Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Econ Test 3

Hey everyone. I am at the VCU's Libarary now and just finished up my Econ test three finally. Took a while ..well technically not really done I still need to type it up. I got less then an hour before I have to be at work so I figured I stop by my blog to keep everyone up to date?

How is the weather there? It is actually nicer today and not cold at all it is very nice and maybe I can get spray painting done tomorrow but I do need another can of primer....
I just dropped $37 of gas into the car. While I was away in the Hampton Roads area the price had gone up like 10 cents....insane

That first summer though after I left high school though was ridiculous since it was over $3 a gallon for gas and cost me like $45 to fill the car.

I didn't realize that the 2nd floor library had like 28 inch Mac screens for those Apple fans up here to use. Those things have got to be like $2,000 apiece and the screens are bigger then my TV. That is just nuts. Like I said, not a Apple fan here.

How about the new Windows Mobile? Anyone got a phone that has it on there? They pretty much showed one off in Hawaii Five-O last night haha.
I'm still watching The Event, House, Hawaii Five-O and now this week Burn Notice and Psych are coming back on! Booya!
I am looking forward to the new chapters that come out this week as well but I am trying to balance all the things I want to do with what I need to do like this test and all these other group projects.

I think I will have a lot of me time this weekend and I can get photo editing done this week so I can put those albums up online for you guys to finally see. Same with the Nekocon photos even though I really didn't take that many pictures when I was there. Photo shoots will need to be done on some figures and such for the hobby blog. In the Gundam Plastic Model world there hasn't been much things other then the shows last month which covered a lot of great releases that are coming out.

Well I better walk to my car now and eat these sandwiches that I have made and get changed and get into the "Place-of-Work!"

Got to pay off what I spent at Nekocon of course!!

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