

Remember have a great Valentine's Day everyone! Spread the LOVE!!!!
I hope you like them and
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