Monday, May 24, 2010 will be missed (Spolier)

As many people who follow LOST watched the last episode last night and possibly cried as Jack realized he was dead and back on the island he was dying and the series closed as his eye closed. This series was pretty epic in a way as you can easily say that it isn't like any other series out there. It had great depth and many life altering things about it. I had never seen a show that showed these peoples character and the depth of the character from when they are on the island and off. You were able to see their past and who they use to be and how the island changed them. I could say that the whole series was to test these people and to see where they were going. So people obviously pass and they move on, much like the alternate universe that they created where they were all dead (did matter when they died, they were still there) and they would try to get each other to remember. Once they remembered who they were and what they did and the ones they loved, they were able to meet up in that church where they were going to pass on (much like Jack's dad when he walked through the doors in the back of the church). I heard somewhere ask what happened to a lot of people that didn't meet up in the church. Ben waited outside of the church because he wasn't ready to pass over and he needed to settle his soul before he could. Ben had a really trouble-some soul all throughout the series. You could never place your finger on whether he was good or just bad. There were a lot of things he regretted in his life on the island like his daughter getting shot because of him. The other people that were not in the church, I don't believe ever got to really pass over. When they were on the island, Hurley was able to see ghost and spirits of the people who never have left the island because they did some things that made their soul restless and couldn't move on. Much like Michael. I think the series was centered around Jack and his test on life and whether he would pass the test. I can't say it was all about him as we got to see a lot of the other characters and their lives before the island and of course their lives as the island never existed. Maybe when the plane crashed on the island, everyone was dead and their life on the island was to decide what would happen to them and test everyone. As said before, I don't think that I can watch another series that is quite like this one. This series had action, drama and was full of meaning and purpose. There was so much involved with this show and has made those 6 seasons that it was on the air a fantastic show. I'm sure all the really big fans out there was truly moved by the scene as they were all meeting and hugging and kissing in the church, and then Jack's eye closing as it closes the series. :'(
I had my girl friend with me last night to watch it. She hasn't seen any other of the series really so I guess it was some what a good thing she watched the 2 hours of recap on the series which was long. She still was Lost (haha) after the recap so I tried to fill her in during the commercials of the actual episode. And by the way, there were plenty of commercials, and I really liked those Target commercials. It would show the smoke monster going to and hovering over the beach and then going back int the forest, and thats when Target advertises a smoke alarm. LOL. Oh and so how about those three alternate endings on Jimmy Kimmal... They were talking about that all during the recap and episode and so I was like I want to see what the three alternate endings had in store for Jack instead of his eye closing. Well, they were like joke/fake endings that Jimmy put together and the writers put together. I wasn't happy as I was tired and I thought there were going to be legit endings. I'm not going to lie, they were pretty funny especially the first two when "the tribe has spoken" as it was a spoof on Survivor and Saied was voted off the island haha. The second one looked oddly familiar as they were all sitting in the dinner and Jin was out front trying to park his car like crazy, and it hit me being from the Sopranos as that was how they ended the entire series with the family in the dinner, haha. I found them funny but I was seriously thinking that there were other endings, obviously not.
LOST you will be missed, and the season 6 and entire series will be on DVD some time in August and if it is cheap I may get it, may key word.

Other then that said ending last night, my weekend was really really good. I finished up my first time of a full week f work. Still haven't heard anything from VCU >_>, and I cooked for my girl friend on Saturday morning. She said it was pretty good, and plus cooking for your girl friend is a plus in their books guys, just fyi. Oh and also watched Mcgrubber Friday night, and I can say wasn't worth ten whole dollars.

Ok going to throw in some fast news here for some people,
starting movies,
Here is an article about he talks and screen write for National Treasure 3 (you knew it was coming).
Megan Fox will not be returning to Transformers (sorry dudes) but the girl that is in Price of Persia: Sands of Time that is coming out, may take her place. Link.
Here is the more milking of the "3D" title, 3D Musketeers, Link.
Don't know if this is in 3D but probably will be and it is a third in the series, but Eddie Murphy is writing the Nutty Professor 3. (oh gawd)

And you have Google announcing there Google TV that will run on an Android platform as it would seam, link here.

