Thursday, September 2, 2010

I think I may enjoy Pollution (referring to my class)

Hey everyone, its been a little while. I just posted on my Hobby blog for the first time in a bit. I have been very busy with school and everything or to tired.
My title is in reference that I might enjoy my Environmental Pollution class since I find it more interesting then my economics or politics class. Both with I never have been in to ever!
I do have home work for my pollution class but most of it is already done and I have till next Wednesday to do it.

I got class in a bit after I went to school this morning only to find out that the lab is yet starting till next time. So I drove all the way back home to write on my blog and class is at 12:30 >_> I still have my night time class still.

I am (as of now) really enjoying my Metroid: Other M. I also picked up my Art Foilo case. Nice stuff yoz

I am going to put The Naruto and Bleach chapter on the Otaku page when I can, I have yet to read it still. Remember, One Piece is still on break fro another 3 weeks I think.

Also Golden Boy, after 13 years, is coming back as a manga where he still will do his quirky jobs. I loved that manga, it is pretty rude and has crude humor and nudity but it is funny. Source is at anime news network.

Check this link out. Some one made a Recycle Grade Gundam out of old runners from other kits. This thing stands pretty tale and looks pretty awesome.

Some pictures from Deathly Hallows, the new Harry Potter that is hitting theater screens on November 19th.

Also, here is a photo of an obscure Black beard at the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Everyone on the eastern shores of the country. Be careful this Labor day weekend as we have Earl coming up the coast. It will have some strong winds effecting some areas and may dump a lot of rain but so from, because of the front that is coming from the west, it is pushing the hurricane out to sea away from land. The eye isn't expected to reach landfall so that is a plus. If you are on the Outer banks parts of it has already been evacuated. Just be smart and don't get caught up in something you don't want to be caught up in. Check your local news and the weather channel ( and also the NOAA site. Has great information for these things.

Other then that I really don't have much to say people.

I will try really hard to blog more during the semester.

Also a vote, what kind of minor in college should I go for along my Major in Environmental Studies? Just post it below, thanks!

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