Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Manga Chapter's updated

Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Claymore are new chapters added to the Otaku page!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday for those who don't celebrate Christmas!
I just had a nice day with the girl friend and went to service with her family and my mother came to it as well!

I got a few gifts from her grand parents and her parents and I will posted them later on this coming week along with my photos from the Jefferson Hotel and the James Center. The photo above is from the Jefferson Hotel.
My friend that was here alone came over in the morning and I got him over for dinner and for when we went down town again for the lights. He enjoyed it and he flies out tomorrow to Florida, his mother is getting married on Sunday!

Anyways, I hope everyone sleeps nice and soundly tonight. No peaking under the tree or going down stairs looking for Santa or he will get scared! Make sure you feed him some cookies as well and the Reindeer! That is my girl friends families tradition actually!

Nighty-Night! I will be out of town tomorrow but if I can post I WILL!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grand Illumination-Richmond,VA

Here is a photo and video from the Times Dispatch of the Grand Illumination in Richmond, VA. It was on December 3rd this year.

I didn't go but I went last night with the girl friend to view the lights before Christmas came around. I pretty much have gone every year with the family but this was the first time with out the family.
I had a good time walking around with her and I took a lot of photos. I will get those up when ever I can but with work, girl friend and sleep I don't have the time really to post anything. If I do, it cuts into my sleeping time which I value a TON! :P
I know I have backed up on the photos post and I haven't gotten around to post photos of the snow and now the lights. I am really backed up with my Hobby blog photo reviews lol

Anyways, we went to the James Center and the Omni Hotel and viewed everything that there was to offer. We also took a walk done Cary Street on the coble stones just because we felt like it and I payed the parking meter extra haha. (60 cents for 1 hour and 12 min). Lots of nice restaurants down there probably full with people for a work party or just people in general that can afford it. Most of the meals at the places started at $20.

We then went on our marry way to the Jefferson Hotel to view the Christmas tree in the center hall. Always fantastic and that hotel always has its own splendor about it. Has the dim lighting and people walking around smiling and drinking wine. Had a pianist playing the piano by the historical photos for the entire hall to here. We walked up the stairs and found more people chatting and drinking wine. It must have been a work group that came to enjoy themselves.
We checked out the Gingerbread house that's as big as those play houses you get for your children out back of the house. Walking into that hotel you feel special and also shows how upscale some of these places can be haha. Love to stay there just one night!

All great places to check out during these Holiday times, especially with the family or as a date. It's cheap, festive, fun, maybe a little chilly out, get out into the city. All you have to do is get parking on the street and last night was perfect. Heck hardly anyone was on Main Street last night.

Yesterday we also went to my Internship's Christmas party and that was the first time my girl friend had been to see it. My parents don't even know where it is haha. But she had a good time and we stayed for about 2 hours. Talked to them this morning and they thing that she was very lovely and said that I have picked a good one for now.
We also stopped by my grandparents on this side of town since my darling has not yet met my grandfather but has met the grandmother. We stayed for a while and chatted. I feel bad since I wont see them on Christmas or Christmas Eve since I am going with my girl friend to her uncles on Christmas. It will be the first time I didn't see them on either of those two days.

Speaking about Christmas and the day after, we here in the Richmond area are looking to accumulate about 16inches of snow supposedly. That is a lot and that is exciting also! It will ruin an Birthday plans that I maybe have but hey, I really really love a Winter Wonderland. I absolutely love it. Being snowed in at the house back in the woods is the best, especially during the holiday season. I couldn't ask for anything else from the heavens. I would love for my girl friend to stay over before it snows but her father wont let her out probably before then or to stay over so that means it will be a few days before I can see her again if it snows since she can't go out in it. My parents don't like my sister driving in that kind of weather but me, they just tell me to be careful but I really don't have the urgency for anything to go out in a 16 inch depth of snow everywhere haha. As long as it isn't ice, but snow I will be contempt!
Gosh there is just something about the beauty of snow everywhere that I love, I can't explain it. I really can't.

