Thursday, September 30, 2010

Class, environmental policy, is making me sleepy. Anyone read one piece yet?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 Anniversary for Back to the Future

You have heard of Back to the Future, there is no doubt.
It is the 25th Anniversary and it will screen only twice in AMC theaters on October 23rd, and 25th. Check out the article.

I am throwing up the new Yogi the Bear movie trailer right now on the movie page for your viewing.

Also, the script writers are working on the scripts for the next Green Lantern movie as well as Flash. MY girl friend loves Flash, not sure why though. Article.

K-On!, an anime series about 4 young high school girls that want to start up a music club at there school get together and do just that. I just recently started the series as I watch the character development starting and them trying to start up the club. They are four cute little girls and it is really popular over in Japan. I always see figures coming out that are based off the series. There are two seasons and on the last episode screened in Japan recently they green-lit a movie! So now there will be a movie out there too. Go check the series out. Anime news network

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How is everyone today?! Good!
Well this little cat above is something that my girl friend picked up for me at a Target I think. She saw it and thought of me and got it and surprised me when I went to see her 2 weekends ago. It was nice of her and it sits next to my Buddha and my lucky bamboo now! Perfect spot and now I have something shiny and luck to me. Also it was from the thoughts of my sweet girl friend. I am lucky to have her more then anything!

I hope it brings me luck on this take home economics test that I have and the soon to be Earth Systems test as well!
I recently had more models come in today, I had a feeling in my gut that it would be today! I am also finding to have an addiction of buying stuff online more and more now. Sam with selling things. I have been looking around for maybe a monitor and a wireless keyboard. No Mac stuff, send me a link in the comments section that would look great on a desk. Something stylish and slim not bulking and over 9000 buttons. I have been slowly upgrading my room with things. I have been getting figures also, blame Ebay.
I'll post photos of models and figures on the hobby site.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Google!

So pretty much I would say anyone that has used the internet has used Google or one of the many things Google owns or influences. It is a big company with lots of great ideas. Google turns 12 years old as of today! Article

Speaking of Birthday's, my father turns 59 today. My parents are out enjoying there evening at a fancy restaurant and it is also their 25 anniversary too!

Nerd, calling all the nerds. I know you like the Verzion Droid, I really don't so much but I know you guys do. I know you also like Star Wars and all of it's glory of the force. Well why not get a limited edition R2-D2 themed Motarola Droid? It goes on sale this Thursday lol. Article here.

That is all I got. Oh wait, everyone one in the Virginia area, preferably the Richmond area. Are you enjoying this rain? I am glad that we finally got some because it was getting bad out there.
Also, let me know if anyone went to the State Fair yet, my sister went yesterday before she had to go back to school. I didn't get to ask her how it was. Didn't really get a chance to talk to her hardly at all....oh well what can I do.

Watch the new episode of House at 8pm tonight and also the Event at 9pm on NBC!

Good night!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Culture Japan: Episode 0 by Danny Choo

Hey everyone! Danny Choo has been working on his first show ever called Culture Japan. This is the pilot episode and it is an hour long show but it was really interesting and I recommend it to anyone who is Otaku, loves figures and Japanese Culture over all! Enjoy!

Also a Yokohama Time Lapse Video from Danny also!

If you noticed on the page bar, I got rid of the Links page. I now have a links gadget on the right side with my most used links. Check it out!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Never say no to Panda

Also add to online video page

Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden

Here is a special side story of Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden! I was looking around on Mangastream ad found that it was the recent release on there. The original series manga ended earlier this year in June. Great series to read. This special was in Square Enix 's monthly Shonen Gangan magazine. Here is the link to the first page over at MangaStream. I have yet to read it, I saw it and looked into it for my readers now I will read!
The information that I added I found over at anime news network.

Change of tune, Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail for not passing her drug test. Anyone Surprised?

Also, Zuckerberg, founder/CEO of Facebook is answering the rumors about the "Facebook Phone" and their plans for the mobile market. Link here

Right down below I have two shot videos of them filming at the Captain America set!

