Friday, August 20, 2010

Miyazaki garden!

So Miyazaki, writer/director for Studio Ghibli is a big time environmentalist. You can tell be many of his films like Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke. Well he is putting together a park that he designed over in Japan that has some themes in it and forest that influenced "My Neighbor Totoro". Here is the link to the article and I wish I could really meet him one day since I am for the environment and I love film/animation lol

The city of Naruto, back over in the land of the rising sun, put together some Naruto themed things to draw in tourist. Such things are like the Hokage rock where the faces of the previous and current Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village was built there. Article here at Anime News Network :)

Also heads up, the Chapters for Bleach, Naruto and One Piece came out the other day at Manga Stream. I added the links to the Otaku page. One Piece chapters seam to be the same the past few weeks as it just shows where his crew members have been at this whole time. Maybe I am use to the action that has been un-folding up till this point. The Naruto chapter was ok, nothing to exciting but I can't wait till it shows Naruto using his new powers of the nine-tailed fox. Bleach was just more filler till Ichigo shows up. Sorry if I spoiled anything lol.

Some movie news:
I have some trailers and photos!

I added the Skyline Trailer to the Movie page and also a movie poster. Skyline is about how NASA sent out a message deep in space to contact extraterrestrial life out there. Well I guess it got to them because they come to Los ANgeles and there ships suck up people. I really like Alien movies or huge monster type movies. Ex. Godzilla, Cloverfield etc. I am excited for Monsters and Super 8 and now this looks like I could love this one.

I added the international Trailer for Little Fockers on the movie page also! I think it is in English but it has Spanish subtitles.

Some new photo from Harry Potter here, and also they are picking up new writers for a Live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hope this one works out. Article here.

Here is a video below at a retrospective on the Metroid Series. It is pretty much a trailer or Metroid: Other M. I watched it on the Nintendo Channel the other day. It was neat.

Here is another Metroid: Other M trailer that has Live Action in it. I think Live Action Samus looks cute ;)

I am adding this two videos not to the Online Vid page but a Video Game page that I just made because it seams that I have been flooding the page with lots of Metroid: Other M things. It is for the best and I can follow other games that are of my interest on there!

I didn't work yesterday at all. I stayed home and went out to eat for breakfast with my mother an sister. After that my sister finished packing and my parents took her off to Longwood University. She is finally moved in and all set for school. She did call at like 2 am this morning and asked my parents where they put the Solo cups. She might get her drinking on already lulz Heck if I know probably thirsty from the long night. I went to Maymont yesterday afternoon with my girl friend and got a few pictures done. We didn't get to stay long but I really like their gardens down there. Especially the Japanese garden, go figure. My model is in transit to my house that ordered from Rainbowten. Great mail order site with good prices for models (especially Gundam Models). I will add the link to the links page for everyone.
I got a hair cut yesterday also, I needed one for school and now it is above my eyes again. How nice haha. I am definitely going to get off work today early probably and I will WILL finish my model today. It has sun in the sky and isn't that humid. Perfect for painting. I also am really worried about the Chinese Elm. I think I keep bring this up. I just need to see if that soil will drain the water today because I can't have it retain the water for ever or I will kill my tree. I did trim it back to help it start growing again.

This article is 9 stupidest things that American's believe. I thought some of it was funny.
Just added some reactions to The Last exorcism, which is a movie that is coming out. Another Exorcism movie of course. Anyways, it is kinda funny to see there reactions, they got freaked. Added it to the online video page.

Studies show that, yes woman can think themselves to Orgasm. It's true, it is in there mind and if they want to orgasm then they sure well can. Article here. You have got to love all these case studies that I have been finding people haha.

If you have an Android phone and like your apps, and enjoy having a sex life. Give this app a go. It is "the sex position app of the day" app lol.

I will add a link to Hobby Search blog where it is a review on things at the Gunpla Super Expo. Has a lot of great pictures. Will add it to the hobby page. Hobby Search has a great selection of items to get. I pre-ordered a Mirage Blade Liger from there that comes out later this month. I am thinking about the Genobreaker... hmmmm

Well, that is all I have for the day, till next time!

Oh, also added a few Bonsai photos on the photo page. I haven't uploaded them all yet though.

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