Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mountains were great

Hey everyone, how are you all?
My sister is back at school officially yesterday, thank god. We all went to the Shenandoah National Park on Sunday and I got some shots, the best I could do, with my camera. Good stuff. It was a perfect day to go hiking to because it wasn't to cold nor to hot and it was a clear blue sky and hardly a wind up there. Fantastic. The Maple trees are already on the change up there but some of the oaks and other trees are behind on changing color so if you still can I would head up there to enjoy it. I think I might go back again on my break and stay a night next week which would be great. I might start writing when I am up there or just model after I feed myself lol Can't play cards by your self haha.

I still need to get this economics paper done I got about 5 or 6 pages out of the way which is a good start. I have a test tomorrow night in my politics class! AH!
My girl friend arrived today i nthe afternoon but I have yet to see her. I can't wait though, I miss her. She was sick earlier this week and it got bad :( I was sad especially when I couldn't do anything about it since I was two hours away. BLA!

She is feeling a lot better, just a couch thank god but I wont kiss her muahah she might not like that but hey, I don't want it myself.

I haven't posted in a while not since Friday I guess but I did like three posts that day so that makes up for the lack of them this week :) I finished up my God Gundam model although hit got smudged.. what a pain. I also ordered some new releases and even re releases, I talked about it on the hobby blog earlier this week. That blog I have updated this week already.

If you have noticed, I got rid of hte Following page because it was the same thing for ever, Nissan Leaf. So I deleted the page but I saved the file in my documents so if you wanted to read it and missed it just let me know and I can post it on the main page for people to check out. I know I added a video to the online video page Friday if you haven't looked lol I still watch that cat trying to jump through the box and it makes me smile hehe. Watch it :P

So this costume, Captain Jack Sparrow Deluxe costume, that I bought two Halloweens ago with my discount I got it for $24.50 when it is normally at $35. I just sold it on Ebay "USED" with shipping included for $40. I made money off a used I good or am I good? I am good lol

I need to editi and work on posting up the Mountain pictures soon and there are many other things that I need to take care of like updating my tetanus vaccination before the sign up of Spring semester or they wont let me do it. Also I need to finish my reapply application for my second passport which is $110 and also need to call to get Midna (kitten) fixed since it is that time and she runs around way to much out side. That will be about $35, yeah thats right $35. Great deal at P.A.W. I think off Cary Street. I also need to take car of an oil change for my car. I have probably gone over 2 or 3,000 miles from when I was supposed to get it changed. I bought my 5 quarters of oil and a filter today for a oil change deal at Advanced Auto for about $18. That is a great deal considering each of those quarts of oil are $4.49 each. I saved like $10 today when I bought stuff from there, thank god.

Still, besides the occasional model and upcoming Nekocon, I have at the top of my list to get is a camera. You all know I need a camera, especially if I am going to go to Japan this summer to farm work.
Need to save for sure.

I am in my Pollution class right now and I think I have missed everything he said in the past little bit, darn I feel bad.
Oh, I finished up Zoids Chaotic Century a fews days ago and so now I am back to Last Exile which is really good but the video quality is really bad has blips and stuff on the screen and can't see.

Well, I am going to head out now and try to take some notes! Have a good night!

Oh and we got a new guy closer to my age at my internship, got to get to know him better. Will inform how it goes!

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