Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grand Illumination-Richmond,VA

Here is a photo and video from the Times Dispatch of the Grand Illumination in Richmond, VA. It was on December 3rd this year.

I didn't go but I went last night with the girl friend to view the lights before Christmas came around. I pretty much have gone every year with the family but this was the first time with out the family.
I had a good time walking around with her and I took a lot of photos. I will get those up when ever I can but with work, girl friend and sleep I don't have the time really to post anything. If I do, it cuts into my sleeping time which I value a TON! :P
I know I have backed up on the photos post and I haven't gotten around to post photos of the snow and now the lights. I am really backed up with my Hobby blog photo reviews lol

Anyways, we went to the James Center and the Omni Hotel and viewed everything that there was to offer. We also took a walk done Cary Street on the coble stones just because we felt like it and I payed the parking meter extra haha. (60 cents for 1 hour and 12 min). Lots of nice restaurants down there probably full with people for a work party or just people in general that can afford it. Most of the meals at the places started at $20.

We then went on our marry way to the Jefferson Hotel to view the Christmas tree in the center hall. Always fantastic and that hotel always has its own splendor about it. Has the dim lighting and people walking around smiling and drinking wine. Had a pianist playing the piano by the historical photos for the entire hall to here. We walked up the stairs and found more people chatting and drinking wine. It must have been a work group that came to enjoy themselves.
We checked out the Gingerbread house that's as big as those play houses you get for your children out back of the house. Walking into that hotel you feel special and also shows how upscale some of these places can be haha. Love to stay there just one night!

All great places to check out during these Holiday times, especially with the family or as a date. It's cheap, festive, fun, maybe a little chilly out, get out into the city. All you have to do is get parking on the street and last night was perfect. Heck hardly anyone was on Main Street last night.

Yesterday we also went to my Internship's Christmas party and that was the first time my girl friend had been to see it. My parents don't even know where it is haha. But she had a good time and we stayed for about 2 hours. Talked to them this morning and they thing that she was very lovely and said that I have picked a good one for now.
We also stopped by my grandparents on this side of town since my darling has not yet met my grandfather but has met the grandmother. We stayed for a while and chatted. I feel bad since I wont see them on Christmas or Christmas Eve since I am going with my girl friend to her uncles on Christmas. It will be the first time I didn't see them on either of those two days.

Speaking about Christmas and the day after, we here in the Richmond area are looking to accumulate about 16inches of snow supposedly. That is a lot and that is exciting also! It will ruin an Birthday plans that I maybe have but hey, I really really love a Winter Wonderland. I absolutely love it. Being snowed in at the house back in the woods is the best, especially during the holiday season. I couldn't ask for anything else from the heavens. I would love for my girl friend to stay over before it snows but her father wont let her out probably before then or to stay over so that means it will be a few days before I can see her again if it snows since she can't go out in it. My parents don't like my sister driving in that kind of weather but me, they just tell me to be careful but I really don't have the urgency for anything to go out in a 16 inch depth of snow everywhere haha. As long as it isn't ice, but snow I will be contempt!
Gosh there is just something about the beauty of snow everywhere that I love, I can't explain it. I really can't.

I don't have work for a few days, till like Tuesday so maybe I can some of those photos up for everyone to see.
I'll keep you guys updated!

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