Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chapter 599 One Piece is up

Hey everyone, it has been since Sunday I guess since my last post am I right?
I have been posting on my Hobby blog recently more though which is a good thing since I felt like I hardly posted on it at all.
I have been a little busy recently but I think things might chill out now. I got my environmental pollution test tonight but I haven't really studied. It is pollution and I really think I will be fine.I read the first so many chapters earlier in the school ear so that is a plus. I am worried about my economics paper though and what I got on that test. ugh. That paper is due on the 20th before my fall break so I need to start it and get it done. Especially before my girl friend gets here, she will hog me lol. I guess I don't blame her.
It seams every other weekend I have someone here. My sister was here two weekends ago, then my girl friend was here this past weekend followed by my sister again this Friday and then my girlfriend the following. Then my break! Yes!
This weekend my parents and my sister were going to the mountains on Sunday and I wasn't because I thought I had to work. Lucky me I don't Ha! Wish I had a better camera though to take some shots. That is one thing I will be working on getting though is a camera. maybe possibly wait till Black Friday for deals or just get one from or something not sure yet. Just not one that stinks that is for sure.
Plus I will need one for my travelling, which is another thing. I am working on re issuing my Passport since my last one expired back in January. The fee is $110 how about that and that is getting it replaced not a new one which is like $150. Crazy.
I think I might go to Japan this summer or wait till the next. I think I am going to try out farm work or work at a house/cafe that is environmentally friendly and get it to cover lodging and my meals. I would probably go for 2 or 3 weeks. I can stay up to 90 days with out a visa in Japan and plus the work I would be doing would count as touristic or cultural learning and not work, if it did I would need a work Visa to go there.
I just got an email in from a travel place that does nothing but provide information entirely about traveling to Japan, how ironic. I know plan tickets are around $1,300 round trip to go there unless I am picky about economy class. I really don't care but it is a loooong flight from here to Japan. I can handle it with a cabin full of people that don't speak my language lol. Darn, I remember that I need to work on my Japanese. I hear a good way to practice is to look up vocab words and write them down on sticky notes and put them in your room. Like the word for television, just write if down in Japanese and how to say it and stick it on the TV. It would get me to look at it more often then I do looking at my dictionary. Plus seeing it all the time would help.

I posted the One Piece chapter 599 that was released today on the Otaku page for everyone to read. It is building up to there departure of the Sabaody Archipelago. Good stuff.

I got less then a month hand I will be at Nekocon with my girl friend, it will be exciting. She has yet gone to a convention with me or period for that matter. This will be number 7, but my 2nd Nekocon. It will be fun to go with her, and I will probably spend on figures or rare stuff that is hard to find. I find that all the anime and video games that I like are, how should I put it, not of the "now" so you can only find it online because the people at cons are looking for what is the hottest at the time. Doesn't include Majora's Mask, Rurouni Kenshin, Akira, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, you can even tell that Death Note and Naruto are slowly dying out at cons and Naruto is still continuing lol.

Well I got to run off to class now, I'll catch everyone later. Oh crap, I haven't done a picture post in a while! Well I will try to do that tomorrow or even tonight!

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