Monday, September 13, 2010

Movies 9-13-10

Hey everyone just checkin in with you guys. I have some movie news, I posted a new movie clip for the movie The Legend of The Guardians and also added a movie clip of Jackass 3D that was shown on MTV awards last night. You can see those at the top of the movie page.
You see that movie Johnny English back in 2003? Well Johnny English: Reborn is happening after about 7 years. It will be shot in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong as well. I think it is Mr. Bean was the lead role. If you have not seen Mr. Bean, please do it for me thank you. Article here.

From the ratings and the record f how much made over the weekend, Resident Evil did really well this time at the Box Office and Milla (lead role) has confirmed that there will definitely be a 5th movie in the series. I really want to see this movie but the Box Office is to much lol. Check the article here.

By the way everyone, Jennifer's Body is a terrible movie. Someone said it was worth it just for Megan Fox and after I saw it I say hell naw. The movie was terrible and not that good. Wasted my hour and a half or what ever watching it.

I also watched the Green Zone and Repo Men over the weekend, loved both of them. Mostly Repo Men, loved the twist at the end, I will not spoil it for everyone but if you can I recommend Repo Men as a movie to pick up at your rental store or Red Box. Do it!

Also, one of my favorite movies (Cloverfiled) was on last night on FX. I really really like that movie, I would gladly watch it over and over. A lot of people say it is a terrible film but I disagree. They think it's bad because of the filming with is a dumb thing to say. That took a ton of work to film a full movie the way they were doing it and make it sound realistic. Plus keeping the monster hidden most the film was a great way to build up thinking "What the heck is it, what does it look like!?!?!" GO See IT PLEASE :)

Have a good evening!

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