Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around the Woods Nov. 14th

So the other day I walked around the woods that are around my house with the new camera just to test it out. It was nice since it was warm and bright out side. Nice to get away from some people, anyways here are the photos! Also, the album is on slide show form up on the photo page for later viewing!

My driveway of course. Get's covered every fall of the leaves. It is a gravel drive way and is a pain when it rains hard because it washes out and that means I have to rake the gravel back on to fill the ruts. I don't complain. A long gravel road to sacrifice to live off the main neighborhood road in the woods for more privacy :)

I really like the colors of the leaves this time of the year. Definitely up in the mountains because that looks great.

Here is the creek right down the hill through the woods behind the house. Has a small "fishing" hole. I have caught many creek chubs there and kept them in my fish tank and they last for a long time in there. They eat a lot. In fact if you place smaller chubs in there the bigger ones would eat them. I would catch large crayfish in here to and kept them. They usually crawled out of the tank and roam the house. It annoyed the mother so much.

I like the mix of the red, brown, mustard looking orange and the light purples. Got maple leaves, beech tree leaves, probably some white or red oak and hickory leaves mixed in there down by the creek.

Red Maple leaf

Small plants pop out of the leaves on the ground. I expect this during the spring but odd in the fall. Usually everything green turns brown. Anyways the camera took really nice close up photos in the lighting and came out really well.

I know for fact that all the ferns down there in the woods had turn brown and fall off but this little guy is coming up late or just decided to hang around.

I am not sure what plant this is. It actually runs like a vine sort of all around the forest floor.

Another green plant poking up in the falling leaves

Princess Pine or Running Ceder runs all over the woods in patches. These stay green year around and mother loves to use them to make wreaths for christmas

This is every where also

Beech tree's are a yellow right now. They look really nice and the Maples are red by the way. Our Hickory trees are yellow as well so these three have great colors to add to the forest :)

Got a mix here of multiple tree colors

I'm pretty sure this is a sweet gum. They are the ones that have the gum balls that ball out of trees that are spiky. Not Chestnuts though. This is a small tree though, maybe a foot tall.

Beech tree leaves. A smaller tree.

Lovely maple colors

I liked this photo so I made it larger for you guys. This stump has been here for a long time, as long as I have been going down there. Like the colors all around it. It is a nice low spot in the woods in an area where you usually walk up on deer eating.

Since it has been wet and damp recently there was a lot of mushrooms popping up in random spots in the woods. I took many pictures of different ones but I don't know the names for them, sorry.

This one had a good red top, and everything else white

Same one with out the black and white in it.

This one was interesting since it had a weird cut in the top of it. Kind of unique

This one had a nice peach color top. It is the same one that is in the above image. Different color then most the leaves at this time of year.

This was the biggest one that I saw. All white and was droopy.

Last shot is Sophie over at the neighbor's house smiting me.... I was surprised that this photo came out well since I was at a distance away from her and the house. :)

Well hope you enjoyed the photo tour of the woods. I hope to get better photos for everyone in different seasons and of new things! This album is on the photo page to viewing as well!

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