Thursday, October 7, 2010

Please listen carefully

Please listen carefully to the very fist 4 seconds or so, you will under stand after you hear it.

That's right, you heard it. The Game.

Now what is this?
Many of you probably have heard about it once or twice, or more then once in a single day if you dwell on the interents for long periods of time. Or if you know one of my friends.

The Game, is simple put......a game. duh, why didn't I think about this?

It started many years ago on the internet as a meme. Much like "I heard you like Mudkips" and such.

Rules to the game
  1. In order to start the game you have to know of it's existence and the rules. If you rather not know about The Game just simply stop reading my post and come back when I post a new post. Once you pretty much know about the game it is impossible to win pretty much. But if you never play you can't win either, think of all the fun.
  2. Now, you can be winning at any given time but not "win". Plus when you are winning and you know of this, then you just screwed yourself by the simple thought of you Winning The Game. Now people thing that if they learn it and then never ever thinking about it and then passing away. Well I guess you won the game, but your dead so I think winning it is the least of your thoughts..... You could also learn of The Game and never think about it and then have amnesia or Alzheimer's. Could happen but like earlier stated. The Game would be least your problems.
  3. To lose The Game, you simply have to think about it. So if you think about it or see something that reminds you of it or if you hear some yell or write down "the game" or "you lost" then you lose for thinking about it. Try not to think about it and go live in Siberia away from people and don't bring any game boards with you and you might have a chance. Doubt it though.
  4. Another rule stated is that when someone thinks about it for the reasons stated above,(hearing about it, seeing it written down, r just thinking about it) you usually stated out loud "I lost the game" "Damn I lost the game" or "Crap, the freaking GAME" or "I lost"
  5. Also, some people call other people out as losers of The Game because they claim that you have "to reset after a certain time and the effects of telling the The Game does nothing to them". That's crap, you hear it or think it, you lose again. There is no "30 minute break" or "I'm on break from The Game." You lose, end of story.
Ok there we have the simple rules. There are no super complicated additions to it. That is it, plain and simple. Hear anything else, or more rules then this, then they are making there own thing completely up.

So just looking at this page and watching my short clip I found on YouTube, you have lost The Game. Good time to yell out loud that you have Lost.

Now apparently acording to 10/10/10 will be Lose The Game day so the whole world can lose. Now if you saw the date correct, you realize that it is this Sunday. You heard correct, Sunday. You can go to the site and learn how to affect everyone you want with many social options :)

This video was on the Home Page of the site, it is actually a pretty decent vid lol
Lots of good clips from movies and shows. I find it funny, it has My Neighbor Totoro clip in Miyazaki

Maybe Sunday is the day to get your friends involved and get the rest of them to play. More people to tick off. The website up above that I just found has strategies and some clothing if you want to wear something to church and get people to yell "Damn I lose" while in church. Probably get in trouble but you didn't yell lol.

Well, I have been putting this together for about 40 minutes now and I have yelled a few times since I thought about it but hey, I figure I put this out there for my readers. Hope it kept you interested. Plus you all lost, whether a new player or not lol.

Have a good night my friends!
Samshio ©

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