Friday, December 3, 2010

Heads up, it is Exam season after all

Hey everyone, I haven't really sat down to write up a good post about life as a student or just as me in general. It has been busy with working, group work at school, classes, exams, prepping for exams, modeling during free time, coming home at midnight or later from library, hanging with my best friend, waking up in the morning and only posting on the hobby blog lol, and so on and so forth.

I haven't forgotten that this blog was originally to express my life and interest. I did post the chapters that were released earlier this week. I also did an edit on the right side panel and you can click the photo walk pictures and it will take you to those articles that a posted so long ago. It makes it organized and easy to find! I will add other works into there as well and the Nekocon 2010 Photos when I can. It makes it lovely but you still can go to the Photo page and find the slide shows if you just want to look at the photos and not read everything I write about it and so on and so forth.

I did get a new TV which makes everything pleasant in my room for my Wii, TV experience and a new monitor for my Laptop. I think I have used the 26"(Vizio 26" LCD-LED TV) more as a computer monitor then a TV. I hook up the laptop and I use it as duel screens so I can have articles I am reading on one screen and me posting on the other. Makes it a lot of fun when posting photos on the hobby blog. I have been getting really into the Hobby Blog and having a lot of fun to be the first to post things. haha a little competition doesn't hurt anyone lol
My keyboard had problems so I sent it back to Amazon and I will have to find another one!

I have been getting a lot of items recently too although a friend blogger opened an online store over in California and I ordered something through him before he opened his web store. He did get the item like 5 days late and then sent it the day before Thanksgiving and should take 2-9 days. Needless to say it didn't coming yesterday and I am not sure if it is on my door step today right now or not since I'm at work. Today is the 9th day so if it isn't here today I might give him an email.....grr and I was going to do a review on it but since it is now over 2 weeks since it was released there are already at least 10 great reviews out there with a lot better photos that I could ever provide. Bla!

Now I did get an item that was released the same days as the item talked about above and got it through a Tokyo based online store and have already gotten it and worked on it and so far I am the only blog that I know that is doing a Work in Progress and review of it. Nice.

I started that other blog earlier this week I think but I found that I haven't really had the time for it so I made a post that it might be on hiatus or permanent hiatus. Not sure but I will do all those usual local postings of Richmond here for now!

Anyone going to the Grand Illumination down in Downtown Richmond tonight? I was thinking about it but my friend wants to go down to VCU and catch a movie so it might be better that I don't go. There would be a lot of people down there for sure. I was hoping to get some photo coverage though lol. Due time people!

Also today was the First Friday Art Walk too. On the first Friday of every month down in Richmond I think off of or near Broad Street there is an art walk where vendors or people inside some buildings sell some art or display it. Never gone and I am at work right now so obviously I am not.

I haven't worked a lot recently which isn't good since I had a BIG spending month in November and a lot of stuff that I need to fill the holes in my account with by working.

I actually got some work today to do and also I am doing group research right now for the group project in between tasks. So I will post more but on random things. Posting long chats and articles like this eats up some times but it was necessary :)

I hope I get a lot more free time when the semester is over and I will get more photos and such. I hope it snows because I love taking photos in the snow of well...nature in general. You guys know me so obviously nature. As long as my girl friend doesn't hog me all of break I will try to post a lot! I need to post my Christmas Tree as well! We got that too!

I changed the background for the blog for the Fall but Fall will end in 20 days or less I think so I better work on a new background for winter.....please let it snow!!

Well adios compadres!

Samshio ©

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