Friday, November 12, 2010

Nekocon 2010 Photos

Hey everyone!
Here are the limited photos that I took at Nekocon 2010. Wan't much since I was mostly walking around and looking. There wasn't much going on there and I probably should have taken more photos then normal. Ops. Well I hope you like them!

As you can see I had my Duck tape Waldo out fit on!

Star Fire and Raven from Teen Titans!

My girl friend and I attended the Go workshop on both Friday and Saturday. I'm really rusty and now my girl friend is interested in playing when winter break comes!

Some crowed shot from 2nd floor

More crowed shot. Not that big :P

Not sure her name. But she is from Avatar: Last Airbender

Black Power Ranger beating up some dude...awesome

Rorschach from Watchmen. Was very good with his character all weekend. Very good.

Very cute Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service!

Not sure but definitely from Sailor Moon, great costume

Grimjaw from Bleach. Oh crap I gotta read this weeks chapter! I'll post that on the Otaku page later too.

Mr. Box? Actually it has the question mark on it so I don't know it could be Solid Snake hiding underneath it!

All of us in line for the Cosplay Contest/Masquerade

Pumpkin Head with a witch rob and broom? I'm down

Mother brought the little one out to meet new people, and all dressed up for battle.

Ryuk and No face...hmm interesting pair, you think?

I was thinking about actually dressing as No-Face to this one too!

Legends of the Hidden Temple. Freaking awesome. Not seen anyone cosplay as contestant before!

Princess Zelda saying in her head, "Who the F#$@ is this Lady Gaga?!?!!?"

Pickachu girl chatten it up with Link, probably hitting the Lost Woods later I guess...

This was creative. Godzilla destroying Tokyo (again)

Good old Sunday. No one here lol and it was like 11:30 am

We missed breakfast back at school so yummy muffin. The only choices were Orange and Banana nut. I like Banana Nut but the girl friend doesn't eat Banana's so we got Orange and was interesting. How doesn't offer Blueberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Otaku girls coming to get last things in the dealers room.

And Rorschach back to inform us the End is "near". It was indeed since it was over that day...

Bye bye Nekocon 2010....!

Over all my girl friend and I had a good time. I tried testing out the new camera but the shots came out weird an fuzzy probably because of the lighting in the convention center. One side is a white wall and the other side of the hall is huge windows that poured in the sunlight and so it always maybe the lighten off. I tried to lighten up some the photos since the shadows casted over the peoples faces!

Girl friend had a good enough time she is thinking about Otakon 2011!! Yippy! I think she would have a great time! I did buy a few things while there like a Master Grade Exia, and two Banpresto DX Figures, one of the Seven Warlords in One Piece and Freeza 2nd form from Dragon Ball Z. And of course 3 Ramune's and a box of mixed Berry Pocky!!

I will take photos of the figures in the next few days but will post those on the Hobby blog, obviously!

Again sorry for the lack of photos and the quality, I guess it was a test run of the camera and I think I understand the settings a little better now! Have a good night everyone!!!!!!!!!

Samshio ©

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