Monday, January 31, 2011

Open Air Fountain Theater at Longwood Gardens during Winter

Hey everyone!
this was long over due and it really is only a short post on something I watched with my girl friend at Longwood this winter!

The open air theater fountain they have outside!

The Open Air Theater was opened in 1914 for performances like concerts, garden parties and the like. It was inspired by European theaters, this one has dressing rooms below the stage to accommodate 100 performers.

The auditorium lawn was made to handle enough lawn chairs for 1,500 people for veiwing.

A water curtain would rise ten foot in front of the stage during all performances, which included all types of music from Jazz to Folk to Broadway.

Later on was the large fountain system was installed when Piere du Pont (founder of Longwood Gardens) expanded and renovated it.

Seven circular basins were created on the stage floor. There are 11 pumps re-circulating 2,00 gallons of water per minute through 750 nozzles that are illuminated with over 600 lights (red, yellow, blue, green and white).

A little history on the fountain for you guys.
The fountain is used in the Winter for the lightening time to have a light fountain show that goes along with winter/holiday themed music.
It was really nice to see and the have snow flake like lights hanging in the trees in the back ground of the fountain.

It was chilly that night so after we watched a full song at the fountain we left the Gardens as we were there all day! Well most the day....
That means there is more post to come with the outside lights that will be a short post and then multiple post on the indoor conservatory! Lots of great photos coming up.
Of course I am still having problems right now with my Windows on my Laptop so I am using Ubuntu right now but all the photos and photo editing software is installed in the Windows OS so I was glad I got these on here for you all to view!

Fantastic colors and precise fountain dancing to the music, I recommend these to see during the lighting during the Holidays!

Info on the fountain that I posted is credited to the Open Air Theater page on

Open Air shows page at

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