Friday, September 10, 2010

Working for National G, hmmm

I just pulled this off of National Geographic's website. I really want to go to a cypress reserve or just a forest of it where I can canoe/kayak through it. I hear or read in a news article in the paper a few years back of a cypress forest that has yet to be cut down and you can get to it from an old bridge where you put in and go upstream, but I forgot the name of the river and the bridge. I feel like it is in souther Virginia. If you have any idea of what or where it is please let me know!

Looking at National Geographic and the photograph, I can see why years ago I wanted to work for them. It has just come across my mind again about working for them. I like photography, writing and nature. I could be a journalist for them and travel and do photography. Yes of course I need a new camera but it is something that I just got back into my mind. Its like everything I like to do in one. Yes the pay isn't probably that great, but really I don't mind if this is something I really care a bout. I would get to go on travels and meet people of different cultures and understand their environment as they grew up around it. I wonder who I would apply to that since I wont have a degree in journalism nor photography but rather an Environmental Studies degree. There is probably some office work, heck maybe I can work from home and write my articles in the comfort of my wife and family. I wonder if I would have to move if I got that job? Hmmm, lots of thing to consider but I am sure I would be heck more passionate with this kind of job then what my internship is. That is for sure.

I am now at work currently or the first time since last month. It has been a while but that means more data is out and I have quite a lot of work to do. I am eating a Jimmy John's sub right now, they ordered lol. Anyways, it took way to long to get here from school this morning. It took my over 30 minutes! It was a few minutes longer then me coming from home, the traffic on Belvedere and 95 was a pain.

I recently had a squirrel that I was taking care of earlier this week. I named him Mecha King Ghidorah, which is a bad ass monster that fought Godzilla. Godzilla got pissed off at him with Ghidorah killed Godzilla Junior. Lets just say Mecha King Ghidorah is no more. Anyways, on to the squirrel, I found my cat Sophie holding it out front so I threw her in and took it in. Just the other day when I had it out in the grass a bigger squirrel ran up and picked it up and walked off with it. ODD, but if it was mom then good because it was barley eating anything.

The weather is feeling nice these past few days. It must have been that cold front that came in. We have a slight breeze, temperatures in the 70's and the sun is out. I say it is perfect, fantastic time to go out for a walk.

Did anyone check out the post I did earlier this morning. That is pretty awesome if your a Ghibili fan! or a Lego fan

I added the newest Naruto and Bleach chapter yesterday, go check that out.
Also is anyone a Psych fan, and watches the show on USA Network? Anyone? Well I love it just because its funny an actually a good watch, it is different then most of the shows you see about cops catching bad dudes. Anyways "SPOILERS" I hope something happens from Shawn and Jewl's from kissing at the end. I wonder if she ran out the door after him or ended up going on that 2 week long vacation with the rich dude "same actor as Richard from LOST" I don't know, I just want to watch next weeks episode.

This sub is very tasty by the way. Om nom nom nom

I'll catch ya later!

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