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Tainted baby milk in China causes girls to grow breast?

Well as the title says, I found an article that Synutra (one of China's largest producers of baby milk) has made some baby milk that has caused three children to enter puberty. These girls are babies, like from a couple months to like a year they are starting to develop. The company said they are 100% confident in there product and pass all the regulations and test on their products. Yeah ok. This is the second article I have done this week about early puberty. Article here.

Anyways, I have tons of articles today that are all over the place. Good stuff.

Here is Donkey Kong and Donkey Jr. Playing some Donkey Kong lol. Thought I add some humor.
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Check this Video out. It's on over at CBS NEWS and it is about a space elevator that people in Tokyo are working on. The idea is that they will build an elevator from the surface of Earth and it would go to space and maybe doc at a space station or the moon. The moon will probably be way way to far, and plus just the expense of making this elevator to a space station is going to be astronomical. With t his elevator though, we can transport items up it to the space station and also down to Earth. Send data or samples quickly without having to constantly sending space ships up. It could also work as a good source of power. the space station could have solar panels on the outside of it to power the space station and also to send power back down to the planet. Also, the connection to the Earth can keep the station in orbit. Just the amount of work and planning will take a really long time. It has to be sturdy, stand winds, the climate change as it is higher in the atmosphere and keep it warm on the inside in those heights. Has to stand storms and possible debris in space. I wonder if they got the idea from Gundam Seed where they actually have elevators in space. :P Yes I would know that.
Freshly shucked, uninfected. (Photo: Regis Duvignau/Reuters)
You thought you heard it all, but yes Oysters in the Pacific Ocean are contracting Herpes. Right now it is only effecting the Pacific Oysters. It is killing a lot of them and causing the industry to go bad. Sources say that Global Warming is to blame for this. Article here.

Check this video out, at a concert where Justin Bebier was preforming some one threw a water bottle on stage and it smacked him in the face. The little girls were not happy, I was :P

(Credit: OkCupid)
Check this graph, this article states that out of all the smart phones out there, iPhone users get the most sex, with Blackberry's right behind and Android phones in the dust. I always knew the iPhone users were crazy. Also, woman has the higher numbers to. Interesting article.

Heard of Fantasia Barrino, the Idol winner? She is now recovering in a hospital after overdosing on Aspirin and sleep aids. Crazy.
That meteor shower is supposed to peek tonight! Perseids Meteor Shower! Check this article for a line up of other showers that will happen this year and also viewing tips!

For those college students that live in Virginia, you get discounts on Amtrak! That's right, take a trip on the train because you get a discount. It's not like you get the discount at Regal Cinemas anymore lol. Article here. It is only valid through Dec. 31st and it is coach so none of that first class stuff. It is 15% off adult rate.

Nintendo is planning on upping there ad campaign for Metroid: Other M this month using all kinds of media. Can't Wait, article.

Since November 2006, Nintendo has now sold 3 Million Wii's in the United States, 71million world wide. That is quite something people. Makes it the fasting selling console ever betting Playstation 2 by a 15 month span! The xBox 360 that came out a year before the Wii has sold 10 million less then the Wii in the United States. That is something to boast about. Article here.

Ok now that I am done with the news that I have found, I will also add those video's to the online video page for later viewing.

I uploaded my beach photos to the Picasa albums online and will add the album to my photo page for viewing later today. I have added some pictures from the Gunpla Super Expo 2010 yesterday on my Gundam blog (refer to link on my link page). Lots was shown there. I finally am starting to put my Tamiya spray paint on my Deathscythe model. That is great news since once I get that done all over the model, just need to panel line it and clear coat it and will be done. It has taken all summer to do it haha. While I do that or I can't paint, I have been prepping my 1/100 Red Frame model for the priming. I also built my Metallic Ver. Exia Repair 2 last week and it is sitting under my 1/100 00 Gundam on the stand. My Red Frame is going to have a different color scheme, one that will have a dark green (British green or racing green, like that) with the white, black and maybe some gold in there somewhere or gun metal instead.

I leave work year today for a doc appointment. Going to get all my shots and vaccinations for school, then late lunch with a friend that is now leaving for Virginia Tech so it's sad to see her go. We were at J. Sargeant Reynolds together for 2 years but worked previously before that together at where I still do retail. After that, I go work at that retail store :( such a long day and I hope the shots wont make me sleepy or that would suck at work.
I have been really thinking about the Japan trip a lot recently and I am not sure exactly where I want to go when I get there. There is so much I want to do there and when you think you can do it all on that small island, it really isn't that small of an island. Yes the bullet train speeds the travel at a heavy burden on the wallet though. Should I stay longer to view a bunch of sites or just go and stay with a family for a few weeks? Staying with a family in one location with a few trips will be the less expensive of the two that is for sure. Also, I wonder if I should get a International drivers license before I go lol. Lots to think about but I do have till 2012.

Well I am out, seya!
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