I don't have work for a few days, till like Tuesday so maybe I can some of those photos up for everyone to see.
I'll keep you guys updated!

Samshio ©

Rome on Alert After Parcel Bombs Explode at Two Embassies -

Rome on Alert After Parcel Bombs Explode at Two Embassies

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Were you up to see it?
My girl friend saw it but I missed it. I set my alarm but I was so tired that I slept through it 5 times. I woke up at 3am and looked outside and there was cloud cover >_>
Such bad luck and it is rare for this event to happen. Lunar Eclipse and the Winter Solstice at the same time.
Darn, supposedly the next time it will happen is Dec. 21st 2093 or something like that. I might make it till then, I'll be 105 years old haha

Well I am working hard at work so I am going to go now!
Will update soon!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lunar Eclipse December 2010 Details |

Lunar Eclipse December 2010 Details

Everyone check this out if it is clear skies for you!

Depressed during the happiest time of the year >_>

Depressed...don't know why...
I getting in one of those moods where I feel like I am not wanted, my opinion doesn't matter, what is life going to bring me?
But seriously, sometimes at home I wonder why am I still here when my opinion isn't heard, or they tell me shut up when I "hit right at the spot" but they don't want to hear it because they are more of adults so what they say is obviously right. My mom always tells me something at least once a day that doesn't make me feel great. She also repeats stuff like you didn't hear it the 1,345,958th time, like I'm some dumbass.
I have hearing, I'm not mentally retarded where I can't understand...
But that isn't the reason as to why I'm down because that is every day life for me.

There is snow on the ground and it is lovely out, I took a walk and it made me feel better. I was tracking some humans boot prints in the woods so my mind was off things. It was the kid that goes down there hunting >_> He has a pellet rifle sometimes and he hunts for animals that are not on his property. I thought he stayed to his neck of the woods but he goes all around the area. Not quite as far as I have gone in the joining woods because no one has done that much but this guy...I need to put a stop to it. Maybe big a hole where his blind is lol

Anyways, I was playing Goldeneye and I was doing good. Actually really good and then started doing bad so I was doing suicide grenade charges at the players. Those I wasn't playing to hot because it would be 3 kills me and I would have died 21 times... The host eventually left so I logged off.
I haven't posted for a while on here. I have taken some photos of the snow around the house but I haven't even got the energy to edit them and post them. There sin't to many photos at all.
I feel into my creek yesterday when I was sleigh riding in the woods down in the back. It was cold so we stopped after that.
I managed to finish Code Geass the first part yesterday. I actually started it yesterday and finished today. Don't know how I did that. I'm on R2 now.
My girl friend came back Wednesday so I saw her a little then and then on Thursday it snowed and she wasn't allowed out. Friday she had to be taken to Williamsburg so I haven't seen her but for those small hours on Wednesday. I wish she was here, I may or may not be feeling better but it is better to have someone with you if your down.
From the sleight riding I think I got sore form the trees and flipping so I could use a massage on my back. I miss her, and I am worried that we wont have much time to see each other. I hope we are not getting apart. I still need to wrap her gift!
I have been posting a lot on the hobby blog. Definitely more views then this blog and I think I am about to have more posts on it as well lol

I hope everything goes back to normal by the time Christmas starts. I checked and it said that it may have snow showers and the day after so we might get a white Christmas here. Christmas is never the same anymore anyways though. Less family is involved, not much gift giving and we just wake up in the morning and eat breakfast and maybe open gifts if there are some. Usually there is. Last time I got a lot of stuff like bowls, spoons and such. Hinting that I should leave but they always lecture me about leaving and how much it will cost to move out so I set all the presents in a trunk in my room where thy collect dust.
When I was younger, it was magical. Everything about it. The enjoyment, the surprises, the imagination at work, the tearing of wrapping paper hoping it was that huge action figure.
Either Christmas Eve or day of is when we go to Chesterfield for the dads side of the family. It use to be a lot of family that would meet up but now usually, just like this past Thanksgiving, it will be my sister, mother father and me joining my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. Possibly my cousin that is about 30 now will join us too but he didn't come for Thanksgiving.
It use to be my immediate family, two aunts, two uncles, 4 cousins and a girl friend of the cousins, and some family friends from the church would stop by.
It isn't like they moved away away, they are either the county near by or so. Hour at the most away where we get together really. Were a few counties away and we make it but we are not that busy really on that day. It is nice to see them all and gather around the table. Family is important on Christmas as it is any time of the year. Can't forget where you come from, that is for sure. If everyone started to forget as to where they come from, we all would be lost. History is important after all lol