Great stuff. everyone. Well now I will let you go so I can go read the special on manga stream. Look for posts at the hobby page as well.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movies and Such 9-22

A 1st Look at Scream 4 for you guys. If you guys actually plan on seeing it that is lol

Here are 15 new Harry Potter photos for the up coming films. Go check that out at Comingsoon

Speaking of this, I added the new trailer for Harry Potter on the Movie page as well!

Here is a fantastic gallery of photos from The Legend of the Guardians movie. I think I really want to see this but I am not sure. That is also over at Comingsoon.

Some new Saw 3D photos over at Shock to you drop.

Hmm, checking out this fan made live action Pokemon video off YouTube, I'll add it to the Online- video page. Actually not to bad.
I'll add the Bleach chapter now and just waiting on the Naruto chapter now.

Have a great night everyone! Also look into the new twist about the Titanic and how apparently instead of the captain stopping full to float he said ahead slow which would make it fill faster as it went down in 2 hours when it might have gone down in 5 or 6 hours. The last person who is alive from the sinking of the ship has came forth about it since she knew that if she died the truth would go with her. Whether it is true or not, I am not to sure.

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Sweet, knock-off PEZ dispensers

So I found this little knock off type of PEZ candy inside the retail store that I work in. I never seen a piece of candy themed Zelda! Sometimes you see mints that are licenses with the Nintendo logo on it in like Hot Topic, but this is a knock-off PEZ dispenser and there is Donkey Kong, Mario and then Link. I walked by it with this other employee that is about 17 years old chick and I was just like, “Who, when did we get this?” She looked at me odd. “Dude, its link!” I responded. She looked at me blankly, “Who is dat?” ……yeah. I continued on asking her if she knew Mario and Donkey Kong and she said she knew them. I thought it was funny that she didn’t know who neither Yoshi nor Luigi was. I had to explain to her the whole brother thing and such, but I don’t think she will ever understand the Legend of Zelda thing. That is unfortunate since it is one of the greatest series of games ever, not referring to the Phillips CD-i games though lol.
A lot of the younger girls that I work with can be slow and mostly it is from this one high school nearby, not the one I went to though. They are funny to pick on at times but they just go on about their day, usually have their own agenda going on. They can have am attitude though some days.
Pollution class is a little slow today it is kinda boring but it can’t be helped. I pay attention and listen the lecture as I type this but a lot of it isn’t worth writing down as notes. A lot of it is known by me, a) common sense, b) news that I heard it from, c) told by family, or d) knew it from working at my internship. For once, I am using knowledge from my internship outside of my internship. I knew that knowledge would never be needed at the place of retail and probably not at home but where else; an environmental pollution class J Now, I feel better knowing that I have used something from my internship. I think back now and I really do learn quite a bit of information from working there. Like how to write up reports, how to read data on how much gas is being burned up and polluting the atmosphere. I learn many of the regulations that the EPA puts out there for everyone to follow and also some of the states individual regulations that they need to comply to. It’s a lot of stuff, I could see that people at these companies or factories can do these things themselves but they might be too busy and so they are our clients and we complete their applications for them and such. We also train company employees; I have yet to do this, on how to prevent hazards or what to do in a situation if there is a spill of a chemical or a fire and what the protocols are that they must do. All the good stuff.
I just realized that I went from my retail job, to talking about pollution class to my internship. You ever find you get on a topic and wonder how I got there? So you back track your thinking process to find what you were originally thinking or talking about? I could probably talk about this for a long time. I always let my mind wander and race with thoughts as they pill up and up and then I stop myself and pause, “What was I thinking about originally?” It happens more often than you think, just think about it ;)
I am finishing up yet another model right now; I talked about this a lot at Samshio Hobby. Check it out, if you’re interested at all :P I just realized that it is Wednesday night so that means that maybe Naruto and Bleach chapters are out, and was it 4 week break for One Piece? One Piece might be back so check in on the Otaku page if you like to read thoughts. Also, I did say something about a new Harry Potter trailer coming out today so I will try to hunt it down and add it to the Movies page for your viewing pleasure.
If there is a lot more movie news, I will make another post on that and perhaps regular news. I feel like it has been a long time since I posted on any other news other then movies…
It just happened, I was thinking about something and then had a trail of thoughts and now I can’t remember what I was thinking about and I meant to write about it. Dang, I totally set myself up for that.
We are going over absorption into the body system of toxins right now. I feel bad as I took notes from the book already at this part so it’s like a review…
Oh yeah, I finished both seasons of OO Gundam (Double 0 Gundam) which was a great Gundam series. I couldn’t finish Gundam Seed Destiny I barely got through just plain Gundam Seed. There aren’t really any Gundam designs or models I even like from the Seed series except for Freedom Gundam and that is just kind. That is a big heads up that I will not get the Perfect Grade release that is due in December. But OO Gundam has many great designs in it and I like a ton of them. So far beats out Gundam Wing designs in numbers that I like. Anyways, it was a great series and the OO Gundam movie is coming out soon I think so I will have to check that one out. I have moved on to the second Fullmetal Panic series. Can’t really remember the spelling of the last part of the name but it isn’t the first seasons or series of it.
Oh, and heads up, I recommend watching and keeping up with “The Event” on NBC on Monday nights at 9pm. It was a very interesting first episode. I also enjoyed and wanting to know how House and Cutty relationship go. The season premier was Monday also on Fox at 8pm. I also watched Hawaii Five-0 on CBS or ABC. I think it was CBS. That was at 10 and it was full of action. IT was really good, so now my Monday nights are all full now because of that three hour line up!
Well I am going to go, just keep your eyes out on the Otaku page and Movie page for those updates and I might post today or tomorrow on news, it all depends J
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Life as an Intern, my work space!

