Sunday, December 12, 2010

Buying addiction

So I think I have a figure or what ever you want to call it buying addiction online.

It's a problem lol, anyone know of a group around her that meets up for online buying addictions?

Well I made another order online....but it is something I really do like so I don't see the problem but the past month I have done a lot of online ordering....

I will admit thought that after these past few Gundam models or models in general I probably wont order anymore for a long time. Models do take a lot of time to complete but I am not saying that I am lazy, plus I have like 10 models that are stored that need to get done so you can see where I don't want to order anymore and there are like 2 I think on the way.
I am kinda getting more into figures mostly because they look great right out of the box. That is what I just ordered a second ago and these are really nice ones, much like the P.O.P Brook figure that I reviewed on the hobby blog. Yes they are P.O.P but I wont tell till I get some photos out!

I also have figures that will reach here before them as well.

I need to stop and as long as no figures that are hard to find, or on sale or look super awesome I probably can stop online buying for a few weeks....I hope.

That said I think I might watch more Teen Titans! Go!!

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