Tuesday, September 28, 2010


How is everyone today?! Good!
Well this little cat above is something that my girl friend picked up for me at a Target I think. She saw it and thought of me and got it and surprised me when I went to see her 2 weekends ago. It was nice of her and it sits next to my Buddha and my lucky bamboo now! Perfect spot and now I have something shiny and luck to me. Also it was from the thoughts of my sweet girl friend. I am lucky to have her more then anything!

I hope it brings me luck on this take home economics test that I have and the soon to be Earth Systems test as well!
I recently had more models come in today, I had a feeling in my gut that it would be today! I am also finding to have an addiction of buying stuff online more and more now. Sam with selling things. I have been looking around for maybe a monitor and a wireless keyboard. No Mac stuff, send me a link in the comments section that would look great on a desk. Something stylish and slim not bulking and over 9000 buttons. I have been slowly upgrading my room with things. I have been getting figures also, blame Ebay.
I'll post photos of models and figures on the hobby site.

Samshio ©

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  1. For the record I was with her when she bought this :)


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