Hmm, I think I am all good on my rant I think I feel better. I got Elf on the TV right now, on USA. Might be the only movie that I like with Will Ferrell.
I watched the A Team earlier today too, that was an OK movie.

I think I might go now, possibly an early night for me. Hey it might snow later tonight as well. I hope it does. I still want a huge big snow, but that is just me.

Night everyone

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Piece 608

Just added chapter 608 to the Otaku page for One Piece.

Also my girl friend just got home from all her exams! YES!!!!

Ghosterbusters Photon Backpack!

Ghostbusters backpack. Probably to coolest backpack that I have seen in a long time! I thought I would post this here for fun!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At work and its sloooooww!


My older cat Sophie has some weird dry scab bumps thing around her neck and other places on her body so we are going to the vet to see what is up with it. They started to appear behind her hind legs a few weeks ago, more like a month or two ago but now the worst spot is around and under her neck. I hope it's just some weird skin thing and nothing serious. She is a good kitty :(

Another thing is that this blog is now second place in page views compared to the hobby blog lol. This one has around 220 post or so and the hobby blog is like 180 post but I get more then 50 views a day and this one gets about 20 >_> Hahaa, maybe my life is a little less interesting then my hobby interest.
I posted a story on the Wattpad site and got like 8 reads. It is something old that I wrote a long time ago and it is about a teen and love and such. Weird for me, I know but I based it off a dream that I had when I worked at a Chinese food stand. Not sure why I dreamed about that at the time. Anyways, I put the story version up, I have a play version like a script because I was in Theater at the time and thought about maybe submitting it and directing a short play but never did so no one has seen the play script version (pretty much the same as the story version just script format)

I was about to buy another figure today but I talked myself out of it. IT is rare to find and was the cheapest price but I managed to talk myself out of it. I'm proud of my self that I did it because I had ordered more things yesterday.

What else can I put...oh! Anyone like the snow background on the blog? It had snowed yesterday in the area and I didn't go to work and took some photos outside in the yard. They say the snow wont really melt in the Richmond area even though it is sunny. It is because it isn't supposed to leave freezing today here lol. We are due for more snow on Thursday! I like snow and the winter wonderland. I found that a lot of the time that I walk in the snow I have music in my head from when Link walks up the mountain in snow in Majora's Mask and especially the ice cave....It's bad haha. What can I say, I take Legend of Zelda to heart.

Well I got to go to the Vet, wish Sophie luck!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Buying addiction

So I think I have a figure or what ever you want to call it buying addiction online.

It's a problem lol, anyone know of a group around her that meets up for online buying addictions?

Well I made another order online....but it is something I really do like so I don't see the problem but the past month I have done a lot of online ordering....

I will admit thought that after these past few Gundam models or models in general I probably wont order anymore for a long time. Models do take a lot of time to complete but I am not saying that I am lazy, plus I have like 10 models that are stored that need to get done so you can see where I don't want to order anymore and there are like 2 I think on the way.
I am kinda getting more into figures mostly because they look great right out of the box. That is what I just ordered a second ago and these are really nice ones, much like the P.O.P Brook figure that I reviewed on the hobby blog. Yes they are P.O.P but I wont tell till I get some photos out!

I also have figures that will reach here before them as well.

I need to stop and as long as no figures that are hard to find, or on sale or look super awesome I probably can stop online buying for a few weeks....I hope.

That said I think I might watch more Teen Titans! Go!!

