Thursday, August 12, 2010

Metroid: Other M "made Sakamoto cry"

Metroid: Other M "made Sakamoto cry"
Must have been quite a cut scene to see if it made a co-creator cry lol.
Also, there will be an exclusive Golden Paddle controller that comes with a bundle is Autumn for the remake of Golden Eye on the Wii. Kinda like the golden gun. This way, you can kinda play the same control scheme as you did years ago on the Nintendo 64. Good stuff. Article.

For today, I really don't have anything to tell. Not much happening. Seams yesterday, I checked out will at the doctors just getting a TB test on my skin since my last one was in 94' lol. Got to check in on the results tomorrow. There are storms coming our way in Virginia or at least Northern Virginia today from what I have heard and it might be rough but lasting a short while.
I added a link to the newest chapter of Claymore 106 on the Otaku page under releases. I haven't really found anything else to update, nothing really cool in the movie news or nothing really cool in general lol.
I have been looking online though about my travels to Japan in the future and trying to decide if I homestay for a while (couple weeks or so) or just plot a bunch of places I want to go to in the country, save up and go for a few weeks if not a month all over. The second choice will eat up a lot of cash but I also get to see a lot of places. The first option is I stay with a family and pretty much stay put in that house with them and maybe go do local things or go out and about around the country. Staying with a family though has its benefits as I will make connections and friends in the neighborhood if I wanted to come back to Japan or stay in contact. Also, I will learn the language better and also get more involved living as the Japanese now do in that area. It might be a better experience and I an always come back to visit areas across the country.
Post down below as to what you think I should do or reference places that I should visit. When I go (if I go) I will take lots of pictures and probably write down everything and will post it for sure.
Just let me know! I will follow it!

Post #90! Ten left for 100!
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  1. Both have its would be fun to stay with a family and keep a relationship but at the same time if you went on your own you would be able to see what you want when you want. Like you said it would just be very expensive. You have sometime to think about it :)


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