Monday, November 29, 2010

Amber Alert In Effect for Three Missing Michigan Boys | ThirdAge

Amber Alert In Effect for Three Missing Michigan Boys | ThirdAge

Bleach Hell Arc Special

Bleach Hell Arc Special

I am about to read this!

Leslie Nielsen Passes Away at Age 84

Leslie Nielsen Passes Away at Age 84

Great actor with hilarious films like
Naked Gun Series.

Died from complications of pneumonia yesterday at the age of 84

TV Spot for Little Fockers

The Prince of Tennis Manga Gets Theatrical Anime Film

The Prince of Tennis Manga Gets Theatrical Anime Film - Anime News Network

This is awesome, I really enjoyed reading this manga

Thanksgiving weekend shopping rises to $45 billion, exceeding expectations

Thanksgiving weekend shopping rises to $45 billion, exceeding expectations

Last year over the BlackFriday Weekend it was $41.2 billion and now this year at $45 billion. That is quite a bit more and tons of money in sales. Shows how far we have come from the economy falling a few years back.

Facebook's Zuckerberg to Interview President Bush Today | News & Opinion |

Facebook's Zuckerberg to Interview President Bush Today

Wonder how that will go

Varia Suit from Metroid Cosplayed

Still the best cosplayer of Samus from the Metroid series by far. From Sweden she is and a student. She cospalys in this photo the Varia suit in a winter landscape!

How was your Thanksgiving?

Sorry everyone, it has been since Thanksgiving since I have posted on the blog.
I have been updating the Hobby Blog but didn't find time to blog here with the family around.
Also nothing exciting happened to write about.

Did anyone go out on Black Friday to buy such items as TV's or anything of the sort?

I got a nice pair of gray work pants, a new professional jacket, something else that I wont mention since the girl friend is probably reading this. I also order some models online lol. Can't wait for stuff to still get to me in the mail!

Anyone buying anything online today since it is Cyber Monday! I'm good so I'll pass. I need to build up my savings again haha.
I managed to finish my Economics paper and test number 4! thanks the heavens.

I wish I had gotten new photos this past week since I feel like taking photos now but I am at work. Maybe I will post my desk space at home later this evening while I watch my triple play (House, The Event, Hawaii-Five 0).
The semester is almost over which is nice. I'm getting to the point where I want to stop and relax and do some photography, some modelling and of course time with the girl friend since I do love her haha. I drove down to Williamsburg to get her Saturday night and brought her back so I could have more time with her. She was everywhere for Thanksgiving. North Carolina to the Eastern Shore. Lots of driving, or more like riding for her.

Oh did I tell you I got a full schedule of classes for the spring I am taking:
-Environmental Geology
-Research Seminar or something like that. I think it is a sociology credit..but its required for me
-Zen Buddhism
-Writing Journalism (4 credit class but only non-upper level class)

The last two are more for fun and to fill in since I couldn't sign up for other required classes that I wanted. I will probably take Physics over the summer at J. Sergeant Reynolds with the Girl friend. Might be fun!

I am really getting into blogging as anyone can tell, or maybe not since I neglected to post for a few days here lol.
Anyways, I also like local news and whats going on in my community like Richmond and the metro area. I watch the news at night sometimes and like knowing what is going on and changes that are happening or who is out there robbing stores or when the next concert or festival is happing.
So I decided to open ANOTHER blog. The address is I will also add the link under the Hobby link on the right had panel.

So on that blog I will post local news, events that are happening in the metro area (Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield). Or Greater Richmond area is what a lot of people call it.
As said will post on news, what is happening, what kind of events are happening, what big news is happening. things maybe to get involved in with the Richmond community or surrounding communities. And of course I will post my own post about living in Richmond with photos or videos and so forth. I just want to get more involved with my City. After all I have been here for nearly 21 years!

Well that is exciting and I hope people who are interested in my city or people who live here and want to know what is going on will take a look and maybe favorite it once I get rolling with posts!

don't worry I will still post my life on this blog that one will be Richmond specific and this one will remain my interests, trips, photos and so forth and the Hobby blog will be the same as always!

that is all I got today, I may post news here though (non-Richmond of course!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven't posted in a while and I have grandparents here and have had a few days off.

I do wish everyone a magical and happy Thanksgiving and think about what they are thankful for!