Metrodome home of Vikings roof collapse Video

Friday, December 10, 2010

Autumn in Japan: A Time Lapse

Two take home exams and Done!

Thats right you heard correctly, or more like read correctly!
I have these two take home exams for my Environmental Pollution and Politics of the Environment and turn them in and will be done for the semester!
A lot of it is essay though and I got about a week for them to finish up. Actually the Pollution one that I am working on now in between work is due Tuesday night by 8pm.
I am just so excited that this semester is over. It sure went by fast for my first semester at VCU.
It was a good experience and I met a lot of knew people and hung out a lot more with old friends. Some friends are still away of course but they are coming back home for the holidays and will be here for more then a month since there schools have more time.
My girl friend wont be home till Wednesday night I believe, so I still have to wait around for her to show up. Not going t lie, I do miss her and I need to show her a lot of great movies :)
We will be doing a lot of things for break and I hope the weather isn't always going to be freezing since I plan on lots of walking in parks in such in the City and the city can be cold when it is cold.
Like the other day when it was in the 20's an there was a wind down there, that is cold!
Some things that we will be doing, and I plan on taking photos of certain things!
  • I hope we get to walk around the capital building as I haven't been there in a while and I am not really sure if my girl friend has been done there are not. The past few years they did a lot of work and even has an underground visitor center below it now! One of the companies that I shadowed with did some work on it!
  • another would be the canal walk. I have yet actually walked the entire canal walk and would love to do it. I just hope it isn't to cold to take photos!
  • We might be going to Christmas Town at Bush Gardens in Williamsburg as well
  • We probably, or just me and my family, will go to Colonial Williamsburg as we pretty much do that as a day trip all the time just to see the wreaths and to have something to do for a day.
  • Of course, the swapping of the presents!
  • Celebrate my Birthday, 21!
  • Going to Maryland to my grandmothers with mother, sister and girl friend for a few days! We will be going to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and they light up everything for the Holidays much like the local Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
  • Oh, we might do Lewis Ginter light show but maybe one is enough, plus Longwood Gardens is a ton better and a lot bigger Gardens
  • I'm going to do more modeling! Got more on the way!
  • General spending time with family on Christmas and maybe my girl friend will tag along to the other side of the river
  • Another thing, I have my internship's company Christmas Party and spouses are invited and I am not sure if I can bring her. I am probably the only person working there not married!
  • Girl friend and I will maybe go to the Byrd Theater for a cheap movie, depends what is playing
  • We are probably going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader the theaters as it is the new Narnia movie!
  • SnoW! god I hope it snows at some point. I would love to go downtown to take photos i n the snow, especially the capital that would look beautiful!
  • Blogging of course, when I get the time but I probably will.
  • If it is really cold that means lots of in door activities like movie watching. Will love to educate the girl friend on some great other movies and perhaps get another anime series knocked out with her!
Well that is a list of some things that we can do. Oh yeah how can I forget. WORK!
I will try to work more hours at both my jobs to help pay for all of these activities and pay off the activities that I have been doing the past month. I spent more then I made for sure this month already! Oh wait I mean November, I forget it is already December!

My sister is coming home today and she will get her wisdom teeth taking out of her face on Monday. I hope she stays like a shipmunk for a while because it might shut her up for a few days. The house is unbelievably quite with out her around and I really don't notice it till I think about my sister which isn't often.
She recently had a fall through and her and her boy friend are no more but like her usually she bounces back quick and she will be bring a new dude home tomorrow to my mother Christmas party. She already invited him but now she is apparently saying that he is too clingy.... He lives around here so I am sure he will stalk her if he is clingy.
Even though my sister will be home, it is not like I will see her much with me being busy and her always not home because her "friends" are chilling with her. I quote the friends because I don't know if they are true true friends are not. She was going to go to New York City with her "friends" again but they have changed and they are driving up there so I thing she decided not to do it. I would rather go alone then go with old fiends that have changed completely and especially if they are driving. That would be a long drive.
I like how my sister says they all changed on her but she has changed as well. A little more stuck up, full of there self and she drinks a lot but apparently not a lot since one of the "friends" really do. I see her friend a school occasionally, and usually she looks hung hover or really tired. She works at the school and got a full ride in and is in the honors program. I am not really sure how though, she isn't that bright....
Anyways, enough of the sister and her load mouth lol

