Monday, November 15, 2010

Finished GoldenEye

Hey everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend?
I had a pretty laid back one and got a lot of things done for the blogs too. I got the Carter Mountain photos up, the Nekocon 2010 photos up and I re-did the photo page and added trailer content to the movie page as well. For the Hobby blog I got a lot of photo's done for the site. I review the two figures that I picked up at Nekocon and I re-did photos for previously done models and will slowly add those and re-do the " My Models" page with slide shows of the album. I also posted about the Gunship model that I got ahold of and will post the other model within a day or two. I just didn't want to flood the hobby site with everything I just did because then I have nothing to post later on about. Well at least till my pre-orders come in.

I took photos outside yesterday and will probably post those soon as well. I was testing the zoom and macro settings on the camera on small plants and mushrooms in the woods. haha

I went bowling last night, it was a work thing and FREE. I played like 6 or more games and my right hand still hurts from it. I had a pain in writing notes in class today so I just played Lucky Lanes (Bowling game) on my Zune while the lecture was going on. ops...

Some things coming up people, I got to get that kitty, Midna, fixed on Saturday so I have that going on. I need to get my passport photo done and call about an appointment to get the application in so they can give me a new one. I need to get serious about figuring out what I am going to do there and soon. Patrice my Japanese as well. I had flashcards but they seam to have disappeared in thin air.....I guess I'll make new ones. Thanksgiving is next week so I am happy that I only have one class and BLACK FRIDAY! Sales and sales everywhere. I don't know what to buy and I probably should get anything. Some TV's are tempting though and so are some computer monitors... Naw I really shouldn't but I want toooo!

Oh yeah, relating to the post title, I did finish the actual game story line in GoldenEye on Friday I think it was. They must have redone the script a little bit and actually all the characters were new as well. It was still fun to play through and you got 4 modes to play it on. You do have cut scenes to watch but pretty O.K. Lots of firefights where you stand off against a crowd of guys with automatics. I do like though that you have melee attacks. You can crouch and sneak up on people and punch them out without anyone else noticing unless they obviously see you. It has some re-play value for the story line with those different harder modes to play through. Also you have tons of re-play value with the multi-player split-screen and the online play. I'm at level 14 right now online and it is pretty fun but some people spend sooo much time on there. I recommend it for people who want to have a first person shooter for there Wii. Plus it's like 4 different controller styles you can chose to play as well. Can't beat it.

I got my spray painting down yesterday and now just need some hand painting followed by lining and then a clear coat and I have another done model.

OH and if anyone is going to Harry Potter this Friday, tell me if it is really good but don't tell me about the movie. NO SPOILERS. Well if you do post spoilers just say spoiler alert for us :)

Hmm, that is all I got for the moment, I'll post random articles like I have been doing, bye bye!

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