Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GoldenEye 007 for the Wii

So this wasn't the surprise that I was originally talking about but none the less something awesome that I picked up.
GoldenEye was redone and released for the Nintendo Wii. I got the exclusive golden classic controller bundle with the game. It was extra obviously but so far it makes it pretty fun.

Here is the front and the back of the box for the exclusive golden controller

The openeing of the box on the left and on the right the contence of the box. You get a instruction paper for the classic controller of course and next to that is a little paper with an exclusive code to unlock a game play mode for multi player. Next to that is the game case still wrapped in plastic and then beside it is the exclusive golden controller to portray the "Golden Gun."

Here is the golden classic controller. It is very nice and shinny :) Wonder if a rich person ordered this game and special ordered the controller to be solid gold. Probably not since I would have seen it on the net.

I had enough time yesterday between school and work to play a few hours including last night. The game is different then the original on the Nintendo 64. This game is pretty fun. The control scheme is still a little different from the 64 controller. During the actual game play you have check points through the levels. I think there are more levels then the Nintendo 64 one and a little longer. There are more cut scenes and lots more dub talking in this game. I played only a little bit of the online multi player and it was fun. You can increase your level and points on the multi player over time which is really awesome. People last night were already at level 5 and you could tell that they probably played it all day long. Lost more multi player maps to play with friends and online. There are different game versions like you only live twice and golden gun for multi player as well. I feel like this is a game that you can play over and over for a long time like other fist person shooters like Call of Duty and stuff.

I recommend it for first time or from previous owners of the Nintendo 64 version. Tons of fun. Well, I'm going to go now to play more, have a good afternoon!

The photos came out nicely from my old camera.

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