Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is over, now on to November

Hey everyone, as you can all tell it is November 1st. That much closer to Thanksgiving, the end of the semester and Holiday times!

This past weekend I worked a bit but I actually had Sunday off from work and so parents and I went to Carter Mountain which is an Apple Orchard. It was fun even though I really don't eat apples. Weird right but I love apple cider, their apple doughnuts, apple sauce, apple cobbler and apple pie. Just not straight apples haha.

I took pictures yesterday and just need to edit them and I will post them on here and also talk about Carter Mountain and maybe it's history if I can find some :)

I got a surprise for you all! I will tell you about it tomorrow or the day after!

I am currently reading Harry Potter 7 again. I started on the drive to the mountain yesterday and now am currently on page 290. Good stuff, I can't wait to see these last two films but I have to wait on the girl friend to get in to town to go see it with her. I don't think she will be back home till December or so :(

I am going down to see her Friday because we are going to Nekocon! Exited about that and I think she is to. Probably more on the part that she gets to see me but I think she will have a good time and she put together a costume: Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. I feel bad because for a bit I got busy last month with a paper and work and I was going to make a Studio Ghibli character costume like Howl but it is to complicated to make in the few short days I have. I also really like to take photos at these kind of events but if I do wear a costume like No-Face from Spirited Away then there will be no photos that I will post for any of you to see. Sorry :( I do really want to take photos but my girl friend wont dress up if I don't dress up from a Ghibli film. I do have a costume that is not related to the studio but she said no so guys. I'm sorry but there will be no photo taking at the event since I will have to rely on No-Face. I would even wear my Waldo costume there since I can carry a bag with the costume but I don't think she wants me to wear that either. So maybe the next convention in August or the year after since I wont go if I end up going to Japan this summer.

Otakon has a page up in memory of Satoshi Kon, a director for many productions like Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue. He died from Pancreatic Cancer. Here is the page here

I am currently at my desk at work and I do have some work to do! Ha. I am still annoyed with this keyboard though and thank god I brought my own wireless mouse to use or I would die.

Oh! and how was everyones Halloween?! No one came back to my house for candy and this is the second year in a row. It is sad and I don't even know if there was anyone in our neighborhood actually out last night. I hope there were because it was so much fun when I was younger and it was legal for me to do it haha.

One last item is that I added a donation button on the right at the bottom. I did that since I have been looking for a camera and also been trying to cover reviews on newer items on the hobby blog. Any amount helps as I use it for the progress of the site and for travels that would be photographed for talk on this site. I wont use it for myself in anyway just for the sole purpose and furthering this site that I enjoy so much. Thanks!

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