Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Google!

So pretty much I would say anyone that has used the internet has used Google or one of the many things Google owns or influences. It is a big company with lots of great ideas. Google turns 12 years old as of today! Article

Speaking of Birthday's, my father turns 59 today. My parents are out enjoying there evening at a fancy restaurant and it is also their 25 anniversary too!

Nerd, calling all the nerds. I know you like the Verzion Droid, I really don't so much but I know you guys do. I know you also like Star Wars and all of it's glory of the force. Well why not get a limited edition R2-D2 themed Motarola Droid? It goes on sale this Thursday lol. Article here.

That is all I got. Oh wait, everyone one in the Virginia area, preferably the Richmond area. Are you enjoying this rain? I am glad that we finally got some because it was getting bad out there.
Also, let me know if anyone went to the State Fair yet, my sister went yesterday before she had to go back to school. I didn't get to ask her how it was. Didn't really get a chance to talk to her hardly at all....oh well what can I do.

Watch the new episode of House at 8pm tonight and also the Event at 9pm on NBC!

Good night!
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