Friday, October 8, 2010

Google TV: it's almost here

You knew it was still comming.
Here is a video below with the apps that they have.

So many websites are developing there own versions of there site so that it can be used with Google TV. You can kinda think of it how there is a mobile version of a lot of sites that phones use and also how there are versions of web sites that are made to be viewed through a Wii system. Much like that.

Go check out Google TV at

Lots you can do with it. I really think it is a great idea, because I would just hook up my laptop to te TV. Only down side to that is that I would have to switch back and forth from TV to my computer screen rather then have them run at the same time. It is fantastic. I would love if it also let you sync your computer to the frame of the network of it. I guess that is how you see your video's. Maybe there is a built in hard drive in the component that you hook up to the TV that you save everything.
Actually just looked it up on the site. You can get one of the 2
  1. Get a standalone "Smart" TV like the Sony Internet TV (sounds sweet)
  2. or get a separate box to use with the current TV you have like the Logitech Revue.
I need a new TV anyways but maybe the box isn't that bad of an idea either. hmmmm

The Sony Internet TV is the first HDTV to incorporate the Google TV platform.
The Revue just hooks up to the TV just make sure you have internet going to it and that's it. It comes with a keyboard and a remote i believe and you can preorder it here for about $299.99

Is it worth that much? It probably is really convenient and I think it is the one time fee and its all yours to play with. Of course you would still pay for you monthly cable bill. It basically is $300 to make your TV find content easy for you using a search option, you can view photos, web chat, watch Netflix, brows the internet all while you can easily switch back and forth from what your watching. Or just minimize it to a little box of what you are watching while you search for something else or looking up something in Google News. I think it is a great idea, once again Google bringing something useful to your living room. I will have to wait for you till I get my own place Google TV. Due time.

Google TV is due out late this Fall!

You can find all this info at

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