Thursday, November 11, 2010

FireFox 4 Beta 7

Yes, another release that anyone can test. Apparently it is really fast but I am going to stick to my lovely Chrome for now. I say this while I use FireFox but only because I am suing the school's library computers which has it loaded on it. Gay.
Anyways cool stuff. I still have to get my test done and by tomorrow morning for class!!! Oh S%$#.

I have a nice weekend free this coming weekend. I think it is great because I will catch up on all that stuff that I haven't posted and I can get all those photos uploaded and new photos for the Hobby blog!!!

I still need to read Bleach chapter I am assuming it is up now.
Anyone looking into the Nexus S, assumed predecessor of the Nexus from Google?
Anyways, off to class I'll post tomorrow you know it!

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