Friday, January 28, 2011

Started another blog

So I over ran my hobby blog with figure news as well as gundam/mecha news and so there was a mix everyday of the like.
That wasn't what I originally opened the hobby site for even though figure collecting is a hobby of mine now.
So I opened up Samshio Figure, and it covers all that is figure (obviously)

So I did that yesterday and have it all set up ( and already posting just as much as I post on the other.

I now barley come over to his blog and my girl friend made that a point >_>

Sorry guys I have blogged about my life in a while, heck not even on movies or news or photos!

I swear I will try to get some more up from time to time, the beginning of the school semester has been hectic but I am keeping up with my work, driving, school and work and my now 2 hobby blogs. Posting on news doesn't take much time just a lot to look for and cover but when I want to post my photos here, I could easily drop a slide show on a post but I (being as the cool dude that I am) like to post the photos individually and talk about it and why I took it.
Just the way I am!

Recently I have been acquiring more merchandise. I think I got into the addiction thing again >_>, though some where great buys! A Wireless Blue Ray player for $92, that is really good and looks great (with regular DVD's). I am to cheap to get some Blue Ray's right now but I might soon, just other stuff that I have to pay for right now!

Well I am actually doing some work at work so I am going to get back to doing that, seya!

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