I have been thinking about maybe do a series on something, like teaching how to play Go as I post article on the blog. I would slowly explain the rules of Go and how to play. I would provide photos or something from the AGA (American Go Association) and provide links to great learning tools.
It is up to you guys, so you could let me know what I could do a series on. Any ideas are open just comment please

Another thing is that I recently made an account with which is an eBook site. People also post their own content on there for reading. Lots of Fan-fiction and I bet most of that has to do with Vampires. No lie, I looked lol.
I might post old short stories or stories that I have worked on in the past and if I start to post the chapters maybe I might get back into it and continue my incomplete works. I do have ideas for two other series that I could do but much outlining of the story is needed and ideas of a plot.
My account name there is: Samshio. Are you surprised?

Oh, and I could write a story on anything, I could do a bloggers ideas story. Just comment below if you have ideas and I could some how try to incorporate all the comments and make a short story or a series. Also, you guys can come up with the name! Just let me know and post if your interested!

Alright, I am going to get back t o work (more like my take home test since I finished up my work) I will post more on random things today as well if I can. Enjoy the trailers that I have been posting, Transformers 3 is looking cool and like it has a really good story from what I heard! Anyways Seya!

Samshio ©

Thor Movie Poster!

Image from Yahoo! Movies

Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon

I was a little slow on this on as I originally posted it on my Hobby Blog lol

Little Fockers 2 clips!

Song of Healing from Majora's Mask on Wine Glasses

This was a very interesting video and what he did with the glasses, take a look!

Miley Cyrus caught smoking bong, experiences 'a trip' off hallucinogenic herb Salvia

Miley Cyrus caught smoking bong, experiences 'a trip' off hallucinogenic herb Salvia

I don't think it is to bad, since the drug is legal in the state of California and also she just turned 18. Only problem is that a "bong" looks bad and since she is a "role model" for younger people it probably wasn't good

Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow in Richmond :)


There is Midna, she is doing great now all fixed lol By the way she is camera shy

She is sleeping on the bed behind me right now. She likes to sleep a lot more then she did when she was younger. She is a really good cat and loves to meet new people. She is very playful still and I feed her something out of the fridge almost everyday. She is a pig and eats just about all kinds of meat and has even eaten some Wheaties and Cheerios lol.

She had fun in the snow yesterday even though I didn't get to see since father let her out >_> grrr.

I hope we get a lot more snow again! I have some photos from the snow

The usual foot photo

Have this owl like iron candle holder thing on the back desk. It is probably older then me by far, something that has been out there since I have been around.
Up close of one of my bonsai that stays outside year around. Did great in the few feet of snow last year for days. Great little plant, one of the longest ones I had
Our good old black iron table outside. That has also been there forever

As you can see it was a very light snow and melted by 10am, as said before I really hope there is more snow this month. Be great to get a white Christmas :)

Just a little bit of photos really, but I hope when It does snow a lot and hangs around for a while, I hope to get a lot of pictures in the city of buildings, maybe the capital, the river and parks. Haven't done that before and would like to!

Samshio ©

Dragon Ball SD 1

Dragon Ball SD 1

About to read it but I guess it is Goku when younger and in Super Deformed mode!

Leek Spin, I think I'm addicted

I'm at work now and wish I could turn on my volume as I would listen to this now...
I got addicted the other day and it's so mesmerizing.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Behind the Scenes

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Om Nom Nom: Know your Meme

Something that my girl friend uses a lot in everyday language and will appreciate this video, I hope :)

Working on my Politics Project

Working on the politics project with my group!
Will post later this evening on life!

but maybe not

Sneezing Bear Video

Snow in Richmond!

I took some photos outside of my house and I would have gone into the city to take more photos now but it was a light snow so it was melting fast and there wouldn't have been many great photos to take when I would be down there.

