Sunday, October 3, 2010

October here we come!

Hey everyone, last I posted was last month and now we have rolled into October. This is when I start calling it Fall or Autumn. I like that word... Autumn. It's nice sounding. Autumn is by far my favorite season other then Spring. It has the leaves changing outside and it doesn't get really hot anymore. It is great weather to go take a walk in. Love it!
This past weekend my girl friend came home. We went to the Virginia State Fair at the Meadow Events Park which is a really nice places to have it. It has plenty of room for parking and for all the tractions going on there. We had a really good time and left around 11:40pm so it was really chilly. I paid for a freak show and my girl friend and I went in the tent to view. It was pretty good, I think the whole thing was about an hour long so worth the $3. Apparently there was a guy there from Ripley's Believe it or Not. He did fire manipulation, sword swallowing and pierced his skin with needles and pulled them out and it drew blood. Ew. They called me out and brought me up to that stage to the Guillotine where they were going to slice my head off but it wasn't cleaned up from the last person so they past on that and got me to pull a mouse trap that snapped on a guys tongue. I think his spit got on me.... Still a great night!
I worked Saturday, but before and after I got in some time with my girl friend as well. Love the time with her :)
I finally finished my Economics take home test but my teacher has yet to get back to me about my other test, Earth System Science.... that test is closed tomorrow night at 5pm..

Anyone here of our twin planet or so they cal it? Gliese 581g?
Well I heard about it about a week ago and didn't post about it then I had my girl friends brother telling me all about it. Anyways, Gliese is about 20 light years away but it is about the distance away from its source or energy (sun/star) that we are from our sun. Meaning that it is at the perfect distance for having life. It pretty much could have inhabitants just like our planet. One down side is that it has 24 hours of light. We don't know if there is life there and it will be years before wee can figure out more information about the planet. Article here.

Interesting people, what if we find life forms there in a few years? Would they be as developed as we are to where they can travel and leave their planet? You think that they know about us on our lovely planet Earth? You thinking Independence Day? We are not sure what to expect, maybe there isn't life there at all and it could support the life but life was never at all created at all there. Something to think about before bed I guess.

I added the new Chapter of Claymore to the Otaku page as well as Chapter 199 of D.Gray-Man. I am currently getting through the anime's Last Exile, K-On!, and Zoids Chaotic Century. Lots, I know.

I just added a trailer for Death Race 2 and a trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 to the Movies page.

Here is a Poster for part 1 of Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows. Picture source is at MSN

So I really want to see the movie Monsters, Just saying. Here is another 3 minute clip from the movie over at MSN movie trailers. The 3 minute clip isn't that exciting though lol

Night people!
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