Many people wont be able to eat a feast with family or eat at all and give thanks that you are able to.

I have gotten lots of stuff in the mail recently and you can see actually over at the hobby blog but I have gotten more then that.

Anyways, wish a tasty meal for all and if I don't get to post again, I wish a safe mission when you are out tomorrow morning for Black Friday Sales! Good Luck!

Bleach 428 - Read Online at Manga Stream

Bleach 428 - Read Online at Manga Stream

Naruto 518 - Read Online at Manga Stream

Naruto 518 - Read Online at Manga Stream

Read it up!

One Piece 605

One Piece 605 - Read Online at Manga Stream

Read it like I am!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA and all there glory

Have you heard about the new screening and pat downs at the air ports? It is pretty crazy and now children are involved with it and that they might get the pat down in naughty places.

Seriously, search TSA in any news source web site and read the articles. There is so much wrong in the TSA but I can see where it is trying to be foe the greater good of society for the safety in air travel.

Around the Woods Nov. 14th

So the other day I walked around the woods that are around my house with the new camera just to test it out. It was nice since it was warm and bright out side. Nice to get away from some people, anyways here are the photos! Also, the album is on slide show form up on the photo page for later viewing!

My driveway of course. Get's covered every fall of the leaves. It is a gravel drive way and is a pain when it rains hard because it washes out and that means I have to rake the gravel back on to fill the ruts. I don't complain. A long gravel road to sacrifice to live off the main neighborhood road in the woods for more privacy :)

I really like the colors of the leaves this time of the year. Definitely up in the mountains because that looks great.

Here is the creek right down the hill through the woods behind the house. Has a small "fishing" hole. I have caught many creek chubs there and kept them in my fish tank and they last for a long time in there. They eat a lot. In fact if you place smaller chubs in there the bigger ones would eat them. I would catch large crayfish in here to and kept them. They usually crawled out of the tank and roam the house. It annoyed the mother so much.

I like the mix of the red, brown, mustard looking orange and the light purples. Got maple leaves, beech tree leaves, probably some white or red oak and hickory leaves mixed in there down by the creek.

Red Maple leaf

Small plants pop out of the leaves on the ground. I expect this during the spring but odd in the fall. Usually everything green turns brown. Anyways the camera took really nice close up photos in the lighting and came out really well.

I know for fact that all the ferns down there in the woods had turn brown and fall off but this little guy is coming up late or just decided to hang around.

I am not sure what plant this is. It actually runs like a vine sort of all around the forest floor.

Another green plant poking up in the falling leaves

Princess Pine or Running Ceder runs all over the woods in patches. These stay green year around and mother loves to use them to make wreaths for christmas

This is every where also

Beech tree's are a yellow right now. They look really nice and the Maples are red by the way. Our Hickory trees are yellow as well so these three have great colors to add to the forest :)

Got a mix here of multiple tree colors

I'm pretty sure this is a sweet gum. They are the ones that have the gum balls that ball out of trees that are spiky. Not Chestnuts though. This is a small tree though, maybe a foot tall.

Beech tree leaves. A smaller tree.

Lovely maple colors

I liked this photo so I made it larger for you guys. This stump has been here for a long time, as long as I have been going down there. Like the colors all around it. It is a nice low spot in the woods in an area where you usually walk up on deer eating.

Since it has been wet and damp recently there was a lot of mushrooms popping up in random spots in the woods. I took many pictures of different ones but I don't know the names for them, sorry.

This one had a good red top, and everything else white

Same one with out the black and white in it.

This one was interesting since it had a weird cut in the top of it. Kind of unique

This one had a nice peach color top. It is the same one that is in the above image. Different color then most the leaves at this time of year.

This was the biggest one that I saw. All white and was droopy.

Last shot is Sophie over at the neighbor's house smiting me.... I was surprised that this photo came out well since I was at a distance away from her and the house. :)

Well hope you enjoyed the photo tour of the woods. I hope to get better photos for everyone in different seasons and of new things! This album is on the photo page to viewing as well!

Samshio ©

Stars of Anime Festival Asia (AFAX) 2010

OTACOOL4 decision Date!

Kotobukiya Kotoburogu blog: OTACOOL4 decision Date!

There is finally a decision on the release date for OtaCool4 which is December 23rd.
It is on World Wide Illustrations!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sour's 'Hibi no Neiro' (Tone of everyday) video

Found this mosuci video and haven't heard of the band/singer but the video was orchestrated.
Here is some of the info I found about it.

