Friday, October 8, 2010

New Dawn Treader: Narnia Trailer

I just uploaded a new international trailer for Narnia: The Dawn Treader on the movies page

Also here is a new trailer for the special extended collectors edition of Avatar


Here is a gallery at coming soon of the Mission Impossible set.
I would post the images here and give credit to Coming Soon but they still take them down...

If you are a fan of Green Lantern, then I give the notice that they finally put up the official website for the movie.

Here are new Harry Potter character posters for Part 1

Over at the Kennedy Space Center we have more shots from the Transformers movie, take a look

And are they trying to bring back the Halo movie? Go take a read, lol I'm not that interested in it but some people are.

So earlier I was going through old Blog stuff of mine and I realized I never really did post the elaborate Apple posting. It is all old news now anyways since it was like June or something when it was.

I am at work today early, because economics class was canceled after I sat there waiting for it to start. I hate to drive so far for one class that never happened so I came to work. I pretty got all my work done here today. I keep asking around the office if any one needs some help, but yet nothing has come. Good day to leave early possibly.

My sister is coming home today, and we are going to the mountains! On Sunday! Her boyfriend is tagging along too I guess. I might work on my paper on the drive since it NEEDS to be done before the girl friend is in town. She doesn't usually let me work lol.

I noticed that I have been active, very active with the blog, actually both blogs recently. I like it, it's a good thing. I'm at post #2 today and I posted later afternoon yesterday. I need to take a picture and do one of those picture posts, those are fun.

Please post below if there is something that you want me to take a picture of that is mine or something I come across every day. No not of me or people, no not my license, no not of a mirror with my reflection. Can be in my yard, a plant, a model, a shoe, some artwork, maybe something that I collect, something I pass everyday, tea, bla bla bla. Up to you if not I'll just do what I usually do lol

Have a good Friday!

Also if you are attending the New York Anime Festival today through Sunday let me know how it goes! Lots of guests. It is one of the biggest con's on the Eastern coast.
Dang there is a Gundam Model Building Panel from 4:30-5:30. Man, it pays to be in New York >_> funny thing though, is that I met and talked to Sophie, this girl who actually is the one running that panel. She did a mecha panel at Otakon. Wow and I am finding that there are a LOT of good panels at this con. Ones with serious people from the Press and from major companies and such. Even Stan Lee is going STAN LEE. There is a broad amount of things to do. It has a mix of Comic-Con in it also. So it has American Comic and Japanese animation mix to it. Really cool. I am assuming that more of these big names go because it is in New York because Otakon is about 8,000 more people bigger then NYAF. Maybe I should plan a week trip in New York. Start my week there doing stuff Monday-Thursday touring New York city and then spend the weekend at NY Anime Festival. Girl Friend, does that sound good to you? Less of a huge travel lol

I just realized that Puffy AmiYumi AND Boom Boom Satellites are playing in New York at the Far East to East Showcase! I am so ticked that I miss that. Puffy AmiYumi are the singers for the Teen Titans Theme song, they have lots of great music. Boom Boom Satellites can be heard in movies like Appleseed. They are one of my 5 favorite bands. Great music, it would be worth it to anyone if they went. I just looked up a cost of one Adult ticket and it was $32.25 but it is a standing spot. That is worth it people, go if you can! DO IT!!!!!

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