Hey everyone, how are you all? I recently got up a movie news post but here is my over due post on life. I meant to post on Friday at work but I was getting home work done because I decided to go to Virginia Beach to see my girl friend at college. I enjoyed my time down there with her even though it was short. She is coming back in about 2 weeks so I have to wait till then now that I work more on the weekends since my retail job is really busy during the Halloween season. We got home work done and then we went to a small beach and walked around a little bit. We really didn’t do anything extravagant just saw each other and we always enjoy our company with each other J I managed to find what the topic my economics paper will be on! Finally, it will be Open Spaces and the effects they have on property values. It is kinda interesting but I really am not an economics guy so I will try really hard to get this paper right.

My sister is coming home on Friday, she wanted to come home rather then my parents come to visit her which is a bummer since I would have had the house to my self again for the weekend, oh well. My parents seamed to enjoy going to Nags Head this past weekend which is good, mom likes vacations and dad doesn’t like crowded like VA Beach or Myrtle Beach. They stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and said good things about it.

I was going to talk about the Cary Street Gym at VCU with my photos from Thursday but they are on my computer at home and I am at work so I had shots from my work desk lol.

First shot above is my expected lunch as a college student, Green tea and a cup of Instant Ramen. The past few times that I have came to work alls I have had is a cup of Ramen and like a pudding. I am cheap but hey I would bring a microwave meal but since I have class before my internship it would be sitting in the car for an hour and a half getting defrosted and that wouldn’t be good so Ramen is fine where ever you leave it haha. That is my office phone, very cool. I don’t think I really answer any of the incoming calls as I really don’t have the right lines written down for the others in the office. We never really fixed that so I usually don’t answer it unless someone calls me from in the office and tells me to pick up a certain line. I make more calls then get them. I usually place old paper work that I am done with up on that side of my desk. It piles up over there but it is out of my way and now on e really uses my cubical.

Second shot above is my sticky note collage. Actually I took photos of it last week but lost those and so now I did it about an hour ago. It is actually lacking sticky notes from what it did have because there were a lot more. Where that black pen is laying alone that is where my phone use to be but I think someone used my space for an hour one day when I wasn’t here and moved it to the other side of my laptop. Interesting. Anyways, these sticky notes are all old and are not needed but it is the only interesting thing I have on my desk. Rather then a picture, a stress ball, a mini statue, Gundam figures, a cool mouse pad. I have a sticky note collage from people in the office writing notes of things I can help them with haha. Pretty odd of me. I am not here enough or I would put my girl friend and I in a photo on the desk or at least one of my figures to make it colorful and funny. I had t o mark out a few things on the notes like names and numbers, got to expect that. You can see on the notes though where I doodle Japanese or write random numbers for things that have nothing to do with work. I got my note pad almost behind my laptop where I write all my things before I type it up. Fun stuff. Today Is going pretty slow so I am sitting here on my laptop all day posting a movie news post, a gundam model news post on the other blog and now typing up this post for you guys.

