Friday, October 29, 2010

Camera's Camera's what should I do?

Hey every one how are you?
As you can t ell from the title, I have been looking around online at cameras a lot today and was actually about to buy one except they went out of stock and it came with a free case >_> dang

Any one got recommendations for me for a camera $200 or less, that has good qualities outside and inside. I take close shots for my hobby blog so that is kept in mind. Thanks for any comments!

Now one usually comments on this blog so I will just keep looking around. I realized the other day that there isn't a Naruto chapter this week, ops. Oh well enjoy the other chapters.

My keyboard on the laptop at work is really bad and I have to slap the space bar to get it to work. It's annoying really. Actually I think I will stop writing it is that bad. Most of the keys are bad on here though. Some of them my fault. lol

I'll update this or do a new post later!


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