Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 Anniversary for Back to the Future

You have heard of Back to the Future, there is no doubt.
It is the 25th Anniversary and it will screen only twice in AMC theaters on October 23rd, and 25th. Check out the article.

I am throwing up the new Yogi the Bear movie trailer right now on the movie page for your viewing.

Also, the script writers are working on the scripts for the next Green Lantern movie as well as Flash. MY girl friend loves Flash, not sure why though. Article.

K-On!, an anime series about 4 young high school girls that want to start up a music club at there school get together and do just that. I just recently started the series as I watch the character development starting and them trying to start up the club. They are four cute little girls and it is really popular over in Japan. I always see figures coming out that are based off the series. There are two seasons and on the last episode screened in Japan recently they green-lit a movie! So now there will be a movie out there too. Go check the series out. Anime news network

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