I am going to wrap this up now, as I have talked about Lost, brief info on my past weekend, and some short links for some news. Any of you, if you can re watch/watch LOST and you will see how deep it really is and how you will be thinking of that ending for days on end. One last time from me, farewell LOST, you will be missed. Seya guys.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

VMFA! I forgot to mention!!

Hey everyone, I told that I would be getting back to you about some news and I will probably do that later tomorrow! I have forgotten to mention that last week (Wednesday or Thursday) I had gone to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts with my girl friend off of Boulevard in Richmond. They have newly redone it and added more onto it and they are still adding on too. They have yet open all of their exhibits yet but they have a very fine collection of art. There are still some exhibits that will open over time like the African art in 2011 and some more European art in 2011 and there also is East Asia later this year which would be fantastic. This is all free except for private collections or non-permanent collections that are passing through. You do have to pay for the parking on the spot and I never got to check out the dinning inside the building but I hear that they have a nice cafe and a restaurant within the building. If you are near the Richmond area or in it you should check it out since it has been closed for sometime with all the work that they have put into it. I can remember a exhibit on Egyptian art that was brought there quite awhile ago when I was still a kid. It is a great museum that isn't way to big or to small.
There is an exhibit at the ToonSeum up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that I would love to see but that is a good 6-7 hour drive from Richmond and when I heard about the "Art of Akira" in Pennsylvania I thought it would be at Philadelphia, but I was wrong since I could have gotten to that :(. If you are up that way and have an appreciation of anime and the art of how to make anime back then, this is a fantastic movie and exhibit and I hope that the curator of the collection would bring it around the country, even D.C. would help me out tons! This collection has over 10,000 pieces of art from the major motion picture, the biggest collection shown to the public, and I am sure it is pretty awesome. I believe that I have ranted about Akira before on this blog and probably mentioned about this exhibit. Please come a little further south, please.

Another dissapointment in my life other then the exhibit not being close to me is that "Metroid: The other M" video game that was supposed to come out next month has been pushed back to August 31 which blows as I will have started school again and I wanted a video game like hat over the summer! Dang it!!!! What can I do, go to Japan and slap them?

Also, this Sunday, the final episode of LOST will air at 7pm. I will miss it but I will now know what the fate of the island is. "We're very close to the end Hugo" Jacob said as they were all sitting around the campfire in the last episode. Jack takes the post and the job for Jacob to care for the island and to keep the smoke monster from ever reaching the light of the island. Link here on a LOST article. This will be a great episode, also what is sad is that I will not have anything to follow for a while till other series start up again. This series though was great and the 6 seasons were great full of questions and answers as they tried to leave and get back to the island, and why/what were they really doing there.

Another series has ended without actually finishing up like LOST will. Heroes is finally canceled after this past seasons was over. There were only 4 seasons of Heroes on NBC. It was time as I was kind of loosing some edge and the way they ended it they could just leave it that way or through a movie or something together if they really wanted. They brought in a ton of new characters in this last season but they stopped the villain from killing people. Link here.