This music video was shot for Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam.

Director: Masashi Kawamura + Hal Kirkland + Magico Nakamura + Masayoshi Nakamura

SOUR official site:

2009 Zealot Co.,ltd / Neutral Nine Records.

Fantastic Time Lapse Journey of Japan

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.
Really awesome video with great footage and music suits it well. Even the second part with the second song, I loved seeing the boats zoom through the water. I'll add this to the online video page.

Also I will add this pretty interesting Japanese girl when she meets Daniel Radcliff, best reaction ever lol. I guess it is more amusing when you can't understand her.

Finished GoldenEye

Hey everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend?
I had a pretty laid back one and got a lot of things done for the blogs too. I got the Carter Mountain photos up, the Nekocon 2010 photos up and I re-did the photo page and added trailer content to the movie page as well. For the Hobby blog I got a lot of photo's done for the site. I review the two figures that I picked up at Nekocon and I re-did photos for previously done models and will slowly add those and re-do the " My Models" page with slide shows of the album. I also posted about the Gunship model that I got ahold of and will post the other model within a day or two. I just didn't want to flood the hobby site with everything I just did because then I have nothing to post later on about. Well at least till my pre-orders come in.

I took photos outside yesterday and will probably post those soon as well. I was testing the zoom and macro settings on the camera on small plants and mushrooms in the woods. haha

I went bowling last night, it was a work thing and FREE. I played like 6 or more games and my right hand still hurts from it. I had a pain in writing notes in class today so I just played Lucky Lanes (Bowling game) on my Zune while the lecture was going on. ops...

Some things coming up people, I got to get that kitty, Midna, fixed on Saturday so I have that going on. I need to get my passport photo done and call about an appointment to get the application in so they can give me a new one. I need to get serious about figuring out what I am going to do there and soon. Patrice my Japanese as well. I had flashcards but they seam to have disappeared in thin air.....I guess I'll make new ones. Thanksgiving is next week so I am happy that I only have one class and BLACK FRIDAY! Sales and sales everywhere. I don't know what to buy and I probably should get anything. Some TV's are tempting though and so are some computer monitors... Naw I really shouldn't but I want toooo!

Oh yeah, relating to the post title, I did finish the actual game story line in GoldenEye on Friday I think it was. They must have redone the script a little bit and actually all the characters were new as well. It was still fun to play through and you got 4 modes to play it on. You do have cut scenes to watch but pretty O.K. Lots of firefights where you stand off against a crowd of guys with automatics. I do like though that you have melee attacks. You can crouch and sneak up on people and punch them out without anyone else noticing unless they obviously see you. It has some re-play value for the story line with those different harder modes to play through. Also you have tons of re-play value with the multi-player split-screen and the online play. I'm at level 14 right now online and it is pretty fun but some people spend sooo much time on there. I recommend it for people who want to have a first person shooter for there Wii. Plus it's like 4 different controller styles you can chose to play as well. Can't beat it.

I got my spray painting down yesterday and now just need some hand painting followed by lining and then a clear coat and I have another done model.

OH and if anyone is going to Harry Potter this Friday, tell me if it is really good but don't tell me about the movie. NO SPOILERS. Well if you do post spoilers just say spoiler alert for us :)

Hmm, that is all I got for the moment, I'll post random articles like I have been doing, bye bye!

Samshio ©

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Fockers, Narnia and more lol

So I recently added the Little Fockers, Narnia trailers and a sneak peek to the Green Lantern to the movie page for everyone to view!

Anyone run the marathon today in Richmond, VA?

Is Facebook about to offer email? Reports say it plans a 'Gmail killer'

Is Facebook about to offer email? Reports say it plans a 'Gmail killer'

Ok is anyone up for FaceBook email, or what I call F mail...

