Friday, September 10, 2010

Lost stuff on Movie page, but not end of the world!

Hey everyone, I was updating the movie page for you guys with a first TV Spot for Deathly Hallows, the new Harry Potter that's hitting theaters in November.
I also added the trailer for Saw 3D and a now trailer for Monsters.
While doing this and getting the embedded code for some reason the browser acted weird and I lost everything on the movie page even after I saved it.
It isn't a bad thing since the movie page was getting more cluttered so now it just has some movies on it that have been the most up to date and the ones that I am highly interested in.
When I add new content to that page, usually I say what's new about it in the title of the page inside the ( ) but on the page the newest stuff will be at the top. For future reference.

If there was something that you wanted me to include back on here that was lost, just send a comment here, sorry about it but I was planning on cleaning it up just not accidentally haha.

Oh yeah, some movie news while we are on the topic!

The Dark Tower series that Stephen King has written will become a movie series/Trilogy. I only read one of those books, but hey. Another Stephen King movie, when was the last Stephen King movie released? Let me know in the comment's. Article here.

The Three Musketeers will now be released in theaters on the date of October 14th, 2011. Article.

Not much other then that, you know me, I'll keep you updated!

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