Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to get way, but probably not

So I think I need time to get away from it all. Everything, all things, many things, total, the works, whole caboodle, whole enchilada, whole shebang, the world in its comprehensive entities of stuff.
Some remote exotic place that I could reach easily where I can bring a camera and some casual summer clothes and a swim suit to enjoy crystal clear waters that are calm near a reef. A nice area where there is no notice of human habitants. Something... peaceful.
Or I could just really practice Zen at home...but rather do the ladder.
Why does it have to be so cold here as well...snow already and if not go back to like 55 degrees F!
I am not complaining about school, just everything to slow down please. I guess people in the older years get to have their life slow down and they don't want it to and I get that but I am young and I want it to slow down. I like it like that with a schedule where it has opening and not something planned all the time, yeah I get work, I know I can not escape that but can I get me time. What is the point of working all the time to make a lot of money when you never have me time to spend the money? You feel me?
I need more money though for the life style I have in mind >_> bummer.
Anyways, I was ranting and I hope soon I get the Longwood garden photos up for all to see. The flowers are really fantastic and I just changed the blog's background. It is the South side of the James River from the Richmond City side, I took it walking on the pipeline.
I had an interesting dream last night, started to write down some ideas, looks like a book in the works, yet another one to add to my growing list of ideas that I am to lazy to start to write or finish writing....
I'm going to head out now, I have a class at 7pm call Art of Detection: Asia bla, see what it is all about. After this semester I have about 35 credits that I at least need to graduate on time. So that is like 17 credits one semester and 18 credits the next semester. Looks like I gotta stay another semester at VCU to get everything in. I am going to try to get Physics this Summer while I intern, maybe double intern and work on weekends. Talk about trying to slow down......and that is this up coming summer >_>
Otakon is one great thing to look forward to though.
I love my girl friend, I guess it appears that I might not care as much anymore, but I really do care about her. I miss her already and she only left on Friday. I value her friendship, as a friend and a girlfriend and as a person I value her. She isn't like others, that I can say. I am extraordinarily lucky to have a person like that to care and love me as much as she does for me. I am truly lucky and sometimes think I don't deserve such a kind-hearted person as her. But I sure do appreciate her being there and caring about me. I love you.
Well I better get off the the class room, night guys.

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