Monday, September 20, 2010

Life as an Intern, my work space!

Hey everyone, how are you all? I recently got up a movie news post but here is my over due post on life. I meant to post on Friday at work but I was getting home work done because I decided to go to Virginia Beach to see my girl friend at college. I enjoyed my time down there with her even though it was short. She is coming back in about 2 weeks so I have to wait till then now that I work more on the weekends since my retail job is really busy during the Halloween season. We got home work done and then we went to a small beach and walked around a little bit. We really didn’t do anything extravagant just saw each other and we always enjoy our company with each other J I managed to find what the topic my economics paper will be on! Finally, it will be Open Spaces and the effects they have on property values. It is kinda interesting but I really am not an economics guy so I will try really hard to get this paper right.

My sister is coming home on Friday, she wanted to come home rather then my parents come to visit her which is a bummer since I would have had the house to my self again for the weekend, oh well. My parents seamed to enjoy going to Nags Head this past weekend which is good, mom likes vacations and dad doesn’t like crowded like VA Beach or Myrtle Beach. They stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and said good things about it.

I was going to talk about the Cary Street Gym at VCU with my photos from Thursday but they are on my computer at home and I am at work so I had shots from my work desk lol.

First shot above is my expected lunch as a college student, Green tea and a cup of Instant Ramen. The past few times that I have came to work alls I have had is a cup of Ramen and like a pudding. I am cheap but hey I would bring a microwave meal but since I have class before my internship it would be sitting in the car for an hour and a half getting defrosted and that wouldn’t be good so Ramen is fine where ever you leave it haha. That is my office phone, very cool. I don’t think I really answer any of the incoming calls as I really don’t have the right lines written down for the others in the office. We never really fixed that so I usually don’t answer it unless someone calls me from in the office and tells me to pick up a certain line. I make more calls then get them. I usually place old paper work that I am done with up on that side of my desk. It piles up over there but it is out of my way and now on e really uses my cubical.

Second shot above is my sticky note collage. Actually I took photos of it last week but lost those and so now I did it about an hour ago. It is actually lacking sticky notes from what it did have because there were a lot more. Where that black pen is laying alone that is where my phone use to be but I think someone used my space for an hour one day when I wasn’t here and moved it to the other side of my laptop. Interesting. Anyways, these sticky notes are all old and are not needed but it is the only interesting thing I have on my desk. Rather then a picture, a stress ball, a mini statue, Gundam figures, a cool mouse pad. I have a sticky note collage from people in the office writing notes of things I can help them with haha. Pretty odd of me. I am not here enough or I would put my girl friend and I in a photo on the desk or at least one of my figures to make it colorful and funny. I had t o mark out a few things on the notes like names and numbers, got to expect that. You can see on the notes though where I doodle Japanese or write random numbers for things that have nothing to do with work. I got my note pad almost behind my laptop where I write all my things before I type it up. Fun stuff. Today Is going pretty slow so I am sitting here on my laptop all day posting a movie news post, a gundam model news post on the other blog and now typing up this post for you guys.

It is a nice place to work and I am surprised I get this much space and a phone and laptop for only being here 2 times a week. The people here are nice and friendly and not always like, “This is serious business, GET TO WORK!” We joke around sometimes or exchange some words, they seam to care how I do in school and one just came by today with there child. I think she was stopping by to pick up a few things. She is really nice, she also went to VCU to get her masters.

That’s all I got at my internship for everyone! I hope I find interesting things to post about or news things to get photos for the next post adios!

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