That will be everything I am putting up as I got work in 8 and a half hours lol. I woke up with my laptop on the floor when I woke up this morning. The DVD drive was ripped from it but I managed to fix it thank good. But you know, when you think about it who really uses there CD burner? I haven't used it in a long time since my music and movies are on my laptop or my Zune HD. I guess it wouldn't have been a total lost if it was trashed (but I did fix it). Oh, and this past Sunday I ended up going over the the dark side (Verizon). They freaking charge a lot for cell phone services, unlike European or other countries around the world where its unlimited everything for about $40 american dollars rather then $100 for unlimited everything of Verizon. It is crazy on how much they can capitalize on it and people will pay because they have no choice. I got the Samsung Reality, and so far it has been a nice phone up till now.
I'm going to head out now and catch some Z's, I will post later today after I get off work on some movie, science and tech news. G'night!!

working man.....just workin

So as everyone on the blog can tell, I have been really busy because it has been like a week and a half since I last posted. As from the last I posted I finished up some of my last exams and I graduated this past Saturday and got my Science Associate degree. There was a crap load of people and it lasted for a pretty long time. It was ridiculous and I was hungry and tired! I finished with pretty much B's in every class which is pretty good as I had taken two lab science classes. My girlfriend and I have been hanging out a lot recently and I have enjoyed it quite a bit and this week also is the first week that I have started working full time at the internship. This has caused me to not have to to much time to get around and blog about stuff that has been happening about me or just around me lol. After this post I will probably put one up later today (since it just past midnight) or Friday about/on some news. I am going to finish now lol as I have worked a 10 hour day yesterday and I have to get to work in like 8 and 1/2 hours ..... But the girlfriend is cooking dinner tomorrow! Hellz yeah. I will put more about me or crap later and a lot sooner. I just figure I would let you all know what is going on and crap and that I have not completely forgotten about you guys! I'm tired as a mo, night!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

prom night...was last night

So prom night was last night for my sister and she had all of her group spend the night over at my house in the back yard in tents. Man they were up late all night chatting and talking and my sister has a mouth on her that the whole neighborhood could have heard. I didn't go to sleep till around 3:50am this morning and I woke up around 8:30 >_> The reason I got up early was because I was going to to take my mother out till breakfast but now she decided to stay here and watch over the children till they leave... So I ate the children's doughnuts lol.
Well, I feel bad for the fact that I have not updated this blog since last Sunday. LAST SUNDAY! It has been a whole week, my bad. Anyways, my Monday was class and some work, and the building in front of our office was on fire when I pulled in and everyone was waiting for the fire team to get there. Interesting. My Monday was not that special at all an then Tuesday came around and the most I did that say was do my eulogy of my dear friend that died right before Easter. That was for speech class and I do not know what grade I got on it yet. My Wednesday was spent all day at home and I took my Geography online exam and went to lovely work to run the balloon counter. Thursday I took my Chemistry exam in the morning and I'm sure I didn't do that well at all and then went into the office because I didn't think I could make it Friday. I managed to pick an LG Dare from a guy of craigslist and that way I can get a touch screen phone without having to pay the extra data package at Verizon wireless and also I don't get back those crappy mail in rebate cards that are good for their store when I buy a 2-year contract phone. Am I smart, or am I smart? Yes I am. lol
Friday I took my Geology exam after I studied that morning and I did really well on it I think and got invited to his Rock Party at his house during his summer for his classes lol. Sound pretty awesome lol, it is out in south side near where I go in for the office. After my exam I went to the movies with 3 friends where we watched Iron Man 2 which was pretty good about the same as the first one. Also, go when its early in the afternoon, you save crap load of money. I then just hung with my good friend for the rest of the night over at my house. We had great ideas to mess with the people staying the night like spreading peanut butter around their tent and launching mortars and fire crackers at there tent in the middle of the night but we ended up not doing it last night. Was too late and I'm sure that cops would have busted us with all the illegal fire works lol.
My Saturday was boring, I helped set up the tents since they don't know crap about them and then went to work and only to come home and their loud mouthes keep me up all night. The End

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nice weekend with a FAT Burrito

