Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow in Richmond :)


There is Midna, she is doing great now all fixed lol By the way she is camera shy

She is sleeping on the bed behind me right now. She likes to sleep a lot more then she did when she was younger. She is a really good cat and loves to meet new people. She is very playful still and I feed her something out of the fridge almost everyday. She is a pig and eats just about all kinds of meat and has even eaten some Wheaties and Cheerios lol.

She had fun in the snow yesterday even though I didn't get to see since father let her out >_> grrr.

I hope we get a lot more snow again! I have some photos from the snow

The usual foot photo

Have this owl like iron candle holder thing on the back desk. It is probably older then me by far, something that has been out there since I have been around.
Up close of one of my bonsai that stays outside year around. Did great in the few feet of snow last year for days. Great little plant, one of the longest ones I had
Our good old black iron table outside. That has also been there forever

As you can see it was a very light snow and melted by 10am, as said before I really hope there is more snow this month. Be great to get a white Christmas :)

Just a little bit of photos really, but I hope when It does snow a lot and hangs around for a while, I hope to get a lot of pictures in the city of buildings, maybe the capital, the river and parks. Haven't done that before and would like to!

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