It is a nice place to work and I am surprised I get this much space and a phone and laptop for only being here 2 times a week. The people here are nice and friendly and not always like, “This is serious business, GET TO WORK!” We joke around sometimes or exchange some words, they seam to care how I do in school and one just came by today with there child. I think she was stopping by to pick up a few things. She is really nice, she also went to VCU to get her masters.

That’s all I got at my internship for everyone! I hope I find interesting things to post about or news things to get photos for the next post adios!

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Movie News for Sep. 20th

So MTV had an interview with Keanu Reeves and he says there could be another Bill and Ted adventure coming our WAY! OMG, if you have not seen the first two you should, they are hilarious with their outrageously bogus adventures i heaven and with Death himself. Below is the interview clip. From MTV

Look out on Wednesday if I can't bring it to you, there will be a new Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 trailer coming out!

I didn't like the first one that much but there will be another Ghost Rider and it will hit theaters on February 17th 2012. It is called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Article over at comingsoon.

Below is a concept image for the movie Voltron: Defender of the Universe. If you know Voltron and the series back ...well before me that is for sure. It was an animation and as you can see they are mecha beings. Source of the photo is at JoBlo

According to Variety, Warner Brothers will be bring Pinocchio to the big screen in a live action movie. I think there are a few of these already and I hope this one is fun to watch. One of the Pinocchio's was creepy.

If you really want to see Paranormal Activity 2 first, then head on over to the main site and vote on "Demanding it". What ever biggest cities get the most demands then they will be the first to see it. Paramount will bring it there and screen it for free before its actual release!.

According to Risky Business, the writer of Disturbia (I loved that film, still do) gets to adapt a "Goosebumps" series of movies. This could work out if done well and it can be a scary movie for the family!

Over at Just Jared, there are new photos from the Three Musketeers movie. Also, it shows good ol' Orlando Bloom in his costume! Check it out.
Also here is a link to the Germany set of The Three Musketeers movie at Coming Soon.

My girl friend said she watched the trailer for this movie, which yet exists so I wonder what she really watched. Perhaps the older Three Musketeers from 1993 since that is all I am finding on Youtube.. Anyways, I got the set pictures for you to look at, great set.

That's all the movie news I got for you.
Also, I watched The Time Traveler's Wife and I really enjoyed that movie, I recommend it!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Kitties!

Hey everyone! How are you guys today? I’m not bad myself, got in some talk time with my girl friend today on Skype while I worked on a model and had Ghost Hunters on in the back ground since apparently there wasn’t a new episode of White Collar last night >_>
From now on, in my normal posts, not ones that have to do with news but more on my life I will post a picture every time from that day and I will talk about it. It usually will have something to do with my life or something I saw and might find that it could be interesting for my readers!
Below we have my children umm I mean my cats. The one on the left is the evil younger one that is actually my cat, Midna. Mom is seriously thinking of kicking her out, or me. She has broken like maybe 2 pieces of my mother’s milk glass. She tears up stuff and she is like a dog sometimes the way she acts. She plays fetch and she is very playful but sometimes too much and I wish I could make her sleep haha. She is about 4 or so months old now. I need to find a place to spade her since she is starting to get old and dad lets her out of the house >_> She will get better I hope, she is a great cat with a good personality but she just needs to slow down and chill!

