Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Kitties!

Hey everyone! How are you guys today? I’m not bad myself, got in some talk time with my girl friend today on Skype while I worked on a model and had Ghost Hunters on in the back ground since apparently there wasn’t a new episode of White Collar last night >_>
From now on, in my normal posts, not ones that have to do with news but more on my life I will post a picture every time from that day and I will talk about it. It usually will have something to do with my life or something I saw and might find that it could be interesting for my readers!
Below we have my children umm I mean my cats. The one on the left is the evil younger one that is actually my cat, Midna. Mom is seriously thinking of kicking her out, or me. She has broken like maybe 2 pieces of my mother’s milk glass. She tears up stuff and she is like a dog sometimes the way she acts. She plays fetch and she is very playful but sometimes too much and I wish I could make her sleep haha. She is about 4 or so months old now. I need to find a place to spade her since she is starting to get old and dad lets her out of the house >_> She will get better I hope, she is a great cat with a good personality but she just needs to slow down and chill!

The cat on the right is Sophie; we have had her for a while, maybe about 3 years and 4 months now. She is a good cat. Actually I thought she hated me for a long time and when I brought home Midna back in June she started to love up on me now. She is a really good cat. I actually don’t think she uses the litter box anymore and goes outside all the time. She was the one cat that caught that baby squirrel that other weekend, glad she didn’t eat it up lol. She has some flea medicine on her back right now so we don’t get those fleas in the house. When I feel like she is being sweet I give her a little bit of chicken from the fridge or a tiny bit of milk but rarely do I do that, I guess it isn’t good for them all the time I heard.
When I first got Midna and brought her home, I could she Sophie’s eyes. It said, “The Hell is this?!” when I sat Midna on the floor. Sophie walked to the door and wanted to get out of the house. It took a long time but they still sometimes don’t get along. I blame Midna because she jumps on Sophie’s face or butt or tail and bites or grabs to play and Sophie gets annoyed at it lol. Sometimes the both relax and they love next to each other and that is this photo. I am happy when they are lying there quietly together. Mostly because Midna isn’t tearing up something but just so they can both enjoy each other. Great cats J
I’m in my environmental pollution class right now; I managed to find a group that I can work on the project with. We have till next week to have a topic and they have one. One less thing to worry about but I am freaking out on what topic for my paper I will write for my economics class. I have even asked my girl friend to look up articles in journals to give me an idea. Heck I got lab tomorrow and we are supposed to read the lab report before class and they never put it on Black Board lol what the heck am I going to do about?!
Anyone get Halo Reach? I didn’t, I don’t have an XBOX 360 I got my Wii. I was surprised at how shortish Metroid: Other M was. It was a great game but it took about 8 hours or so, maybe less. I am not sure if that includes the cut scenes which there were great cut scenes but I felt like the whole place wasn’t that big of an environment. IT had three sectors that you could explore and the main sector. Metroid Fusion had like 6 sectors and a main sector and a few places in between those sectors and that was a GAMEBOY ADVANCE game not a DUAL DISK Wii game. It might be because after you beat the game and you get through the credits there is two galleries, one with art work from the production of the game and one with a video gallery where you can watch those cut scenes again. When you play through the game after the credits and defeat that last boss you unlock more and if you get 100% (finding all the items) then you unlock a ton more stuff. It was a nice twist, whether I am for Team Ninja working on the next title that Nintendo has in mind that I am not sure of. I still need to play Metroid Prime 1 & 2 myself. Play the game, and see what you think, it was fun but now I am not sure if I want to replay through it now or anytime soon.
I will add this to the video game page as my thoughts for everyone. Also I checked before class and I saw the new Naruto chapter was released and I will add that and the Bleach chapter if it is out now to the Otaku page. I will post again if I have more movie news or news in general since this one is getting long
I’ll catch everyone later!
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