Monday, August 30, 2010

On to our 2nd week of school (for me anyways)

Hey everyone, I had my class at 10am this morning and now in the office working for all that gas money that I need to drive to work and school!
I had a pretty laid back weekend. I took my girl friend to college on Saturday morning but didn't really spend that much time with her since her parents wanted to go pretty quickly so I got in one kiss and that was about it. I miss her a little already and we didn't even get to finish Samurai Champloo before she had to go. We literally had 2 more episodes left to see and that would have been her first anime series she would have seen. Nifty.
After that I got home early and caught up on Psych and Burn Notice on OnDemand and went to work at my retail job at 4pm. My parents had left for night and day to there friends house out near Tappahanock so the house was empty and quite. I enjoyed some time with both of the cats, but gosh they are terrible to have in your room at night. They fight everyWHERE!
OH, my Liger Mirage kit came in on Saturday, it was fast shipping (EMS) and it cost a ton for the shipping >_> I asked for SAL but I guess they usually throw things with EMS. Well, the model is fantastic and there tons of parts. I feel like I got a Master Master Grade Gundam model with it. It is a 1/72 ratio and it is the biggest box I have. I am saving it till I get better at modeling since I do NOT want to mess it up!
I pretty much have my Astray Red Frame done for prep, I need my paint to continue on it and so since I couldn't go further on it I started prepping the Astray blue Frame lol. For the Blue Frame I most likely will do a Dark metallic blue and instead of the orange I might do a copper look to it. Give it a more mechanical look to it but still want it to look like its serious business.
Yesterday, I lounged around fixed breakfast and also went to the Carry Street Gym with my friend to work out and rock climb on the wall. I was so beat by the time we walked out. I am sore now from it but it was worth it and fun.

I orderd my last books off I recommend signing up for Student Prime account with Amazon. You have to give them your school email address when you sign up with you current accunt and then you are on board. It is free trial for a year and you get the cheap books off Amazon and also FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING. That part is nice because I ordered them on Friday and I can expect them either tomorrow or Wednesday since I got an email that they shipped either yesterday or today. Great deal people.

OMG, Metroid: Other M is coming out tomorrow! I have fully paid mine and I am going over there at 10am tomorrow when it opens to pick it up. I can't wait to start playing it. I took my girl friends Phantom Hour Glass for the DS and have been playing that over the weekend. It is an ok game but I can see where it draws the lines from a handheld and a platform Zelda. Gosh I want Metroid, hope the artwork and design looks great. I loved the bonus in the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I still need the play the first two prime games.

Also, DSi and DSiXL is getting a $20 price drop, oh boy. Still not getting it though.

We have a hurricane Earl lashing out down in the Caribbean if anyone has heard about it! In fact, they are already telling Virginians to prepare now for it when it comes up the Atlantic. check it here. I would look out if you are on the coast and the bay areas of Virginia during a Hurricane when it comes up the cost like Gaston and Isabel years ago. I have to worry about my girl friend if it does come all the way up here (checking now). Just looked, not sure if it will actually make land fall, but it is going to be a few hundred miles out from the eastern coast so it still might cause winds and a slight storm surge.

Have some movie info for ya, will add some of the info to the movie page as well.

Legend of the Guardians (movie with the owls and its all CGI and looks freaking awesome, yeah that one) Here is a TV spotlight

I will add the two others to the movie page.

Want to see Avatar in 3D and in IMAX with 9 minutes of extra footage? Check this link out to find if it is near you soon!

Know of John Cusack? Know of The Raven by Poe? Well, there is a movie adaptation of the Poem (not exactly like the poem) and John will play as the main character. Oh goodie!

As of August 27th, Toy Story 3 has reached the $1 billion mark in making mula. Holy shizz thats a ton. Link.

Kung Fu Panda writer is going to writing the next "Karate Kid" Sequel for us. I am sure you will see Little Smith and Jackie once again. I did enjoy that fill :) Link.

There has been a few Three Musketeers films in the past, but this one looks pretty good, take a look at the photo shots here.

One Piece, the Manga, is having it's first 4 week long break as stated on the last page of the recent chapter. The manga was started back in 1997 and it is still continued today 13 years later. great manga, I always post the latest chapter link on the Otaku page. Link to article here.

Into Love Hina manga? I have really been into it recently lol. Well in September they are releasing a 1 shot short manga! Article here.

I don't really have anything else then that for now!


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