Monday, October 18, 2010

Economics paper has taken over my Time!!

I am at work now currently and working on paper! That's right that stupid economics paper. I have about nine pages of writing well ten actually with my introduction and about 8 pages of appendix and then my reference page. I think I have plenty of pages but I still need to review another article for it. I might condense one of the other articles (the first one) since I probably did to much info on it. That way I wont have a way too long paper. Ballin'
It is due on Wednesday! And then I get my second economics test on Wednesday also! My first test was a shoot and miss >_> sucks

This weekend was fun since my girl friend was in town. Great weekend with the down side of not getting anything done. Oh well catch back up time!!!

I'm going to get a bunch done today so I can watch my House, The Event and Hawaii Five-O tonight and then maybe more writing afterwards. Who knows.

I am getting my tetanus shot tomorrow the one they forgot to give me. Smooth doctor's. I probably should give P.A.W a call soon to set up an appointment for Midna since I need to fix her. Plus I need to call about maybe getting her more shots since she is half a year now.
Then I need to go by a CVS and get a passport photo and then set up that appointment soon so I can renew my old passport if I want to go anywhere you know. I also need to oil change my car, clean my windows on the car, and then need some paint at the hobby shop, clean out my room a bit and probably something else. As you can tell I am not doing anything exciting for my Fall break this Thursday lol

I preorderd another model that is released in December. The link there is to the Hobby Blog which I actually update a lot more then this one recently but that is because there has been a lot going on over at the Hobby Show in Japan so lots to talk about. I would preorder something else due out in December but the places I go to already has stop the preorders from the sheer amount of preorders that they got, darn would have been a good price too!

I finished Last Exile Anime and now I will finish up the first K-On! series followed by K-On!! lol.

Anyone following One Piece and Naruto manga on the Otaku page? It is getting really good.
Speaking of Otaku, I can't wait for Nekocon, my girl friend will have fun I just know it. It's always something fun to look forward to, its exciting! AHH!

Well I better get back to work, at work, even though it's school work that I am going back too lol.

Oh and did anyone hear or read about Google car's? They set up a program where it drives the car without a person. Some people are against this because it will make people lazy. I disagree since you pretty much sit the entire time you are in a car anyways so we are lazy regardless. Plus I drive about, well today I will drive about 1.25 hours or more. That is a lot of time to drive and I could have been using that time catching up on an episode or more importantly finishing up my paper or last minute cramming for a test. if you think about it, tons of people use up tons of time driving. Think of all the extra time you would have if you didn't have to drive. Thats a lot, especially for me when I commute to the city for school and commute to the other side of the city for work and commute to my girlfriend which is the furthest. Just fruit or thought people. Look it up and read on the article. I think it would have great applications but it might kill the Taxi industry, or at least people driving the taxi's. Future is coming I can smell it.

Have a great Day!

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