I mean yeah FaceBook has bee out to get at everyone and everyone is out to get FaceBook. It FB released the email that means already that the members of FaceBook would have an email account with them and they can use it to communicate through FB and outside of FB.That is about 500 million email accounts made right there which is a lot more then Hotmails, Gmails, yahoo mails and etc. Now would a lot of people use it or stick with their current email. That is the question isn't it? I mean we use FaceBook to communicate with other people already using wall posts or the messaging system or there instant message system. I don't think I would use there email at all. I love my Gmail account and email because I get a personalized News page, document editor where I can type documents online, got a calendar and such. Also a Google account also gives you access to Blogger (wow go figure that's what I am on!) and you can use it to log into YouTube! Thats a great deal and you have a lot of memory that Google gives you. Now I would be worried to use email with FB especially using it for personal stuff since you know that FB is going to incorporate it with your profile. They have had there problems with security and privacy issues and giving more power to them by you using their email client (when ever released) isn't that awesome.

For me, I will pass on it because I have my other email accounts. Maybe I'll use it for all that spam crap. I get enough spam from FaceBook anyways.
What do you think? Fruit for thought people.

News: Rejoice, No Efron On The Live-Action 'Akira' Film

News: Rejoice, No Efron On The Live-Action 'Akira' Film

I hope to GOD this information is true!! I really do since it is down the toilet anyways. I just don't want people to get the idea that AKIRA was really like the way this movie/movies is going to play out. Just the creativity from Otomo himself when he wrote the manga, and of course taking a hold of the making of the anime movie. The music was great, the art cells were fantastic and the story was rich with so many characters and it was not suitable for underage people. It really was a shock the first time I watched the movie and proceeded to find the manga and enjoyed that a ton more. Once again for the thousandth time, I recommend watching the movie and reading the manga. More on reading the manga.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nekocon 2010 Photos

Hey everyone!
Here are the limited photos that I took at Nekocon 2010. Wan't much since I was mostly walking around and looking. There wasn't much going on there and I probably should have taken more photos then normal. Ops. Well I hope you like them!

As you can see I had my Duck tape Waldo out fit on!

Star Fire and Raven from Teen Titans!

My girl friend and I attended the Go workshop on both Friday and Saturday. I'm really rusty and now my girl friend is interested in playing when winter break comes!

Some crowed shot from 2nd floor

More crowed shot. Not that big :P

Not sure her name. But she is from Avatar: Last Airbender

Black Power Ranger beating up some dude...awesome

Rorschach from Watchmen. Was very good with his character all weekend. Very good.

Very cute Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service!

Not sure but definitely from Sailor Moon, great costume

Grimjaw from Bleach. Oh crap I gotta read this weeks chapter! I'll post that on the Otaku page later too.

Mr. Box? Actually it has the question mark on it so I don't know it could be Solid Snake hiding underneath it!

All of us in line for the Cosplay Contest/Masquerade

Pumpkin Head with a witch rob and broom? I'm down

Mother brought the little one out to meet new people, and all dressed up for battle.

Ryuk and No face...hmm interesting pair, you think?

I was thinking about actually dressing as No-Face to this one too!

Legends of the Hidden Temple. Freaking awesome. Not seen anyone cosplay as contestant before!

Princess Zelda saying in her head, "Who the F#$@ is this Lady Gaga?!?!!?"

Pickachu girl chatten it up with Link, probably hitting the Lost Woods later I guess...

This was creative. Godzilla destroying Tokyo (again)

Good old Sunday. No one here lol and it was like 11:30 am

We missed breakfast back at school so yummy muffin. The only choices were Orange and Banana nut. I like Banana Nut but the girl friend doesn't eat Banana's so we got Orange and was interesting. How doesn't offer Blueberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Otaku girls coming to get last things in the dealers room.

And Rorschach back to inform us the End is "near". It was indeed since it was over that day...

Bye bye Nekocon 2010....!

Over all my girl friend and I had a good time. I tried testing out the new camera but the shots came out weird an fuzzy probably because of the lighting in the convention center. One side is a white wall and the other side of the hall is huge windows that poured in the sunlight and so it always maybe the lighten off. I tried to lighten up some the photos since the shadows casted over the peoples faces!

Girl friend had a good enough time she is thinking about Otakon 2011!! Yippy! I think she would have a great time! I did buy a few things while there like a Master Grade Exia, and two Banpresto DX Figures, one of the Seven Warlords in One Piece and Freeza 2nd form from Dragon Ball Z. And of course 3 Ramune's and a box of mixed Berry Pocky!!

I will take photos of the figures in the next few days but will post those on the Hobby blog, obviously!

Again sorry for the lack of photos and the quality, I guess it was a test run of the camera and I think I understand the settings a little better now! Have a good night everyone!!!!!!!!!

Samshio ©
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