Hello everyone! It has been Thursday when I as watching Batman Begins since I last posted. This has probably been the longest I have gone without posting in a long time. Friday, man Friday was a long day! I had my school and got my my work place. Work was ok, kinda slow and stuff. Then I ran over to my grandparents to wish my Grandfather happy birthday since Saturday was his 78th birthday. I helped him open some cards in the mail and he enjoyed my visit as short as it was since I had plans to go to the mall with my girl friend and one of my best friends. The mall was alright and we watched a movie later that night, The Land of the Lost with Will Ferrel. It was a funny movie, from what I watched. I fell asleep watching it with them in my own sun room lol. So much for the first time seeing her in like 4 weeks. I took her home and then I got into some weird slump before I could get some sleep. It happens occasionally but I was all good by lunch time on Saturday. Saturday I managed to sleep in for a while and then I had work from 11am to 3pm and enjoyed that little work. Had to tell the boss that I couldn't work a Saturday since I had a graduation to catch lol. Still waiting for my acceptance from VCU >_>I went to a Cheese Cake Factory for my girl friends mother's birthday and it was good. BTW if you get their Burrito Grande, don't expect to eat the whole thing because I was freaking huge!!!!! I had a great night with my girl friend, I loved most of all seeing her smile. I can always talk with her or text her when she is at school, but not seeing her in person is different. Just seeing her expression when she looks at me or is in a great mood just makes me happy. I can't wait another week, I want her all summer especially if I get to see that smile. I strive to make her happy, and I know/hope she is. She is a doll. lol She is my sandwich maker. (Oh inside joke, she actually rather wants me to call her that rather then boo or other usual pet names :P fine with me lol)
Sunday went pretty well too, we watched Harry Potter 5 then some of Avatar and Blind Side. I just didn't wish I had to leave her house tonight since it might be more then a week till I see her again. Just we both need to get our exams over with!!!
How was everyone else's weekend? The Richmond area had quite a bit going on this weekend with Race night, Arts in the Park and the Re-grand opening of the Virginia Fine Arts Museum. I would have loved to catch that while it was free, but I rather give that up to see my girlfriend :)
The Kentucky Derby horse race was Saturday, and I have know idea who won at all?! Who did!? Also, the weather was fantastic, I wasn't outside really at all to enjoy it this weekend, but I hope you all did!

News, there is a date for a few movie releases in 2012 and they are all old comic/cartoon shows! We got Batman, Spider Man and the G.I. Joe movie. Go the link ONE and TWO for that!
Remember that movie Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger, well they are planning on making that 1985 remake. Here is the link for that.

I came across this article and for the most part it is true, texting is getting bad and so is Face Book to the point people rely on it rather then talking straight up on the phone or face-to-face. People make themselves look like they are busy by looking at their phones when no one is texting them. It is getting pretty bad and its this whole social networking and texting thing. Even texting while driving is really bad, I just saw an ice cream man, who draws children to the truck, actually texting while in motion in a neighborhood. This is terrible! I sometimes see my girl friend reach for her device when I'm with her and we both know that she didn't get a text, and there is a statement in there that said something about that people do it because they don't want to feel lonely, and I really hope she doesn't do it because she feels lonely with me at that moment. I don't know how I would take that. She means so much to me. Honestly, she also gets use to checking her phone since I'm the one usually texting her since I don't ever see her since she goes away to school, so she gets in the habit of it. I don't know what the problem is just silencing it and setting it off to the side while we are out or watching a movie or a date. I never text anyone while I'm with her unless someone texts me about something but I usually tell them that I'm busy with my girl friend. All my friends understand that, they are carrying and they have people that they love and would do the same and respect my privacy and to not bug me while I'm with her. I guess most my friends are casual texters as we don't bother each other all the time. I mostly text to my girl friend, I'm not going to lie, but that is (once again) because I don't see her and also she is my GIRL FRIEND. I will talking to her lol.
My point is everyone, if your with a friend and hanging with them, just silent your phone, give them your attention and don't act like you have more important things to do then rather being with them. They are your friend or more then your friend because they obviously mean something to you and they should deserve that respect from you as you also deserve the respect back.

That is my message for everyone, I'll try to update tomorrow after work! Good night and Seya!
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