Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movies and Such 9-22

A 1st Look at Scream 4 for you guys. If you guys actually plan on seeing it that is lol

Here are 15 new Harry Potter photos for the up coming films. Go check that out at Comingsoon

Speaking of this, I added the new trailer for Harry Potter on the Movie page as well!

Here is a fantastic gallery of photos from The Legend of the Guardians movie. I think I really want to see this but I am not sure. That is also over at Comingsoon.

Some new Saw 3D photos over at Shock to you drop.

Hmm, checking out this fan made live action Pokemon video off YouTube, I'll add it to the Online- video page. Actually not to bad.
I'll add the Bleach chapter now and just waiting on the Naruto chapter now.

Have a great night everyone! Also look into the new twist about the Titanic and how apparently instead of the captain stopping full to float he said ahead slow which would make it fill faster as it went down in 2 hours when it might have gone down in 5 or 6 hours. The last person who is alive from the sinking of the ship has came forth about it since she knew that if she died the truth would go with her. Whether it is true or not, I am not to sure.

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