Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet, knock-off PEZ dispensers

So I found this little knock off type of PEZ candy inside the retail store that I work in. I never seen a piece of candy themed Zelda! Sometimes you see mints that are licenses with the Nintendo logo on it in like Hot Topic, but this is a knock-off PEZ dispenser and there is Donkey Kong, Mario and then Link. I walked by it with this other employee that is about 17 years old chick and I was just like, “Who, when did we get this?” She looked at me odd. “Dude, its link!” I responded. She looked at me blankly, “Who is dat?” ……yeah. I continued on asking her if she knew Mario and Donkey Kong and she said she knew them. I thought it was funny that she didn’t know who neither Yoshi nor Luigi was. I had to explain to her the whole brother thing and such, but I don’t think she will ever understand the Legend of Zelda thing. That is unfortunate since it is one of the greatest series of games ever, not referring to the Phillips CD-i games though lol.
A lot of the younger girls that I work with can be slow and mostly it is from this one high school nearby, not the one I went to though. They are funny to pick on at times but they just go on about their day, usually have their own agenda going on. They can have am attitude though some days.
Pollution class is a little slow today it is kinda boring but it can’t be helped. I pay attention and listen the lecture as I type this but a lot of it isn’t worth writing down as notes. A lot of it is known by me, a) common sense, b) news that I heard it from, c) told by family, or d) knew it from working at my internship. For once, I am using knowledge from my internship outside of my internship. I knew that knowledge would never be needed at the place of retail and probably not at home but where else; an environmental pollution class J Now, I feel better knowing that I have used something from my internship. I think back now and I really do learn quite a bit of information from working there. Like how to write up reports, how to read data on how much gas is being burned up and polluting the atmosphere. I learn many of the regulations that the EPA puts out there for everyone to follow and also some of the states individual regulations that they need to comply to. It’s a lot of stuff, I could see that people at these companies or factories can do these things themselves but they might be too busy and so they are our clients and we complete their applications for them and such. We also train company employees; I have yet to do this, on how to prevent hazards or what to do in a situation if there is a spill of a chemical or a fire and what the protocols are that they must do. All the good stuff.
I just realized that I went from my retail job, to talking about pollution class to my internship. You ever find you get on a topic and wonder how I got there? So you back track your thinking process to find what you were originally thinking or talking about? I could probably talk about this for a long time. I always let my mind wander and race with thoughts as they pill up and up and then I stop myself and pause, “What was I thinking about originally?” It happens more often than you think, just think about it ;)
I am finishing up yet another model right now; I talked about this a lot at Samshio Hobby. Check it out, if you’re interested at all :P I just realized that it is Wednesday night so that means that maybe Naruto and Bleach chapters are out, and was it 4 week break for One Piece? One Piece might be back so check in on the Otaku page if you like to read thoughts. Also, I did say something about a new Harry Potter trailer coming out today so I will try to hunt it down and add it to the Movies page for your viewing pleasure.
If there is a lot more movie news, I will make another post on that and perhaps regular news. I feel like it has been a long time since I posted on any other news other then movies…
It just happened, I was thinking about something and then had a trail of thoughts and now I can’t remember what I was thinking about and I meant to write about it. Dang, I totally set myself up for that.
We are going over absorption into the body system of toxins right now. I feel bad as I took notes from the book already at this part so it’s like a review…
Oh yeah, I finished both seasons of OO Gundam (Double 0 Gundam) which was a great Gundam series. I couldn’t finish Gundam Seed Destiny I barely got through just plain Gundam Seed. There aren’t really any Gundam designs or models I even like from the Seed series except for Freedom Gundam and that is just kind. That is a big heads up that I will not get the Perfect Grade release that is due in December. But OO Gundam has many great designs in it and I like a ton of them. So far beats out Gundam Wing designs in numbers that I like. Anyways, it was a great series and the OO Gundam movie is coming out soon I think so I will have to check that one out. I have moved on to the second Fullmetal Panic series. Can’t really remember the spelling of the last part of the name but it isn’t the first seasons or series of it.
Oh, and heads up, I recommend watching and keeping up with “The Event” on NBC on Monday nights at 9pm. It was a very interesting first episode. I also enjoyed and wanting to know how House and Cutty relationship go. The season premier was Monday also on Fox at 8pm. I also watched Hawaii Five-0 on CBS or ABC. I think it was CBS. That was at 10 and it was full of action. IT was really good, so now my Monday nights are all full now because of that three hour line up!
Well I am going to go, just keep your eyes out on the Otaku page and Movie page for those updates and I might post today or tomorrow on news, it all depends J
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