Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is Facebook about to offer email? Reports say it plans a 'Gmail killer'

Is Facebook about to offer email? Reports say it plans a 'Gmail killer'

Ok is anyone up for FaceBook email, or what I call F mail...

I mean yeah FaceBook has bee out to get at everyone and everyone is out to get FaceBook. It FB released the email that means already that the members of FaceBook would have an email account with them and they can use it to communicate through FB and outside of FB.That is about 500 million email accounts made right there which is a lot more then Hotmails, Gmails, yahoo mails and etc. Now would a lot of people use it or stick with their current email. That is the question isn't it? I mean we use FaceBook to communicate with other people already using wall posts or the messaging system or there instant message system. I don't think I would use there email at all. I love my Gmail account and email because I get a personalized News page, document editor where I can type documents online, got a calendar and such. Also a Google account also gives you access to Blogger (wow go figure that's what I am on!) and you can use it to log into YouTube! Thats a great deal and you have a lot of memory that Google gives you. Now I would be worried to use email with FB especially using it for personal stuff since you know that FB is going to incorporate it with your profile. They have had there problems with security and privacy issues and giving more power to them by you using their email client (when ever released) isn't that awesome.

For me, I will pass on it because I have my other email accounts. Maybe I'll use it for all that spam crap. I get enough spam from FaceBook anyways.
What do you think? Fruit for thought people.

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