Monday, September 6, 2010

Post 99

Hey everyone, I am about one more post from reaching my 100th post! Thats a lot of post but I hope to further my blog and try to post ore often as I keep saying!
I know it has been since Thursday since I have posted I am sorry!
Because of Hurricane Earl that came up the coast my girl friend left Thursday afternoon to come back home this weekend. So I have been spending a lot of time with her which is nice. I did miss her even though it was only a week she was a way. I am that head over heels for her as you can tell.
My sister also came home seeing it is Labor Day weekend also. My family and a few of her friends went to Kings Dominion on Saturday which was my first time in about 2 years. I went on the Intimidatior 305 and they take you up really fast and it was a pretty fun and fast paced coaster. I really enjoyed it but some people might black out or get blurry vision when they loop around and go up the next hill after the drop.
I had a good day there although I was the only one that was not a couple there. Girl friend didn't want me to buy her a $55 day ticket since my family got free ones. What a pain
Oh, so my last model came in on Thursday I think it was not the model that I meant to get either. I meant to ask for the Gold Frame Amatsu rather then the Gold Frame. It would be to much of a hassle to resend it back since the shipping is out of my pocket and I pay a restocking fee. I listed it on ebay and I don't believe I will get as much as I want. Message me if you are interested in it and I can direct you to the bidding page.

Apparently Microsoft is still interested in doing a Halo movie that has a story that has nothing to do with the game series or they might do a TV series of it. Link here.

Here is the Resident Evil: Afterlife photo gallery.

Also, here is an article at a first set visit of The Dawn Treader which is the new Narina movie coming out.

And of course more images from Harry Potter, thats is all I really have for movies...images lol

I am looking, wondering what kind of models to get next, I have them listed on the right hand side of my modeling/gundam blog as a poll. Not all of them are from Gundam, one is Zoids and such but they are all mecha. Link to the site. One more thing, you can vote on more then one since some are a lot of money, and some you can buy and they are the price of one. I usually buy more then a model just so the shipping is worth it. Thanks!

School is tomorrow, I need to read a little bit more of my books and I am still trying to get some Metroid done!

I just got a text from my girl friend and she lost her great grandmother. Please put her in your prayers as will I. Thanks

Seya guys

Samshio ©

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