The cat on the right is Sophie; we have had her for a while, maybe about 3 years and 4 months now. She is a good cat. Actually I thought she hated me for a long time and when I brought home Midna back in June she started to love up on me now. She is a really good cat. I actually don’t think she uses the litter box anymore and goes outside all the time. She was the one cat that caught that baby squirrel that other weekend, glad she didn’t eat it up lol. She has some flea medicine on her back right now so we don’t get those fleas in the house. When I feel like she is being sweet I give her a little bit of chicken from the fridge or a tiny bit of milk but rarely do I do that, I guess it isn’t good for them all the time I heard.
When I first got Midna and brought her home, I could she Sophie’s eyes. It said, “The Hell is this?!” when I sat Midna on the floor. Sophie walked to the door and wanted to get out of the house. It took a long time but they still sometimes don’t get along. I blame Midna because she jumps on Sophie’s face or butt or tail and bites or grabs to play and Sophie gets annoyed at it lol. Sometimes the both relax and they love next to each other and that is this photo. I am happy when they are lying there quietly together. Mostly because Midna isn’t tearing up something but just so they can both enjoy each other. Great cats J
I’m in my environmental pollution class right now; I managed to find a group that I can work on the project with. We have till next week to have a topic and they have one. One less thing to worry about but I am freaking out on what topic for my paper I will write for my economics class. I have even asked my girl friend to look up articles in journals to give me an idea. Heck I got lab tomorrow and we are supposed to read the lab report before class and they never put it on Black Board lol what the heck am I going to do about?!
Anyone get Halo Reach? I didn’t, I don’t have an XBOX 360 I got my Wii. I was surprised at how shortish Metroid: Other M was. It was a great game but it took about 8 hours or so, maybe less. I am not sure if that includes the cut scenes which there were great cut scenes but I felt like the whole place wasn’t that big of an environment. IT had three sectors that you could explore and the main sector. Metroid Fusion had like 6 sectors and a main sector and a few places in between those sectors and that was a GAMEBOY ADVANCE game not a DUAL DISK Wii game. It might be because after you beat the game and you get through the credits there is two galleries, one with art work from the production of the game and one with a video gallery where you can watch those cut scenes again. When you play through the game after the credits and defeat that last boss you unlock more and if you get 100% (finding all the items) then you unlock a ton more stuff. It was a nice twist, whether I am for Team Ninja working on the next title that Nintendo has in mind that I am not sure of. I still need to play Metroid Prime 1 & 2 myself. Play the game, and see what you think, it was fun but now I am not sure if I want to replay through it now or anytime soon.
I will add this to the video game page as my thoughts for everyone. Also I checked before class and I saw the new Naruto chapter was released and I will add that and the Bleach chapter if it is out now to the Otaku page. I will post again if I have more movie news or news in general since this one is getting long
I’ll catch everyone later!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Movies 9-13-10

Hey everyone just checkin in with you guys. I have some movie news, I posted a new movie clip for the movie The Legend of The Guardians and also added a movie clip of Jackass 3D that was shown on MTV awards last night. You can see those at the top of the movie page.
You see that movie Johnny English back in 2003? Well Johnny English: Reborn is happening after about 7 years. It will be shot in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong as well. I think it is Mr. Bean was the lead role. If you have not seen Mr. Bean, please do it for me thank you. Article here.

From the ratings and the record f how much made over the weekend, Resident Evil did really well this time at the Box Office and Milla (lead role) has confirmed that there will definitely be a 5th movie in the series. I really want to see this movie but the Box Office is to much lol. Check the article here.

By the way everyone, Jennifer's Body is a terrible movie. Someone said it was worth it just for Megan Fox and after I saw it I say hell naw. The movie was terrible and not that good. Wasted my hour and a half or what ever watching it.

I also watched the Green Zone and Repo Men over the weekend, loved both of them. Mostly Repo Men, loved the twist at the end, I will not spoil it for everyone but if you can I recommend Repo Men as a movie to pick up at your rental store or Red Box. Do it!

Also, one of my favorite movies (Cloverfiled) was on last night on FX. I really really like that movie, I would gladly watch it over and over. A lot of people say it is a terrible film but I disagree. They think it's bad because of the filming with is a dumb thing to say. That took a ton of work to film a full movie the way they were doing it and make it sound realistic. Plus keeping the monster hidden most the film was a great way to build up thinking "What the heck is it, what does it look like!?!?!" GO See IT PLEASE :)

Have a good evening!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Lost stuff on Movie page, but not end of the world!

