Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My older cat Sophie has some weird dry scab bumps thing around her neck and other places on her body so we are going to the vet to see what is up with it. They started to appear behind her hind legs a few weeks ago, more like a month or two ago but now the worst spot is around and under her neck. I hope it's just some weird skin thing and nothing serious. She is a good kitty :(

Another thing is that this blog is now second place in page views compared to the hobby blog lol. This one has around 220 post or so and the hobby blog is like 180 post but I get more then 50 views a day and this one gets about 20 >_> Hahaa, maybe my life is a little less interesting then my hobby interest.
I posted a story on the Wattpad site and got like 8 reads. It is something old that I wrote a long time ago and it is about a teen and love and such. Weird for me, I know but I based it off a dream that I had when I worked at a Chinese food stand. Not sure why I dreamed about that at the time. Anyways, I put the story version up, I have a play version like a script because I was in Theater at the time and thought about maybe submitting it and directing a short play but never did so no one has seen the play script version (pretty much the same as the story version just script format)

I was about to buy another figure today but I talked myself out of it. IT is rare to find and was the cheapest price but I managed to talk myself out of it. I'm proud of my self that I did it because I had ordered more things yesterday.

What else can I put...oh! Anyone like the snow background on the blog? It had snowed yesterday in the area and I didn't go to work and took some photos outside in the yard. They say the snow wont really melt in the Richmond area even though it is sunny. It is because it isn't supposed to leave freezing today here lol. We are due for more snow on Thursday! I like snow and the winter wonderland. I found that a lot of the time that I walk in the snow I have music in my head from when Link walks up the mountain in snow in Majora's Mask and especially the ice cave....It's bad haha. What can I say, I take Legend of Zelda to heart.

Well I got to go to the Vet, wish Sophie luck!

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