Monday, November 29, 2010

How was your Thanksgiving?

Sorry everyone, it has been since Thanksgiving since I have posted on the blog.
I have been updating the Hobby Blog but didn't find time to blog here with the family around.
Also nothing exciting happened to write about.

Did anyone go out on Black Friday to buy such items as TV's or anything of the sort?

I got a nice pair of gray work pants, a new professional jacket, something else that I wont mention since the girl friend is probably reading this. I also order some models online lol. Can't wait for stuff to still get to me in the mail!

Anyone buying anything online today since it is Cyber Monday! I'm good so I'll pass. I need to build up my savings again haha.
I managed to finish my Economics paper and test number 4! thanks the heavens.

I wish I had gotten new photos this past week since I feel like taking photos now but I am at work. Maybe I will post my desk space at home later this evening while I watch my triple play (House, The Event, Hawaii-Five 0).
The semester is almost over which is nice. I'm getting to the point where I want to stop and relax and do some photography, some modelling and of course time with the girl friend since I do love her haha. I drove down to Williamsburg to get her Saturday night and brought her back so I could have more time with her. She was everywhere for Thanksgiving. North Carolina to the Eastern Shore. Lots of driving, or more like riding for her.

Oh did I tell you I got a full schedule of classes for the spring I am taking:
-Environmental Geology
-Research Seminar or something like that. I think it is a sociology credit..but its required for me
-Zen Buddhism
-Writing Journalism (4 credit class but only non-upper level class)

The last two are more for fun and to fill in since I couldn't sign up for other required classes that I wanted. I will probably take Physics over the summer at J. Sergeant Reynolds with the Girl friend. Might be fun!

I am really getting into blogging as anyone can tell, or maybe not since I neglected to post for a few days here lol.
Anyways, I also like local news and whats going on in my community like Richmond and the metro area. I watch the news at night sometimes and like knowing what is going on and changes that are happening or who is out there robbing stores or when the next concert or festival is happing.
So I decided to open ANOTHER blog. The address is I will also add the link under the Hobby link on the right had panel.

So on that blog I will post local news, events that are happening in the metro area (Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield). Or Greater Richmond area is what a lot of people call it.
As said will post on news, what is happening, what kind of events are happening, what big news is happening. things maybe to get involved in with the Richmond community or surrounding communities. And of course I will post my own post about living in Richmond with photos or videos and so forth. I just want to get more involved with my City. After all I have been here for nearly 21 years!

Well that is exciting and I hope people who are interested in my city or people who live here and want to know what is going on will take a look and maybe favorite it once I get rolling with posts!

don't worry I will still post my life on this blog that one will be Richmond specific and this one will remain my interests, trips, photos and so forth and the Hobby blog will be the same as always!

that is all I got today, I may post news here though (non-Richmond of course!)

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