Hey everyone, I was updating the movie page for you guys with a first TV Spot for Deathly Hallows, the new Harry Potter that's hitting theaters in November.
I also added the trailer for Saw 3D and a now trailer for Monsters.
While doing this and getting the embedded code for some reason the browser acted weird and I lost everything on the movie page even after I saved it.
It isn't a bad thing since the movie page was getting more cluttered so now it just has some movies on it that have been the most up to date and the ones that I am highly interested in.
When I add new content to that page, usually I say what's new about it in the title of the page inside the ( ) but on the page the newest stuff will be at the top. For future reference.

If there was something that you wanted me to include back on here that was lost, just send a comment here, sorry about it but I was planning on cleaning it up just not accidentally haha.

Oh yeah, some movie news while we are on the topic!

The Dark Tower series that Stephen King has written will become a movie series/Trilogy. I only read one of those books, but hey. Another Stephen King movie, when was the last Stephen King movie released? Let me know in the comment's. Article here.

The Three Musketeers will now be released in theaters on the date of October 14th, 2011. Article.

Not much other then that, you know me, I'll keep you updated!

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Working for National G, hmmm

I just pulled this off of National Geographic's website. I really want to go to a cypress reserve or just a forest of it where I can canoe/kayak through it. I hear or read in a news article in the paper a few years back of a cypress forest that has yet to be cut down and you can get to it from an old bridge where you put in and go upstream, but I forgot the name of the river and the bridge. I feel like it is in souther Virginia. If you have any idea of what or where it is please let me know!

Looking at National Geographic and the photograph, I can see why years ago I wanted to work for them. It has just come across my mind again about working for them. I like photography, writing and nature. I could be a journalist for them and travel and do photography. Yes of course I need a new camera but it is something that I just got back into my mind. Its like everything I like to do in one. Yes the pay isn't probably that great, but really I don't mind if this is something I really care a bout. I would get to go on travels and meet people of different cultures and understand their environment as they grew up around it. I wonder who I would apply to that since I wont have a degree in journalism nor photography but rather an Environmental Studies degree. There is probably some office work, heck maybe I can work from home and write my articles in the comfort of my wife and family. I wonder if I would have to move if I got that job? Hmmm, lots of thing to consider but I am sure I would be heck more passionate with this kind of job then what my internship is. That is for sure.

I am now at work currently or the first time since last month. It has been a while but that means more data is out and I have quite a lot of work to do. I am eating a Jimmy John's sub right now, they ordered lol. Anyways, it took way to long to get here from school this morning. It took my over 30 minutes! It was a few minutes longer then me coming from home, the traffic on Belvedere and 95 was a pain.

I recently had a squirrel that I was taking care of earlier this week. I named him Mecha King Ghidorah, which is a bad ass monster that fought Godzilla. Godzilla got pissed off at him with Ghidorah killed Godzilla Junior. Lets just say Mecha King Ghidorah is no more. Anyways, on to the squirrel, I found my cat Sophie holding it out front so I threw her in and took it in. Just the other day when I had it out in the grass a bigger squirrel ran up and picked it up and walked off with it. ODD, but if it was mom then good because it was barley eating anything.

The weather is feeling nice these past few days. It must have been that cold front that came in. We have a slight breeze, temperatures in the 70's and the sun is out. I say it is perfect, fantastic time to go out for a walk.

Did anyone check out the post I did earlier this morning. That is pretty awesome if your a Ghibili fan! or a Lego fan

I added the newest Naruto and Bleach chapter yesterday, go check that out.
Also is anyone a Psych fan, and watches the show on USA Network? Anyone? Well I love it just because its funny an actually a good watch, it is different then most of the shows you see about cops catching bad dudes. Anyways "SPOILERS" I hope something happens from Shawn and Jewl's from kissing at the end. I wonder if she ran out the door after him or ended up going on that 2 week long vacation with the rich dude "same actor as Richard from LOST" I don't know, I just want to watch next weeks episode.

This sub is very tasty by the way. Om nom nom nom

I'll catch ya later!

