Friday, December 10, 2010

Two take home exams and Done!

Thats right you heard correctly, or more like read correctly!
I have these two take home exams for my Environmental Pollution and Politics of the Environment and turn them in and will be done for the semester!
A lot of it is essay though and I got about a week for them to finish up. Actually the Pollution one that I am working on now in between work is due Tuesday night by 8pm.
I am just so excited that this semester is over. It sure went by fast for my first semester at VCU.
It was a good experience and I met a lot of knew people and hung out a lot more with old friends. Some friends are still away of course but they are coming back home for the holidays and will be here for more then a month since there schools have more time.
My girl friend wont be home till Wednesday night I believe, so I still have to wait around for her to show up. Not going t lie, I do miss her and I need to show her a lot of great movies :)
We will be doing a lot of things for break and I hope the weather isn't always going to be freezing since I plan on lots of walking in parks in such in the City and the city can be cold when it is cold.
Like the other day when it was in the 20's an there was a wind down there, that is cold!
Some things that we will be doing, and I plan on taking photos of certain things!
  • I hope we get to walk around the capital building as I haven't been there in a while and I am not really sure if my girl friend has been done there are not. The past few years they did a lot of work and even has an underground visitor center below it now! One of the companies that I shadowed with did some work on it!
  • another would be the canal walk. I have yet actually walked the entire canal walk and would love to do it. I just hope it isn't to cold to take photos!
  • We might be going to Christmas Town at Bush Gardens in Williamsburg as well
  • We probably, or just me and my family, will go to Colonial Williamsburg as we pretty much do that as a day trip all the time just to see the wreaths and to have something to do for a day.
  • Of course, the swapping of the presents!
  • Celebrate my Birthday, 21!
  • Going to Maryland to my grandmothers with mother, sister and girl friend for a few days! We will be going to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and they light up everything for the Holidays much like the local Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
  • Oh, we might do Lewis Ginter light show but maybe one is enough, plus Longwood Gardens is a ton better and a lot bigger Gardens
  • I'm going to do more modeling! Got more on the way!
  • General spending time with family on Christmas and maybe my girl friend will tag along to the other side of the river
  • Another thing, I have my internship's company Christmas Party and spouses are invited and I am not sure if I can bring her. I am probably the only person working there not married!
  • Girl friend and I will maybe go to the Byrd Theater for a cheap movie, depends what is playing
  • We are probably going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader the theaters as it is the new Narnia movie!
  • SnoW! god I hope it snows at some point. I would love to go downtown to take photos i n the snow, especially the capital that would look beautiful!
  • Blogging of course, when I get the time but I probably will.
  • If it is really cold that means lots of in door activities like movie watching. Will love to educate the girl friend on some great other movies and perhaps get another anime series knocked out with her!
Well that is a list of some things that we can do. Oh yeah how can I forget. WORK!
I will try to work more hours at both my jobs to help pay for all of these activities and pay off the activities that I have been doing the past month. I spent more then I made for sure this month already! Oh wait I mean November, I forget it is already December!

My sister is coming home today and she will get her wisdom teeth taking out of her face on Monday. I hope she stays like a shipmunk for a while because it might shut her up for a few days. The house is unbelievably quite with out her around and I really don't notice it till I think about my sister which isn't often.
She recently had a fall through and her and her boy friend are no more but like her usually she bounces back quick and she will be bring a new dude home tomorrow to my mother Christmas party. She already invited him but now she is apparently saying that he is too clingy.... He lives around here so I am sure he will stalk her if he is clingy.
Even though my sister will be home, it is not like I will see her much with me being busy and her always not home because her "friends" are chilling with her. I quote the friends because I don't know if they are true true friends are not. She was going to go to New York City with her "friends" again but they have changed and they are driving up there so I thing she decided not to do it. I would rather go alone then go with old fiends that have changed completely and especially if they are driving. That would be a long drive.
I like how my sister says they all changed on her but she has changed as well. A little more stuck up, full of there self and she drinks a lot but apparently not a lot since one of the "friends" really do. I see her friend a school occasionally, and usually she looks hung hover or really tired. She works at the school and got a full ride in and is in the honors program. I am not really sure how though, she isn't that bright....
Anyways, enough of the sister and her load mouth lol

I have been thinking about maybe do a series on something, like teaching how to play Go as I post article on the blog. I would slowly explain the rules of Go and how to play. I would provide photos or something from the AGA (American Go Association) and provide links to great learning tools.
It is up to you guys, so you could let me know what I could do a series on. Any ideas are open just comment please

Another thing is that I recently made an account with which is an eBook site. People also post their own content on there for reading. Lots of Fan-fiction and I bet most of that has to do with Vampires. No lie, I looked lol.
I might post old short stories or stories that I have worked on in the past and if I start to post the chapters maybe I might get back into it and continue my incomplete works. I do have ideas for two other series that I could do but much outlining of the story is needed and ideas of a plot.
My account name there is: Samshio. Are you surprised?

Oh, and I could write a story on anything, I could do a bloggers ideas story. Just comment below if you have ideas and I could some how try to incorporate all the comments and make a short story or a series. Also, you guys can come up with the name! Just let me know and post if your interested!

Alright, I am going to get back t o work (more like my take home test since I finished up my work) I will post more on random things today as well if I can. Enjoy the trailers that I have been posting, Transformers 3 is looking cool and like it has a really good story from what I heard! Anyways Seya!

Samshio ©

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