Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skool is not all that kool

SO I started my second semester here at VCU today.
Ecology oh boy! So It was a packed lecture hall, it actually was the same one that I had environmental pollution in laster semester and got a B in.
Only difference is that there were like 60 students or so that were in that class so we were spaced out, well today when I took my seat early and everyone followed in before it start it was PACKED.
The professor said something like a little more then 300 students >_> HOLY CRAP
Crazy amount, his lab though sounded fun...oh wait I didn't take the lab >_> darn
They go out in the field at the Rice Center which is pretty much our schools piece of land that is reserved for projects and such and research for grads, ungrads and even the professors. I feel bad for not visiting it yet.
I am currently at the internship where I am doing a little bit of work before class at 5:30 which is like social research. I bet like a bazillion bucks that there is a lot of busy work in that class...darn.
Well, I get most my nights after 6-7 ish which means I can do home work (yippy :/), play online with Goldeneye (been doing it a lot recently, mostly because I kick A), up date my Hobby Blog (do that a ton and it has been growing quite a bit: comparison, this blog gets maybe an average of 7 views a day, last week on the Hobby blog the average a day was 200. yeah...big difference), and I can watch all the season premiers and episodes for a few weeks now! Lots of shows coming back on; Big Love (last season), The Cape (recently got into), White Collar, Archer (starts next week), Royal Pains, V (on ABC), Parenthood, and I might try Fairly Legal.
There are probably others I forgot and I will find out after I miss them, guess that is what Ondemand is for or the internets.
I am glad that I finally got up the Christmas lights photos on the site now I am behind on the Longwood Garden photos, trust me they are great! GREAT I TELL YOU!

Yeah, well I have some work that actually needs to be done because I didn't do it right before :\ ops
Till next time!

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