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Anime and Manga LEGO Sculptures Unite Otaku and LEGO Maniacs at BrickCon 2010

Anime and Manga LEGO Sculptures Unite Otaku and LEGO Maniacs at BrickCon 2010

Oh my gosh check this out! These are amazing and now I want to pull out my Lego's to create some of these!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

POST 100! bam!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? This is officially my 100th post on my blog! This is great stuff. When I first made my blog I was doing it when I was home, not at school, because there was snow on the ground and classes were canceled. I was bored and I was like, what the heck, I’ll start a blog since I read blogs. It can’t be that hard can it. I really just talked in general about stuff back then. I was pretty vague but as the months progressed (other than May lol) I started to open up and talk a lot more. Now I talk about pretty much all my interest in my life and even started to post more on my Gundam/Model blog as it is a passion to buy/sell/ and of course complete the models and display them on my blog or other forums. I do need a better camera to take my pictures. I really like taking pictures of natural beauty. You will not see me taking random pictures of myself and posting them on Facebook or whatever unless my girl friend nags me to take one. Usually I just post an old one if that happens. No, I really like taking pictures of the outdoors just because I like expressing what I really see out there in nature and the urban elements of the city.

Back to the blog…recently I added pages like a following page that I used to talk about the Nissan Leaf which is a terrific car, go take a look. I really would like people to post or comment on something else they want me to review or look into. I want to get involved with the readers more.

I added an Otaku page which I probably will post the new chapters to popular manga as they are released. I just added the newest chapter of Claymore on there and I recently completed Love Hina and I can post the link to that series on for you. I also talk about my experiences at conventions and big news in the anime industry. I am a big follower of AKIRA and of course Miyazaki.

I have a movie page. I probably update this ton with movies that I am into or that are big news ones. I post links to photo galleries online and I add video clips or trailers to that page as well. Go take a look over there if you are into movies and also follow the main page as I post a lot of movie news in my post as well; I just add the media over at the Movie page.

I have an Online video page that I use to post random/informative/funny/eccentric movies. Most come from YouTube but if you want a laugh go take a look over there. I have not updated it in a while so if you found a video just post a comment on the main page or what not with the link and I can add it for the world to see.

I believe I still have a hobby page but I think that I will just close the page and move the information all over to my other blog, If you like modeling or figures go check it out since I follow certain figures like Revoltech and mecha models such as Gundam. I have a poll on the right side of the main page now that is to get your opinion on which model should I get next. If you have other recommendations on models, post it in that post that’s about the poll. That would be awesome!

Have a video game page which right now I am following Metroid: Other M. Great game I put 2 or 3 hours in it today and just battled Ridley the first time. I picked up the Art folio which has great pictures in it but I don’t think you can get them anymore.

I have a photo page and that is where all my pretty picture albums will be posted. They will contain as much as random pictures, life pictures, or on trips that I will be going on. I have pictures on there from Otakon and some Bonsai photos from Longwood Gardens. Go check them out and I will post on the main page if I add another album!

My last page is a links page and those are usually places I follow or recommend. At the top of the page I do have my other blog for a heads up.

That is the rundown of my blog site on blogger. I really want to reach out more and have more followers who just want to have a good read about a blog that does not always have the same topic every post. I post on breaking news like the egg recall, I talk about movies, animation, otaku stuff, hobbies almost anything, oh and video games. Every post on the main page I will probably talk about something going on in my life. That is the only thing that will remain very consecutive. My life is interesting from time to time. I’m not a big name or anything just an environmental studies major at VCU, have an internship at an Environmental Firm and also work retail. I do have a wonderful girl friend. I do talk to her quite a bit because she makes me really happy. I haven’t found anyone like her. You usually find a girl who judges you but I don’t feel that way about her. We are open to each other, trust each other and we always have a good time. Yesterday was our 1 year and 2 months and it has been a fantastic year with her.

I know I only have like 3 followers, and actually one of them is me but I would really like more people to know about me and also if they want to know what else is going on out there. I am not looking to lecture or stuff but just chat it up about topics that are going on out there.

If you are a follower, then help out and be more active. Comment more, post ides I would love to here them.

