Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost at fall break

Hey everyone, sorry that I have yet taken pictures to post recently. Blogger just had to update something earlier but I think they are done with that since I posted a lot of pictures on the hobby blog earlier today. Lots of things happened at the 50th All Japan Hobby Plastic Show the past weekend. Lots of stuff that made me place pre-orders for.
I did get my paper done and turned in today. I hurdled that major part of finishing it, ow that is left is editing. Unless he says redo the paper I should be fine. I got my Tetnus shot done and apparently the next open spot to get the cat fixed is December 10th so I will call the back and let them know that I will do it then. I was informed that our usually pet place we go to is like $160 and the place that I called is $35. That is a big difference......yeah
I am in my pollution class right now. Got test back, I did ok I guess.

It is a rainy day so I stayed in and opened up a new model, well technically the model was from 1994 but it was still sealed so I just opened it up today. I am going to really try to increase my skill with modelling. I would get an air brush but for a good one it's like $60 or more and then the air compressor which is like $80 or more. I might be able to find an old air compressor from some one, maybe my grandfather or some place and just get a cheap air brush for like $20. Then I can start to not using the spray paint cans.
For now, tomorrow I will go to the hobby shop and buy like $20 worth of painting supplies. I have one model that is waiting to be painted and then the bigger model that I just opened today.

So, I have been thinking about why I do the models that I do. I have gone to different series other then Gundam now but it is always fantasy. I look at jets, rockets and tanks and cars of the current and I just can't seam to get into them. If it was a car from a series that was special and really cool with rocket boosters in the back or extend-able bat wings I might consider it but really I hardly do automobiles either. I can't get into arm/navy vehicles either. Gundam I enjoy because there is something about it that is interesting. A mechanical vehicle that is shaped like a human and has arms and hands. It's basically like a large robot but one day we could get to that point. Zoids are really cool to, but I don't think we would ever make a weapon that is shaped like a bison or a dinosaur, but something about it is intriguing and awesome. Its a good feeling to get a passion like this. Even the idea from a series that you enjoyed a lot like One Piece, to see Bandai make a plastic model of Luffy and his ship its cool and it awesome to replicate that epic scene from the manga or anime or show, etc. It's fun to, its not always series modeling. It's fun to show off the series on your shelf. Ballin'

Anyways enough about that lol

I am finishing up the first series of K-on!, it is a pretty funny show, kinda cute. Thats right I said cute. No other way to explain it. I can see it pointed to younger people, girls, some guys who like watching cute stuff. I don't mind the silly girls trying to put together there light music club after school. The first series of it is 14 episodes anyways.
Anyone enjoying House this season? The Event? Hawaii Five-O? I am enjoying them all haha. Parenthood on NBC on Tuesday nights is funny to watch also haha. I suggest watching some of it!
I keep on checking...yeah still not up...I keep checking on Naruto and One Piece manga chapter release but still no update quite yet. I can offer the one shot Bankara, from the author of Gintama which is funny. I have yet read this one shot but it's worth a read if you like the author of Gintama

I put up a teaser trailer for Cars 2 on the Movies page, and another trailer for Harry Potter as well. Just look for them up at the top of the page where the newest stuff will be.

Update on the sequels for Avatar from James Cameron. Link to Comingsoon's article where he talks about the 2nd and 3rd film is here.

Just a little bit of movie stuff for you. I believe Paranormal Activity 2 comes out tomorrow, get the chance to see it. Please post on the most recent post on the blog and tell us how it was, was it worth it and if it was better then number one.

From what I hear, Netflix is doing so great that they are going to test out a new plan. Online streaming only. That way you don't have to have DVD's come to you, just paying to stream movies online to your TV, Wii or laptop. It will be cheaper then the other plans though. Supposedly it has been tested in Canada for about $7.99 and is popular. Also now you don't need a disc for Netflix on your Wii. Go to the shopping channel and download a Netflix channel for free. Of course you have to be a paying member of Netflix but now you can just pull it off the home page of your Wii that much easier. Sweet. I downloaded it a few days ago, but I am not a

So I pretty much have nothing else to add people. I'll keep you posted on the manga chjapter relases as always. Have a great night!

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