Anyways enjoy the fresh powder!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Train your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar all have at least 2 more films in the series

Check the link

At least 2 more films in How to Train your Dragon

At least 4 more Kung Fu Pandas after the next one making it 6 chapters

and two more Madagascar films to make it a total of 4....

milk the stories while they are hot. Well I can see Kung Fu Panda and maybe How to Train Your Dragon lasting but not Madagascar...

IP Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster Trailer

I'm love a good kung-fu movie seriously. And I haven't seen one in a long time that I haven't already seen

Heads up, it is Exam season after all

Hey everyone, I haven't really sat down to write up a good post about life as a student or just as me in general. It has been busy with working, group work at school, classes, exams, prepping for exams, modeling during free time, coming home at midnight or later from library, hanging with my best friend, waking up in the morning and only posting on the hobby blog lol, and so on and so forth.

I haven't forgotten that this blog was originally to express my life and interest. I did post the chapters that were released earlier this week. I also did an edit on the right side panel and you can click the photo walk pictures and it will take you to those articles that a posted so long ago. It makes it organized and easy to find! I will add other works into there as well and the Nekocon 2010 Photos when I can. It makes it lovely but you still can go to the Photo page and find the slide shows if you just want to look at the photos and not read everything I write about it and so on and so forth.

I did get a new TV which makes everything pleasant in my room for my Wii, TV experience and a new monitor for my Laptop. I think I have used the 26"(Vizio 26" LCD-LED TV) more as a computer monitor then a TV. I hook up the laptop and I use it as duel screens so I can have articles I am reading on one screen and me posting on the other. Makes it a lot of fun when posting photos on the hobby blog. I have been getting really into the Hobby Blog and having a lot of fun to be the first to post things. haha a little competition doesn't hurt anyone lol
My keyboard had problems so I sent it back to Amazon and I will have to find another one!

I have been getting a lot of items recently too although a friend blogger opened an online store over in California and I ordered something through him before he opened his web store. He did get the item like 5 days late and then sent it the day before Thanksgiving and should take 2-9 days. Needless to say it didn't coming yesterday and I am not sure if it is on my door step today right now or not since I'm at work. Today is the 9th day so if it isn't here today I might give him an email.....grr and I was going to do a review on it but since it is now over 2 weeks since it was released there are already at least 10 great reviews out there with a lot better photos that I could ever provide. Bla!

Now I did get an item that was released the same days as the item talked about above and got it through a Tokyo based online store and have already gotten it and worked on it and so far I am the only blog that I know that is doing a Work in Progress and review of it. Nice.

I started that other blog earlier this week I think but I found that I haven't really had the time for it so I made a post that it might be on hiatus or permanent hiatus. Not sure but I will do all those usual local postings of Richmond here for now!

Anyone going to the Grand Illumination down in Downtown Richmond tonight? I was thinking about it but my friend wants to go down to VCU and catch a movie so it might be better that I don't go. There would be a lot of people down there for sure. I was hoping to get some photo coverage though lol. Due time people!

Also today was the First Friday Art Walk too. On the first Friday of every month down in Richmond I think off of or near Broad Street there is an art walk where vendors or people inside some buildings sell some art or display it. Never gone and I am at work right now so obviously I am not.

I haven't worked a lot recently which isn't good since I had a BIG spending month in November and a lot of stuff that I need to fill the holes in my account with by working.

I actually got some work today to do and also I am doing group research right now for the group project in between tasks. So I will post more but on random things. Posting long chats and articles like this eats up some times but it was necessary :)

I hope I get a lot more free time when the semester is over and I will get more photos and such. I hope it snows because I love taking photos in the snow of well...nature in general. You guys know me so obviously nature. As long as my girl friend doesn't hog me all of break I will try to post a lot! I need to post my Christmas Tree as well! We got that too!

I changed the background for the blog for the Fall but Fall will end in 20 days or less I think so I better work on a new background for winter.....please let it snow!!

Well adios compadres!

Samshio ©
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