Thanks for the support and I will continue to further this blog!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Post 99

Hey everyone, I am about one more post from reaching my 100th post! Thats a lot of post but I hope to further my blog and try to post ore often as I keep saying!
I know it has been since Thursday since I have posted I am sorry!
Because of Hurricane Earl that came up the coast my girl friend left Thursday afternoon to come back home this weekend. So I have been spending a lot of time with her which is nice. I did miss her even though it was only a week she was a way. I am that head over heels for her as you can tell.
My sister also came home seeing it is Labor Day weekend also. My family and a few of her friends went to Kings Dominion on Saturday which was my first time in about 2 years. I went on the Intimidatior 305 and they take you up really fast and it was a pretty fun and fast paced coaster. I really enjoyed it but some people might black out or get blurry vision when they loop around and go up the next hill after the drop.
I had a good day there although I was the only one that was not a couple there. Girl friend didn't want me to buy her a $55 day ticket since my family got free ones. What a pain
Oh, so my last model came in on Thursday I think it was not the model that I meant to get either. I meant to ask for the Gold Frame Amatsu rather then the Gold Frame. It would be to much of a hassle to resend it back since the shipping is out of my pocket and I pay a restocking fee. I listed it on ebay and I don't believe I will get as much as I want. Message me if you are interested in it and I can direct you to the bidding page.

Apparently Microsoft is still interested in doing a Halo movie that has a story that has nothing to do with the game series or they might do a TV series of it. Link here.

Here is the Resident Evil: Afterlife photo gallery.

Also, here is an article at a first set visit of The Dawn Treader which is the new Narina movie coming out.

And of course more images from Harry Potter, thats is all I really have for movies...images lol

I am looking, wondering what kind of models to get next, I have them listed on the right hand side of my modeling/gundam blog as a poll. Not all of them are from Gundam, one is Zoids and such but they are all mecha. Link to the site. One more thing, you can vote on more then one since some are a lot of money, and some you can buy and they are the price of one. I usually buy more then a model just so the shipping is worth it. Thanks!

School is tomorrow, I need to read a little bit more of my books and I am still trying to get some Metroid done!

I just got a text from my girl friend and she lost her great grandmother. Please put her in your prayers as will I. Thanks

Seya guys

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I think I may enjoy Pollution (referring to my class)

Hey everyone, its been a little while. I just posted on my Hobby blog for the first time in a bit. I have been very busy with school and everything or to tired.
My title is in reference that I might enjoy my Environmental Pollution class since I find it more interesting then my economics or politics class. Both with I never have been in to ever!
I do have home work for my pollution class but most of it is already done and I have till next Wednesday to do it.

I got class in a bit after I went to school this morning only to find out that the lab is yet starting till next time. So I drove all the way back home to write on my blog and class is at 12:30 >_> I still have my night time class still.

I am (as of now) really enjoying my Metroid: Other M. I also picked up my Art Foilo case. Nice stuff yoz

I am going to put The Naruto and Bleach chapter on the Otaku page when I can, I have yet to read it still. Remember, One Piece is still on break fro another 3 weeks I think.

Also Golden Boy, after 13 years, is coming back as a manga where he still will do his quirky jobs. I loved that manga, it is pretty rude and has crude humor and nudity but it is funny. Source is at anime news network.

Check this link out. Some one made a Recycle Grade Gundam out of old runners from other kits. This thing stands pretty tale and looks pretty awesome.

Some pictures from Deathly Hallows, the new Harry Potter that is hitting theater screens on November 19th.

Also, here is a photo of an obscure Black beard at the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Everyone on the eastern shores of the country. Be careful this Labor day weekend as we have Earl coming up the coast. It will have some strong winds effecting some areas and may dump a lot of rain but so from, because of the front that is coming from the west, it is pushing the hurricane out to sea away from land. The eye isn't expected to reach landfall so that is a plus. If you are on the Outer banks parts of it has already been evacuated. Just be smart and don't get caught up in something you don't want to be caught up in. Check your local news and the weather channel ( and also the NOAA site. Has great information for these things.

Other then that I really don't have much to say people.

I will try really hard to blog more during the semester.

Also a vote, what kind of minor in college should I go for along my Major in Environmental Studies? Just post it below, thanks!

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