Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Monsters Trailer

I really do want to see this movie the more I see trailer's for it, please take me (referring to girl friend). She wont, she doesn't like monsters especially if they come from space. Nightmares, I will not hear the end of it lol. Added it to the Movie's page too.

Facebook has a scam going on right now, it is the 'Dislike' button scam, just look out for it. Article here.

Go to this link and check out all the new photos from the new Harry Potter movie!

Nothing really other then that peopl.e It look's like the Japanese Yen is on the up's which is bad for me because I just placed a reserve on a model and if the yen goes up then I have to pay more lol. Also after I placed my order, it sent an email to me saying what order I placed and will notify me when it is ready. The bad thing is that when I got it it said Y 20,000 which is 20,000 yen = $220 bucks! Apparently it thought I selected the model like 5 times so I sent an email saying how they need to change the order because I only want one!!! lol
Goodstuff right? Maybe I should get them all, old them a few years and re-sell? Good idea? I might invest on something like that in the future lol like AKIRA merchandise. It would be a good idea to invest in that now so when it becomes popular again after the release of the live action people will want the rare stuff, or maybe companies will re produce them for the higher demand. I will finish that painting job tonight! I must!
Girl Friend finally say Princess Mononoke last night, Spirited Away is still her favorite. She did love the tree spirits though in the movie. They are cool. By the way, Princess Mononoke is about 2 hours and 18 minutes which is longer then the other Ghibli films that are out there.


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